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Teaser Tell All




Now wasn’t THAT a fun Teaser yesterday???????   Yes it was (I’ll answer for you)…………..it was a good Teaser (Mom was worried it wasn’t going to be) don’t you think?   Here’s the photo again:


So where is this cathedral located?  It’s Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Southern Ireland!   I had some guesses that it was Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC and that guess was “close” wasn’t it?!?!?!    But there were a few people who guessed correctly but only ONE of them was FIRST – wanna know who????   Well, before I tell you I can report that our good pal Easy who won the “FIRST COMMENTER” badge last week ALSO was first commenter this morning.  I think the fact that he’s on nursing duty taking care of his Mom who fractured her elbow in a nasty fall MIGHT be why he’s right on top of his computer and saw the blog go live yesterday AM!!!   CONCATS EASY – you get this! (again)


Now who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   It was my pals at Hutch A Good Life!!!   The guinea piggies win this week!   Here’s your badge boys:


There were some others who guessed correctly – you all get this!


Those of you who are trying to set a world’s record for guessing WRONG or not knowing AT ALL, get your customary bit of GREEN:


YAY – that was a fun one……remember next week I have a Guest Teaser!   Who knows where we’ll land on the globe for our photo next week – only ME and my Guest that’s who!

Are you a fan of my Teaser and want to declare that to the universe?  Take this charming badge and post it on your bloggy…….wear it with pride……only the brave dare challenge The King of Teasers every week!



Sammy the Teaser Dude