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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



‘Allo Mon Amis!


It is moi….your friendly ginger poet back again with today’s poem in honor of the letter “T” !

There are a bazillion things that start with the letter “T” so deciding on just one to write my poem this week was tricky and tough………..but then the lightbulb lit over my little head and I realized that my “T” poem could only be about one thing.    I hope you like it!



by Sammy Kimmell, 10/27/16

When I was in the shelter

Just a little tiny baby

I kept seeing humans come into the cat room

I kept hoping and thinking “maybe” !

But not a soul was interested in me

They’d look and then they’d go

The shelter lady said it was because of my extra toes!

People thought I was deformed

Can you imagine that?

How silly can humans sometimes be

About a polydactyl cat!

She said I was a “Hemingway”

Which made me quite unique

I was healthy and very happy

And worth more than just a peek!

My Mom and Dad saw me that day

Mom knew about extra toes

She loved me the instant she saw me

My ginger fur and tiny pink nose.

My toes were just a bonus

Just much more of me to love……

I cuddled right up into her neck

And knew that I’d found LOVE.

(I was adopted by Mom and Dad on February 5, 2000 from the shelter)

Well now, that was fun to write – I’ve always been proud of my extra toes – wanna see some photos?   Of course you do…………….I’ve got a LOT of photos of my toesies!    Remember, next Thursday we will celebrate the letter “U”………………now that one will be a toughie!


Sammy Superstar

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Yes, I am admitting here and now that a majority of time on most of my days for the past year or so is spent in sweet repose……………..from my toes to my nose, I sleep ever so deep and trust me, Mom is happy about that because when I’m awake I’m very…………………….VOCAL.    Yeah, that’s the nice way to say it – I’m usually calling her from somewhere in the house – I need her to do something for me – clean my litterbox, fill up the kibble bowl, let me outside, get in her chair so I can pop up onto her lap for a brush…………..whatever I want, I get.   Trust me.   Why do you think my blog is called ONE SPOILED CAT????

Anyway, I’m wandering off point here – the point is I love sleeping more than ever in my whole life……maybe it’s the medication I take, maybe it’s the hyperthyroid issue, maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s just because I LOVE TO SLEEP?????    Mom took some photos of me yesterday and feels compelled to show them so here I am – in all my glory…..snoring away on the rug in Mom’s room.


Her foot/paw fascination continues!

Her foot/paw fascination continues!

A closeup of me in LA LA land....

A closeup of me in LA LA land….

Zoom out and I'm still in LALA land.....and I'm smiling!

Zoom out and I’m still in LALA land…..and I’m smiling!

These days when I’m asleep I’m REALLY asleep – Mom can come and go in the room and I’m oblivious….she can bump her chair into her desk – I don’t hear it……..she can cough, sneeze, burp, I’m unaware.   Being hard of hearing is swell!   Mom is amazed that when I’m lying like this on the floor I actually look chubby.   In fact, I’m slim and trim now and when Mom feels my backbone she gets depressed – Dad tells her to “get a grip woman!   Sam’s better off without the weight on him!”………….and I am.   I don’t hobble around like I used to because of my achy joints!   WOOT!

I think the other photos Mom has taken of me snoring resting lately you’ve all seen…….but in case someone out there is a “sleeping cat photo fanatic”……here are some more of ME for your viewing pleasure……

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So that’s the end of today’s show…………….ME ME ME ME, it’s all about ME.    Mom has been a flashy box crazy lady for the past six months….like she wants to chronicle and record every breath I take…………..well you never know how many breaths you ARE going to take and you never know what tomorrow will bring so I indulge her.   She’s my Mom.   Moms are super cool.

Before I leave……….I just want to say something about our lovely friends at All Fur One and One Fur All because their wonderful sweet pup Forrest flew off to the Bridge at home in the sunshine with his Mom and Dad there to help ease the way for him.   We’ve all either experienced this or will one day, and while we know it’s what has to be done or what must be, it’s NEVER easy.   I just want to say Mom and I are sending them and their whole family – furry and human – a HUGE HUG…………Ann Adamus of Zoolatry did a beautiful badge for Forrest……..he lived “the sweet life” Down Under and this is the way I will always think of him – looking out over the outback.    Farewell Forrest – I will look for you when I get there…..you can believe it my friend.


