Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!


“Well Patrol – all is well at Teaser School – let’s report in!”

“Welcome To Class Students – have you COMMENTED yet??”

Glad to see so many happy faces in class this morning.    That must mean you’re excited to be in school today and anxious to see what the Teaser photo is for this week right?

OK – let’s just move on shall we?????    Our Teaser photo is a Graphics Department Teaser and if you ask us (and you didn’t but anyway…….) it is a toughie.    We’ll see in a few minutes what YOU think when we post the photo.     Before we do, let’s review the rules and the badges you all might win shall we?


“Maybe it’s just ME but I think it’s about time for some NEW Badges around here!!”

We hear you but remember our Graphics Department is – well – small.    In fact it’s one person working her fingers to the bone and I’m sure when she has some time she will do some new badges.

Let’s see if our Photo Security Guard can bring our Teaser photo is so you can get started on figuring it out shall we????




There you  have it – now you all can begin figuring this one out………………………..and good luck!   Cheer Team?  You’re ON !!

Here we are in all our glory
Every week the same old story
Impossible photos from far away places
We can see the confusion on your little faces
Just look for clues and give it your all
If you get frustrated just go scream in the hall
Oh wait better not that hall monitor is mean
She’s got the scariest face we’ve ever seen!

“Alright ladies – I heard that!!!!!!’

OOPS………………I think maybe we all better head to the cafeteria and have something to eat……………Brunhilda isn’t happy and if she isn’t happy she blows that whistle and if she blows that whistle eardrums will shatter!


“Hello and welcome to Tuesday in the school cafeteria – enjoy your food!”



Your Professors……..


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  1. That sure looks like an interesting spot to visit…wonder what all the stuff is making the structure look sort of ‘velvety’ or soft looking. Some stange stucco coating?
    I will go and join Mr Frank.,with some Onion Rings and Hot Chocolate please…we are going out to dinner tonight. gotta save me some room.LOL! We are celebrating the elder son’s BD.


  2. North Dakota Jones, the distant, distant, DISTANT cousin of legendary explorer Indiana Jones, presented his photos of the Temple of Ding el Berrie, the ancient Mayan goddess of mold to the 69th Annual Convention of Old Scientists With White Beards, Bowties And Pipes. The Temple had been considered lost for many centuries, and countless attempts to discover its ruins led to misfortune for the many adventurers who had tried. North Dakota Jones, assured of his legacy, proudly bowed upon the completion of his presentation…. but the Director of the Old Scientists With White Beards, Bowties And Pipes merely gave a thumbs down and yelled “FAKE!” before pulling the lever that sent Northie (as his colleagues called him) down a trap door and into the man-eating otter infested pit below the auditorium. You can’t fool the Old Scientists With White Beards, Bowties And Pipes very easily…. they all put on their monacles and immediately noticed the modern handrails leading into the temple. It was actually a strip mall entrance in Belize…

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    • OK – this one gets extra points this week….AND I’ve added a new location to my personal bucket list. The Temple of Ding el Berrie is – I believe – the ancestral home of Miss D’s family and I believe it was her Grandmom who was the ancient Mayan goddess of mold. She left her entire mold collection to Miss Dingleberry when she went to the happy hunting ground and we’re fairly certain she has been sharing some of the collection in her world famous recipes – which actually explains a LOT about our unique student body.

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  3. It’s somehow TOO MUCH for me… Is it a fake church or palace or whatever structure? OMG! I think I need some delicious food to divert my thoughts! Could I have a French Croque Madame, an Avocado, Apricot preserves and Havarti, and a tea?


  4. Late again, class…but we’re in😸 I think I know the answer…Grotto of the Redemption in Iowa, but first I thought it was a town made of kind of sugar😸Anyway, let’s see each other tomorrow, we hope to be in time then😺Double Pawkisses from us to all of you🐾😽💞

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    • Well dear friends – that guess MIGHT get you a badge – you’ll have to tune in and see tomorrow! And for all we know – that thing is made of sugar!!! HAHAHAHA

      Pawkisses and hugs from us!
      The Professors and Mom


  5. Oh oh oh BellaSita Mum sayss this place iss inn Nepal or Thailand or Sri Lanka….so much fore 1 guess rite Professur Teddy?? Mew mew mew…..
    Missus Dee may wee have 2 orderss of Grupurr Fishie with 1 order of Mash Tatoess an gravy pleese? Fore ‘ssert may we have 1 order of Bread Puddin an a wee dish of Banananananana Puddin two?? Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum


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