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Pre-Tease Monday



Are You Ready?

Oh I’m sure you’re ready…..you know you have a whole day to study your geography, your world globes, your atlases, your google maps – and THEN and only THEN will you be ready to tackle tomorrow’s Teaser.   I promised you an easier one and I will not let you down on that………..HOWEVER, I know you wouldn’t want it TOOOO easy – like for instance if I posted this:


I think you ALL would guess correctly on this one!

So, it won’t be that easy…………….I think you like a challenge so I’ll give you one but not an impossible one Ok?   So, tomorrow at an UNKNOWN/SURPRISE time, the Teaser will pop into your inbox so be ready.

Now, I promised you a photo of my Cat Scouts Derby race car for this year’s competition.   For the FIRST Derby race at Scouts my Dad made this FANTABULOUS car for me – complete with windshield, dice on the rear view mirror and EVERYTHING…….but I would not get in the thing and THAT was required in order for me to actually “be” (virtually of course) in the race.   I got a consolation prize though – I think because the car was so cool:

Cool but I wouldn't get in it!

Cool but I wouldn’t get in it!

SO, this year Mom and Dad made me a simple little car – nothing fancy – no doodads or cute stuff all over it – just a box with wheels pretty much………….and I wouldn’t get in it until Mom tricked me by putting some treats in it and I got THIS far in………..I’m not sure if this qualifies as “IN” my car for this year’s race but it might be the best I can do.   Some of the cars that are entered are AMAZING………after the race I’ll try to post some photos for you.   They are impressive and creative – mine is BLAH……………. SAMRACECAR2016-3

This is a slightly better view of my Sam-mobile – see?  No frills!


We had some snow yesterday – it covered everything but was very “light” AND an hour after it stopped snowing it was totally gone…….just like it never happened…….maybe it was a mirage?   Maybe it was a dream?   Who knows but I’m not complaining.  I kept going on the front porch and staring at it like “how dare you keep me from going out on my sidewalk!”……….seems that LOVE OF SNOW I seemed to have when I was a young lad has gone with the wind.

So I’ll see you in the morning right?   You DO want a new 2016 version of my Teaser Badges don’t you?   ALRIGHT!    Then it’s a DATE!

Your Teaser Tomcat, Sam


Saturday At The Races (not)


OK, OK, OK……….I had bunches of comments yesterday and lots of encouragement too about getting into that racecar so Mom could take my photo.  After all, that lovely car Dad made me deserves a driver right?  If I don’t get in it long enough for Mom to snap me in it, it will be all a waste…..yep – no photoshopping allowed – I have to GET IN THE CAR.  Treats?  Nope   Nip?  Nope   Nice cozy fleece blankie?  Nope…..BACON???????  believe it or not NOPE!

Is it hopeless?  I hope not.  I’m going to try to be brave today……………….I SAID TRY!!!!!!   For a guy who does all this stuff, why is getting in a box such a big problem?????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m just a big weinie…..I know it…..but I really will try and try.  I wanna represent my Cat Scouts troop – after all, I’m the LEADER of the troop!!!

Speaking of my troop and the Scout – guess what – you know when we first start out as Scouts we are “Tenderpaws”……..then you progress up the ladder as you get more badges and learn the Scout ways.  WELL, today I got an invitation to take a special test for advancement to (are you ready??) BOBCAT!!!!!  YES – I took the test and soon I’ll find out of I’m a BOBCAT now.   Gosh…….

So – other than Cat Scouts stuff, you know what today is all about……………….NO – not just taking photos of me in my car………….it’s also about:


So if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading for the kitchen because I can smell it now………………..and it would NOT surprise me if Mom is going to try and put my bacon stash in that danged racecar.  But I’m on to her tricks…….

Hee Hee……catch me if you can Mom!

Happy Baconday to all of you……Sammy