Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Geography Students!    We’re here to get you primed for tomorrow’s class.

Darn! Is it almost Tuesday AGAIN?????

Now, Now, Now….let’s show some respect for the Professors!!

Tomorrow our TEASER POST will pop up at an undisclosed, top secret, you-can-pull-my-fingernails-out-and-I-still-won’t-tell time.    It will just BE THERE and your job will be to FIRST of all comment on the post – because you might be FIRST to comment and win this:

You know the competition is FIERCE to get the covered FIRST COMMENTER badge so make sure you are READY tomorrow!

I know you know the rules for guessing tomorrow but just in case we have any newbies in class tomorrow, here they are YET AGAIN:

Other badges you might win if you’re lucky are:

You KNOW you want to win something so be sharp tomorrow – and you might get your wish!

And just in case you need a little MORE encouragement for tomorrow – how about a quickie cheer from our FAB-O cheer team?????

Tomorrow is the day
The Teaser comes your way
Will you be up and ready?
Or dizzy, drunk or unsteady?
We want you here and ALERT
Or we might have to distribute some HURT!
Oh now I’m just teasing you all
The police you don’t need to call!
So we’ll be here to welcome you to class
With our usual dose of sass!

Thanks Team…………I hope that fires everyone up instead of scaring them to death.

Who me? Scared?

Miss Dingleberry thought you might like to end Pre-Tease class today with some cookies………… honor of Easter which is this weekend.   Thanks Miss Dingleberry for sending someone from the kitchen over with those cookies for us.

AND there are little Easter baskets for each of you to put your cookies in to enjoy at Recess!     Help yourself to a nice Easter smoothie too.   See?  Miss Dingleberry CAN be nice when she’s in the mood!!!!

See you all tomorrow for the TEASER!!!!!   

The Profs!

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  1. OH the cookies and the baskets are pretty! Miss Dingleberry, you outdid yourself. I will be here hoping to be able to guess the location that Teddy and Angel Sammy post! See you then.


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