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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Welcome Poetry Friends!

Today’s poetry is honoring the letter “B” – if you feel so inclined (or brave) you can put your poem in comments – just make sure it’s about something starting with the letter “B”!


Yes indeed my bones – they show

I’m slim and trim and moving slow

Without the weight I’m limping less

When I was chubby I was quite a mess!

I’m moving easy, my limp is gone

My shoulders slim and I’m feeling strong

I’m looking good – oh yeah I’m classy!

There’s lots more time on my old chassis!

We might be old, our coats a bit tattered

But we’re young at heart and THAT’S what matters!


There you have it!  Another poem squeezed out by yours truly about the joys of getting older…………but I may have a lot of mileage on the chassis but the engine is still running well.  

Every Thursday now I’m exercising my “poetic license” and writing a poem using each letter of the alphabet which means of course that NEXT WEEK’s little gem will be about something starting with the letter “C”…………hmm………wonder what it will be.   CATS?  Maybe – maybe not.  You’ll just have to wait and see!

Have a Poetic Day! 

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Today my dear, sweet friend Nellie from Nellie On The Edge is visiting Washington, DC to hit the campaign trail for Smoke and Joe AND I had a “meet-up” with her and even got to ride her beautiful new pink motorcycle!   Lucky me………….If you click on the link above to her blog you’ll get to see what she got up to here in the town that never sleeps when it comes to campaigns of ALL types…………..REMEMBER, VOTE FOR SMOKE AND JOE FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT!   The SENSIBLE choice (tee hee) !!


Here are just two of the wonderful photos we took while Nellie was in town……………to see them all, please visit her blog…………Nellie is campaigning HARD for Smoke and Joe!!!!!

Oh Nellie....you are my forever and ever friend!!

Oh Nellie….you are my forever and ever friend!!

Oh I love your new motorcycle Nellie!   It's so YOU!

Oh I love your new motorcycle Nellie! It’s so YOU!

Thanks for the campaign memories Nellie!