SPARK on Monday


Monday again………you know what that means!   SPARKS…..   “SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when she stopped blogging some time ago. It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it. Although Annie isn’t currently blogging, a lot of us who enjoyed her SPARKS decided to keep posting SPARKS of our own.

My SPARK today is one that I found “accidentally”.    I actually was looking for thoughts about dealing with disasters – like the hurricane that blew through such a large territory and is still churning its’ way northward.    So this particular quote stood out like crazy on the page of other quotes and thoughts about storms.     Then it kind of hit me that it actually is related to the “storm” of life.    Not all of life is stormy of course -there are calm seas and beautiful sunsets and puffy clouds and happiness around every corner but there are also dark days.    At any rate, seeing this quote REALLY MADE MY DAY.    But no matter what is behind us or ahead of us I think this quote is JUST RIGHT – especially for people of a certain age although it applies to EVERYONE.    Don’t you think so?


I’m going to remember this one…………….I’m SURE of it.

Happy Monday and Hugs, Pam

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  1. We can’t just lie about and moan, complaining of our plight. There is something important to do each day to possibly achieve what we hope for. Complaining and wishing that life, would be handed to us without effort on our part is self defeating. Oh goodness…I could write a blog here, Twin!!


    • Yeah I learned this pretty quickly. I sure as heck made mistakes but looking back I honest to goodness think I would have been a pretty boring person if not for some of those mistakes…..they have made me what I am today and overall – I’m pretty darn glad I am what I am!!!

      Hugs to my Twin………..

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  2. That is a wonderful Spark from my least favorite author in the entire world. The funny thing is, I never imagined when I was younger what my life would be like. Had I, I would not have imagined what it has been or is now. I have been blessed to have this wonderful life. Thanks for reminding me. Love to you, David and the Tedster. Janet 💗


    • I had no idea based on my observations of family and what I was taught what kind of life to expect to have. I remember seeing a lot of unhappiness all around me so thought maybe being an adult wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Turns out all of that just didn’t matter – I found my own way – I discovered what I’d seen and thought as a kid really had very little to do with how I could live MY life. I just made mistakes and learned from them and voila – here I am at age 75 looking back at a pretty darn good life!! Big Hugs back atcha!

      Love, Pam


  3. This may not be exactly the same but recently I realized that I reached the age my dad was when he died and realized that every day from now on is a gift he didn’t have. I need to remember to be greatful and enjoy every day that I can.


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