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Tuesday Teaser



Hello Class!    Before we start our fabulously exciting Tuesday, I want to say that one of our bestest pals had a major emergency yesterday – Easy had to go to the emergency clinic because he had bloat – which as you know is super dangerous – it appears it was caught in time though and thanks to his medical team he was feeling a lot better by late afternoon and was able to come “home sweet home”.    Please stop by his blog to tell him to take care of himself and GET 100% WELL SOON!

Now – who wants to be my FIRST COMMENTER today?   Who?  You?   Well you’d better comment ASAP and come back to class because I’m about to show the Teaser photo!!!   If you are the first commenter today, of course you get this little gem to call your own:


I bet all you SuzieQ fans are absolutely on the edge of your seats to hear her cheer for this week – her fan club is growing by leaps and bounds – for some reason people like that she “tells it like it is” (or it may be she just tells it like she thinks it ought to be?).   Suzie – GO FOR IT GIRL!

The Prof's new doc is a doll He's ginger, cute and tall He's GOT IT ALL I'm gonna give him a call He's taking care of the Prof From tummy problems to a cough I'd like a complete exam From this doc - oh yes mam! I hope he hears my cheer I'll ask him out for a beer Dippy Doodle Dove SuzieQ IS IN LOVE!!!!!

The Prof’s new doc is a doll
He’s ginger, cute and tall
I’m gonna give him a call
He’s taking care of the Prof
From tummy problems to a cough
I’d like a complete exam
From this doc – oh yes mam!
I hope he hears my cheer
I’ll ask him out for a beer
Dippy Doodle Dove
SuzieQ IS IN LOVE!!!!!

UHOH.   Now Suzie has her eye on my doctor!   This can’t be good……I don’t want him distracted from taking care of me after all………..I’ll have to have a “little talk” with him (and if I get brave I’ll have one with YOU KNOW WHO too).

ONWARD…………………………….how about we ask Mr. Silver Briefcase to STEP UP TO THE PODIUM!

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!

Thank you – please display the photo for the class up on the bulletin board!


Any guesses where this was taken?   Remember when you guess, you must guess TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and STATE (USA) or COUNTRY!    The whole works – not just one or the other.   OK?   Well, what are you waiting for?   The time is NOW to guess and hope that you will be first………why first?  Because you want a fabulous badge I’m sure!

Be the first to guess RIGHT and you get this:


Be RIGHT but not first and you get this:


Be WRONG – PERIOD, (haha) and you get this:


I won’t be holding my breath for you to take a guess but you’d better hurry up before someone beats you to the PUNCH!


Good Luck From The Prof! 

Tune In Tomorrow for the Tell All

and Learn Who Wins What!

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

Update:  I’m afraid my patient had a bad day yesterday overall – he will be coming into my office this morning at 9:40AM so I can check him out thoroughly and do some blood work.   His parents are discouraged because he had been doing so well.   I’ve told them this is going to be an “up and down” road.


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Welcome Poetry Friends!

Today’s poetry is honoring the letter “B” – if you feel so inclined (or brave) you can put your poem in comments – just make sure it’s about something starting with the letter “B”!


Yes indeed my bones – they show

I’m slim and trim and moving slow

Without the weight I’m limping less

When I was chubby I was quite a mess!

I’m moving easy, my limp is gone

My shoulders slim and I’m feeling strong

I’m looking good – oh yeah I’m classy!

There’s lots more time on my old chassis!

We might be old, our coats a bit tattered

But we’re young at heart and THAT’S what matters!


There you have it!  Another poem squeezed out by yours truly about the joys of getting older…………but I may have a lot of mileage on the chassis but the engine is still running well.  

Every Thursday now I’m exercising my “poetic license” and writing a poem using each letter of the alphabet which means of course that NEXT WEEK’s little gem will be about something starting with the letter “C”…………hmm………wonder what it will be.   CATS?  Maybe – maybe not.  You’ll just have to wait and see!

Have a Poetic Day! 

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Today my dear, sweet friend Nellie from Nellie On The Edge is visiting Washington, DC to hit the campaign trail for Smoke and Joe AND I had a “meet-up” with her and even got to ride her beautiful new pink motorcycle!   Lucky me………….If you click on the link above to her blog you’ll get to see what she got up to here in the town that never sleeps when it comes to campaigns of ALL types…………..REMEMBER, VOTE FOR SMOKE AND JOE FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT!   The SENSIBLE choice (tee hee) !!


Here are just two of the wonderful photos we took while Nellie was in town……………to see them all, please visit her blog…………Nellie is campaigning HARD for Smoke and Joe!!!!!

Oh Nellie....you are my forever and ever friend!!

Oh Nellie….you are my forever and ever friend!!

Oh I love your new motorcycle Nellie!   It's so YOU!

Oh I love your new motorcycle Nellie! It’s so YOU!

Thanks for the campaign memories Nellie!

Oh What A Day!


Actually “oh what TWO days” (so far)……….because today is a carbon copy of yesterday and yesterday was PURRRFECT.   No complaints from me.   Not too hot or humid – it was downright fabulous.   I celebrated by spending most of the day asking Mom about every ten minutes to take me out on the front porch.   Yes I did………I loved stretching in the sun…….sitting in the sun……cruising the lawn…..peeing in the bushes (oops – too much info??), and just enjoying the fresh air.   Mom did all of that (except for the peeing part of course)  with me and then we further celebrated by watching Dad use the string trimmer all over the yard neatening things up.

