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Visor vs. Beret…..

Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

Dad had to hold me so Mom could take this embarrassing picture....!

Can you tell just how much I’m lovin’ this visor Mom plunked on top of my head?  Huh?  Can ya?  Well, if you want another view, check THIS out:

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

Now if it actually FIT, I might not mind it so much....I said "MIGHT".....!

Aw Mom…is this absolutely necessary?  I’m trying to hang on to my dignity and this is what you do to me?  😦

Actually – truth be told – I might look just a little bit debonaire in this thing….sunglasses flipped up like a real dude, etc….but I think GREEN would have been a better color choice for a ginger cat.  Where did Mom find this thing?  Believe it or not it was in a store that sells clothes for teddy bears.  That’s right – you heard me – TEDDY BEARS.   What will they think of next? 

I was inspired to dig these old photos out (because I’ve posted them on my blog before) because my friend Pedro nominated a blog called Little Miao:The Miao Chronicles for the Wonderful Blog Award.  When I visited the website I met a very handsome cow-cat named Sprocket who had a RED BERET on!  He looked quite “fly” as the kids say……his brother Chun had on a BLUE BERET.  I’m thinking perhaps I will ask Santa Claus for a pretty GREEN BERET in my stocking next Christmas………….if I can wait that long of course……..which, if you know me will be a miracle because I’m not the most patient guy in the world…………!

So that’s today’s story…..and I’m sticking with it……… 😉

Happy Wednesday………..Sammy

Staying Pawsitive!

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

Haven't had my sun visor out in a while...rain, rain, and more rain.....

Haven’t had the need of my special hat lately – rain almost every day has meant very little in the way of sun.  When it’s managed to peek out I guess I’ve been napping somewhere…..because I haven’t seen it in days.  Still, I remain hopeful.  Cats need sun.  It’s a fact.  Sunny splashes of warmth on the floor to lie in, sunny front porches to sit on while squinting into the sky, sunny backs of couches and chairs in the window.  WHERE IS IT??????

OK – I’m getting cranky aren’t I….well, we don’t want that.  I guess I’ll just make the best of things with no sun.  Put my little red visor on “hold”……the sun will return!  (THE POWER OF PAWSITIVE THINKING)

I heard Mom talking to Dad this morning about her visit with my Auntie Carol.  That means Mom is going to be away for two days with Dad taking care of me.   Gulp…..that ought to be very interesting.  Mom told Dad not to worry – that she’d leave notes around for him regarding important things like what my favorite foods are, how often to check my litterbox, and of course how to make a pot of coffee for himself.  🙂  Out of all those things taking care of ME is the most important.  It’s not the first time of course that Mom’s been away for a day or two on her own – but whenever she is, it takes me a while to retrain my Dad.  He’s so used to me following Mom around and napping on her lap, that he needs to be reminded that when she’s not here I depend on HIM! 

Don’t worry – I’m pretty good at making my wants and needs known!  Besides, Mom has all day today and tomorrow before she goes away…plenty of time to make sure Dad is well prepared. 

Staying PAWSITIVE…….. 🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled Guy



OK….you asked for it….Mom got me this silly visor with sunglasses THING and I’m trying to humor her by allowing her (just barely) to take my picture in it!  Of course I’d never sit still long enough for her to put it on me – SOOOOO – Daddy picked me up, put me on his shoulder, Mom stuck this “thing” on my head and whammo – I tried really hard to avoid the photo taking deal.

As you see – THEY won, but I did manage to squirm so much that one of the pictures is blurry and the others are – well – not so hot!  LOL

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

How's a guy supposed to look dignified in this hat???

And here are the other two pictures I allowed (just barely) Mom to take…….LEMME DOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN!!!

Sam looking like a real dude.........

Dad I can't believe you helped Mom do this to me!

Daddy’s punishment for helping Mom carry out this injustice was for me to dig my claws into his new yellow polo shirt……LOL……it’s only fair if you ask me.  At least I didn’t  cause bodily harm – just a couple of minor holes.  Let that be a reminder to you that I’m a CAT not a DOLL to be dressed up and paraded around.
Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

At least I managed to squirm enough to cause a blurry picture! HA!

Last but not least…..and notice that I was so wiggily and Mom was in a big fat hurry to take this picture that it’s a bit blurry……you know what?  I look pretty good in this thing don’t I…..rather debonaire and cool – like I’m ready to go out and play a game of tennis or something.  Maybe I made too big a deal out of this whole “hat thing”……
I bet the young lady cats in the neighborhood would be impressed if they could see me in this visor.  Quite the dude. 
OK…..I officially forgive my parents for ganging up on me and taking these pictures.  Besides, they seemed to find it quite entertaining and anything I can do to make them happy, I’ll do!  After all, that’s what they do for yours truly…………..
So what do you think folks?  Am I quite the dude or what?
Happy Sunday (and I do mean SUN)…………..
Sammy, One Spoiled and Extremely Cool Dude