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Following The Sun…..

Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

On a chilly winter day, a sunny stair feels just yummy!

Following the sun……we all do it don’t we?!  Move from one window to the next or one piece of furniture to the next – even one spot on the rug to the next – – all so we can enjoy a few minutes in the sun.  Especially in the winter when it’s too cold to go outside.  Inside sunbathing is the way to go.

I guess on the stairs has always been one of my favorite places.  When I was a kitten I was too little to climb the stairs – I was pretty small when my parents adopted me.  But I soon learned how and before you know it I was flying all over the place up/down/up/down – stairs were so cool – especially with carpet on them!  Sometimes my legs would get ahead of me though and I’d wind up rolling down the last few stairs.  That wasn’t so bad unless it happened on the basement stairs where there IS no soft carpet!!

Another good sunny spot is in the library and yet another is on the guest room bed.  After twelve years I’ve learned exactly what time of day to be in a certain spot so I can enjoy the sun.  So I have to wonder what it will be like if we move to a new house?  I know my parents want to do that this year – this is the only house I’ve ever lived in and I know it so well……I have to wonder just how long it will take me to get all my “new favorite spots” lined up.  Probably not too long…….I think we cats have SUN RADAR – we just know these things don’t we? 

Do you have a favorite spot to catch the sun? 

Happy Saturday…………….

Sammy the Sun Worshipper