Happy Thursday and give those you love a hug……

Here’s one from me!  

HUG, Sammy


Sunday Selfie With Paws


You know me…..on the cutting edge of selfies…..last week the top/back of my head, this week my polydactyl-ness (is that a word???!!!!).   Joining up with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop……………


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A Pause for Paws


HAPPY FRIDAY!!   I thought today I’d bore you with some information about me and my extra toes.  Well not EXACTLY that, but sort of because as you know, I’m a polydactyl kitty with extra toes on my front paws.  I have SIX toes so that means one extra.  My back paws are normal (whatever NORMAL is).

Lots of people call polydactyls “Hemingway cats”……that’s because as you probably know the incredibly fabulous writer Ernest Hemingway had a home in the Florida Keys and there he had a crew of polydactyl cats – bunches of them……and although he himself is long gone, the descendants of his cats still live in the lap of luxury, well taken care of, in his old home which is now a museum!

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When my Mom and Dad came to the shelter to adopt a cat 14+ years ago, I was the only kitten they had in the shelter.  Smarty pants ME saw them coming into the cat room and in my tiny jail cell I spied them and knew that if I wanted to go home with them I could.  So I came right up to the bars and poked my six-toed paw through the bars and meowed.   YAY!!!!   That did it – Mom said “oh he’s a polydactyl – isn’t he adorable” and THAT my friends was THAT.   They took me home that very day (Mom says I screamed at the top of my lungs for the entire trip home in the car).

Awww...My Baby Picture!

That was just over 14 years ago…..my time flies when you’re having FUN!!

My toes seem to show up in a lot of my photos – not that I’m thinking about my poses of course but if Mom’s snapping my photo and my feet are anywhere near, you can’t HELP but notice I have extra toesies!!!!

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Now that I’ve talked about my toes which I’m sure you have found OH SO INTERESTING, I do believe that I’ll retire to the living room where I can see when Mom takes the monster out of the closet for that once weekly VERY irritating and noisy “house cleaning” thing she does.   Even putting my extra-toed front paws over my ears doesn’t totally shut out all that noise……..!!!!   So they don’t ALWAYS come in handy you  know!!

Hope your Friday is more quiet than mine will be………..yep – I sure do…………………

Hugs from Mr. Toes! 



Tuesday Tell All


Howdy All !!   Tuning in to find out who/what/where on yesterday’s Teaser I bet…..well, I’m just the guy to give you the scoop……………….so, just to remind you what the big test was all about – here’s the group of photos you needed to peek at and figure out WHERE they were taken:


Did somebody get it right?  Oh yeah…in fact several somebodies got it right – BUT only one person (of course) was the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” that these photos were snapped in Charleston, SC……..that was my friend Miss June – who doesn’t have a blog so I can’t link to it BUT she is my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Auntie!  Yep – sure is……and SHE guessed first yesterday morning………here you are Miss June:


BUT she was not the only one to guess Charleston…………nosireeeeee……….some other friends and followers also guessed right and you know who you are – and you know what you get!


Everyone else?  You tried…………you came, you saw, and you guessed but NOT QUITE RIGHT……………so for your efforts (which I truly appreciate!) you get this:


I want to thank those of you who visited my new friend and fellow Cat Scout Nibbler yesterday………..I think she was quite overwhelmed with all the people who visited her blog and Nibbler’s Mom works long hours and isn’t online a whole lot so it may take her a while to acknowledge your kindness in visiting but I’m sure she will………….!!


My friend Nibbler!!

Yesterday was “Toesie Tuesday” at the Tabby Cat Club and of course I HAD to end in a toesie photo………………one of my Mom’s favorites in fact……………..I just HAD to submit a photo because after all, I have EXTRA toesies and my Mom is EXTRA good at showing them off!  HAHA


I hope all of you have a stay warm and cozy kind of Wednesday (except you Fozziemum who needs some COOOOOOL instead of warm because you’re having a heat wave).   If all of us send you some cool – will you send us some warm???? HMMMM??????

Happy Tuesday Tell All Day

The King of Tease, Sammy


Furry Toes Friday


Hi Everybody……..today’s subject matter is toes.  Not just ANY toes – MY toes.  You may have noticed in my photos OR maybe you read on my blog somewhere before, that I am a Polydactyl kitty.   Some people call us “Hemingway Cats” but do you know why?

