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Teaser Tell All Time


It’s That TIME!


We had a bonanza of guessing yesterday and it started off with a BANG and just kept getting better and better!   But  before we get into all of that, may I ask Mr. Silver Briefcase Guy to bring his little Cheerleader in and let’s get this PAWTY started with a redo of the photo…………

YES SIR ! I have the photo right here! As soon as our Teaser Cheerleader shakes her pom poms I'll post it!

YES SIR ! I have the photo right here! As soon as our Teaser Cheerleader shakes her pom poms I’ll post it!



Here’s yesterday’s photo!


This gorgeous photo was sent in to me by the Mom of my “Cousin” the beloved piggy Bacon of PigLove!    She said her sister sent her the photo as she’s visiting Israel and she thought it would be a GREAT Teaser……..and it is!   It is a photo of the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem.   Thank you Miss June for the photo…..please thank your sister for us.   This is for YOU!

Thanks Miss June and Bacon!

Thanks Miss June and Bacon!

That was a fairly easy Teaser if the number of correct guesses was any indication………..but first things first – let me tell you who my FIRST COMMENTER was because my FIRST COMMENTER was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   That’s right…………can you believe it?  Right after Oliver and Calvin commented first they guessed the Teaser photo correctly.   A DOUBLE win!!!   You guys get TWO badges today………….concatulations to you both because that doesn’t happen often here in Teaserland.


But the good news doesn’t stop there………..nosireeeee………….we had a LOT of RIGHT GUESSERS yesterday and each and every one of you gets this little gem for your collection!


All of you peeps who did NOT guess correctly still win something – everybody is a winner on Teaser Tuesday…………..this is for you if you were wrong or didn’t know:

TEASERWINNER2015-1As you all know, this is the next to last Teaser of the year for us………………..we’ll have one NEXT week then we’ll be celebrating the new year with brand new badges for you to win……………..I must thank all of you who sent in photos for the Teaser collection this past year – we still have some we haven’t posted yet (tee hee) and you’ll be seeing them on future Tuesdays.   If you think you might have a real hum-dinger of a photo that would be a real stumper for everyone, please remember to send it in to my Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.   


A final request for today would be for each of you to stop by the Kitties Blue blog and leave an encouraging message for them about their Sister Fiona.  She was diagnosed with CKD and has spent two days at the vet while they determine how they can help her.    You know how much we all love The Cat On My Head kitties – please share some love at holiday time – they are so sad.   Just click on this pretty photo of Fiona to visit them!    Thank you friends!