LOVE that sunshine!

LOVE that sunshine!

See me under the fern plant????

See me under the fern plant????

Sam grazing on the grass

Maybe just a little nibble of grass……

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

Under the table on the back deck……

I am sure I’ll be doing a “repeat performance” today………………and I can hardly wait……………in fact, maybe I’d better go wake Mom and Dad up – the sooner we start enjoying another PURRRFECT day together the better!!!

I'll just stay inside and play all day......


Hope you have a beautiful Thursday too…………………………oh – before I go – here’s a “thought of the day” about aging (which of course I am doing as gracefully as possible!):

“It’s sad to grow old, but nice to ripen.”~Brigitte Bardot 

  Hugs, Sammy the Ripe

P.S.  I know a lot of you are getting a bunch of fun out of Bacon’s Shopping Around the World blog hops every month – well here’s your reminder – July 29th is the next one and here’s all the scoop about this month’s SHOPPING ADVENTURE!!!!  Just click below to go to Bacon’s Blog Post about it!


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Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon Kindle Page for the book!

Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon Kindle Page for the book!



Back Again……….


Mr. Weather Dude said Tuesday night that Wednesday would be cold but there might be a “dusting” of snow to the north and west…………uhhuh………..yeah……….OK……….I can work with that!   Right?   Wrong!    If that was a dusting we got today – even though it was only an inch or so – I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (and that would be interesting since I’m a CAT!!!!).


Just a bit of snow early on – didn’t stick to the roads in our town – and out here it looked like this:

Not much on the Leyland cypress at the top of the driveway......

Not much on the Leyland cypress at the top of the driveway……BIG flakes though!

Seriously………….why not say “there’s a chance of snow throughout the Washington, DC region tomorrow”………..then we’re prepared…………we sorta know that we very well could have snow.  Plans could be made accordingly.  BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Good thing my Mom and Dad are retired and didn’t HAVE to go somewhere because the “dusting” we got turned out to be VERY slick……….Thank heavens for 4-wheel drive because my Dad – believing that there would be if ANY snow, a “dusting” left the house to run a lot of errands……..he was inside a store shopping for an hour and came out to a snowstorm of sorts…….BIG FAT JUICY FLAKES – no dust in sight.  HAHAHA     He got home alright of course and made it up our uphill driveway thanks to the Blazer……..

So you know how I complain all the time about the weather?  (If you don’t know that you should because I’m either griping about the rain or the snow or the temperature!)   I’m registering a complaint about the weather this time for sure.

Maybe I’m just getting really crotchety in my old age……….maybe I should just be glad I’m here PERIOD regardless of what’s going on with the weather.   After all, Mom and I were snug inside the house – I had access to her lap when she wasn’t on the computer – so why should I complain?

MAYBE just because I CAN complain………….age has its’ privileges after all!!!


Hugs from Snowy Virginia

Sammy the Reluctant Snow Bunny

Friday Fun


You know, for a while now – since I was diagnosed with the thyroid THING, I haven’t been as playful as I used to be……………I’ve got this GREAT BIG pile of toys in my toy wagon but no matter how hard Mom tried to get me to play with stuff in it (and she DID try), I wasn’t interested……..I just lay around and either stared into outer space or watched the inside of my eyelids (sleeping of course).    Lately that’s changed – and I’m doing several of my “old behaviors” which has made my Mom and Dad VERY happy.

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

I played “chase” with Dad last night in fact for the first time in FOREVER.    Chase is when Dad rolls one of my balls across the floor into another room and I am waiting for it there……He’ll roll the ball from the living room into the kitchen (I wait under a stool at the counter for that one), then when he’s retrieved it from wherever it lands in there I go racing into the dining room under a chair and wait and he rolls the ball into the dining room……then I run through the foyer into the library and wait by the stair………..he rolls it in there and then completes the “circle” by rolling it back into the living room.  It sounds lot more like my Dad’s playing ball with HIMSELF since he’s the one retrieving the ball BUT trust me – this entertains me for AGES…………………I love racing ahead of the ball and watching it come at me (and seeing the old guy crawling around on the floor is fun too).

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Under the dining room chair waiting for that ball to come my way!

Also I did something two nights ago that I haven’t done in probably five or six years.   I came into my Mom and Dad’s bedroom in the middle of the night and woke Mom up crying for her to pick me up and put me on their bed!   YES I DID!!!!   She popped me up there and I slept for a couple of hours then woke her up to put me down on the floor and off I went for a while and came back AGAIN only this time I got up on the bed MYSELF!   Scared Mom to bits because she was sound asleep and it’s not EASY for me to get up on their bed.  See it’s one of those WAY HIGH UP beds………..they tried to get me to use stairs or a stool but I will NOT.    I slept with Mom for a while longer then we both got up and started our day.


I can’t make this leap any more….and I refuse stairs, chairs, stools, blanket chests ANYTHING to help me except my Mom. She pops me up there if I ask!


Now I haven’t done that again since the other night – mostly I did it because (a) I wanted to show them that I COULD still do it and (b) I wanted to prove to myself that the old guy still has it.    HAHAHAHAHAHA


So today is Friday and I’m sure something FUN will happen…………………that is after the vacuum gets put BACK in the closet after my parents clean the house.   Then who knows WHAT I’m liable to do!   I’m unpredictable these days!




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