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Snuggly, Snoozy Sunday


Ahhhhh Sunday!  My morning is off to a grand start because Mom goes down to get the Sunday newspaper while I wait patiently by the front door. 

I know when she gets back she’ll pull out a couple of sections of the paper for me, turn on the classical music radio station, put the footstool of the recliner in its’ “UP” position, and read the newspaper. 

Oh Mom! There’s a coupon for my fave cat food in here!

When I finish MY part, I’ll hop up on the footstool area, snuggle up to Mom’s legs and while she reads, I’ll listen to the music………

Napping with Mom on the recliner

You don’t mind if I tuck my feet under your leg do ya Mom? Keeps ’em toasty!

Then – breakfast!  Bacon, coffee, whatever ELSE Dad wants….eggs or pancakes or waffles – doesn’t really matter, because I get what I want which we ALLLLLLLL know by now is a little bit of bacon.  YAY!

Now I know on Sundays there are sports things on TV……I love football and baseball………so I’ll get to watch SOMETHING – sometimes I sit about six inches in front of the screen and try to grab that ball before someone catches it!  Never works though – no matter how hard I try!

LUV football - Super bowl, regular season - doesn't matter to me!

I just can’t look….are the Washington Redskins winning Mom????

Then of course you can sprinkle the day with a pile of naps.  Big naps, little naps, medium naps……I love them all. 

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Let me know when the baseball game starts Mom……

I just love Sundays.  Don’t you?

Sunny Sunday Sam


Happy Sunday!  The day of the week I get to catch up on my favorite cartoons from the “comics” section of the Sunday Washington Post. 

So much easier to read the comics INSIDE the paper instead of standing on top of it……!

The other great thing (and you just KNOW you KNOW what I’m gonna say don’t you?!?!?!) is it’s Day #2 of the Bacon-o-Rama we have every weekend.  Mom’s cooking it now while Dad and I peruse the newspaper.  What a life.  Us guys hanging around together in the living room while the little woman Mom’s making breakfast for all of us!

It’s gonna be sunny and purrrrrfect the weather guy says so I’m thinking I’ll be outside chasing grasshoppers just like I did yesterday afternoon.  See, the rain stopped and the sun came out Saturday afternoon so I was out with Mom on the front porch.  I kept seeing things hopping around in the grass – I think the grasshoppers were out playing in the wet grass after all the rain we’d had.   I do like to “stalk” them – only once did I try to eat one when I caught it and MAN OH MAN WAS I SORRY!  YUCK!  Talk about something that tastes disgrossting (one step up from disgusting)!!   But they are fun to stalk and when they hop I can’t resist jumping up in the air to try and catch them mid-air.  Tee Hee.

After I finish eating my tiny sliver of bacon (burp) I’ll probably settle under, on, near, or around my tissue while I digest my breakfast. 

See my purloined Werther’s candy?? Dad hasn’t noticed that I raided his candy basket by his chair for a fresh piece…..I love the crinkly paper it’s wrapped in!

So, as you can plainly see – I have PLANS for today……….grand plans………..and I hope YOU have some fun plans for your Sunday too.  So – whatcha gonna do today huh??????  

Sunday Hugs, Sammy 😀