Ernest Hemingway was given an extra-toed kitty and actually had quite a “collection” of polydactyls at his home in Florida.  There’s still some of the offspring from those original kitties who are lounging around enjoying the good life to this day at Hemingway’s home (which is now a museum) down in Florida.  If you go HERE you can read about it and see some of them!

ANYWAY, that’s me – I do have extra toesies – just one extra on each of my front feets.   Here’s a parade of photos showing off my “extras” !

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When my parents adopted me 13 years ago, they’d never really seen a polydactyl up close and personal…..nor did they know about the Hemingway connection.  The lady in the shelter where they found me told them about it when they went up to the desk after visiting the “cat room” and telling her that they wanted to adopt ME ME ME ME ME – the “cute orange and white with extra toes” !!!  She said “Oh – the Hemingway kitten – I’m so glad someone wants him”……………..like they didn’t think I’d find a home or something.  The lady said that some people had seen me but thought there was something WRONG with me because of my toesies.  Imagine that!  My Mom and Dad only saw me and thought “SPECIAL!!!!!”…………….YAY……………I’m so glad they felt that way.

Speaking of SPECIAL – know what?  I forgot to tell all my kitty friends HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY yesterday – but know what?  I say “better late than never” !!!

Know what else?  I think we’re ALL special in some way or another……isn’t that wonderful?



Happy Friday (aka Monster Day for us! 😦 )

Sammy, The Hemingway Cat

Pee Esss……..my toe blog today is specially for my friend Miss Cat Forsley, Canadian singer/songwriter and wonderful animal video artiste-extraordinare!!  Smoochies!!

“Pretty Please??”

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Please come sit back down Mom....I need more NAP!

 By now everyone who follows my blog knows that Mom and I have a “thing” about napping.  Here’s how it works……she gets on the recliner, puts the foot thing up, puts a throw on her legs, settles down and I hop up and lie down on her legs………and sleep…………or wait for her to brush me………..or watch TV.  It’s a great arrangement.  If she gets up to do something like answer the phone or put something on the stove or WHATEVER, I get a little “distressed”…..yeah I know, that’s very selfish of me isn’t it BUT I love my Mom’s lap.  A lot.

So, if she DOES get up I stand on the arm of the recliner and wait for her to come back……I do my fair share of calling and trying to cajole her into returning……”MAMAMAMA” usually works.  So does “THE LOOK” which I’m doing in this picture as you can plainly see.  I call it my “pitiful” look and it works pretty darn well most of the time.

We’re pretty well coordinated with the recliner routine.  Eventually she comes back to sit down – I stand with all four legs up on the arm of the chair while she puts the throw back on her lap and legs then pop back down and settle in.  Heavy sigh.  Big stretch.  Heavy sigh again then…zzzzzzzzz….

Today was a major nap day too because we had snow all day long!  Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures Mom took.  In fact she actually got UP from the recliner to take those pictures…..you know where I was right?  Yep – standing on the arm of the chair screaming “MAMAMAMAMA” !!!

Happy Tuesday



Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

This green thing is my "4,000 Hit Award" ?? Really?? That's IT??

Yippeee!!!!  I’m Celebrating 4,000 Hits On My Blog

Sometime overnight I passed a milestone….over 4,000 hits on my blog is a big deal I think.  After all, I’m just a cat!  Granted, I’m not an ORDINARY cat – I’m almost twelve years old, I’m polydactyl, I’m a formerly feral kitty adopted from a shelter, and best of all, I have GREAT humans in my life who spoiled me rotten.  Not bad huh?

I babble on every day about stuff that’s important to me – but even though it’s nothing spectacular, my friends – YOU! – seem to enjoy visiting me every day to see what’s up in my life.  How cool is that………trust me……….I appreciate it.  From what I’ve observed in my almost twelve years, humans are pretty busy almost all the time.  So for so many of you to visit me is – well – WAY WAY COOL. 

So, to each and every one of you who’ve made me an “over 4,000 hits” blog – Kitty Hugs and Kitty Kisses from One Spoiled Cat. 

Sammy, One GRATEFUL Cat!!