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A Pause for Paws


HAPPY FRIDAY!!   I thought today I’d bore you with some information about me and my extra toes.  Well not EXACTLY that, but sort of because as you know, I’m a polydactyl kitty with extra toes on my front paws.  I have SIX toes so that means one extra.  My back paws are normal (whatever NORMAL is).

Lots of people call polydactyls “Hemingway cats”……that’s because as you probably know the incredibly fabulous writer Ernest Hemingway had a home in the Florida Keys and there he had a crew of polydactyl cats – bunches of them……and although he himself is long gone, the descendants of his cats still live in the lap of luxury, well taken care of, in his old home which is now a museum!

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When my Mom and Dad came to the shelter to adopt a cat 14+ years ago, I was the only kitten they had in the shelter.  Smarty pants ME saw them coming into the cat room and in my tiny jail cell I spied them and knew that if I wanted to go home with them I could.  So I came right up to the bars and poked my six-toed paw through the bars and meowed.   YAY!!!!   That did it – Mom said “oh he’s a polydactyl – isn’t he adorable” and THAT my friends was THAT.   They took me home that very day (Mom says I screamed at the top of my lungs for the entire trip home in the car).

Awww...My Baby Picture!

That was just over 14 years ago…..my time flies when you’re having FUN!!

My toes seem to show up in a lot of my photos – not that I’m thinking about my poses of course but if Mom’s snapping my photo and my feet are anywhere near, you can’t HELP but notice I have extra toesies!!!!

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Now that I’ve talked about my toes which I’m sure you have found OH SO INTERESTING, I do believe that I’ll retire to the living room where I can see when Mom takes the monster out of the closet for that once weekly VERY irritating and noisy “house cleaning” thing she does.   Even putting my extra-toed front paws over my ears doesn’t totally shut out all that noise……..!!!!   So they don’t ALWAYS come in handy you  know!!

Hope your Friday is more quiet than mine will be………..yep – I sure do…………………

Hugs from Mr. Toes!