Pre-Tease Monday


Class Is Back In Session!

The school bell is ringing so you’d better get your REAR in GEAR and take a seat!!

Sarge is back from his little break too….and he’s WATCHING YOU!

That’s right – we had a little break while the Professors’ family was out of town but now it’s back to schoolwork for everyone so settle down…..HERE COME THE PROFS….

We missed you all….hope you put your little break to good use and are ready for figuring out a Teaser photo this week……

Before we get started I wanted to introduce our newest student – he transferred here from another school – his name is Cooper Murphy Blue so please make sure you introduce yourselves to him at recess today and welcome him to our happy little team of TEASER guessers.

Let us remind everyone in class that we DO have some rules that must be followed in order to make guessing the Teaser Photo tomorrow FUN for everybody…………here they are:

  1. When you make a guess tomorrow as to where the Teaser photo(s) were taken, you must guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE where the photos were snapped AS WELL AS what country (if not in the USA) or state (if in the USA) you think is the location for the photos.  
  2. We have been asking everyone to please make it fun for EVERYONE by not using a Google Image Search or any other photo program assistance to tell you where the photo was snapped – it’s a whole lot more fun – and more fair – if you just look at the photo and figure it out from what you see.    OK?   It makes it more fun not to let your computer do all the work for you – let your mind and your eyeballs do the work for you!!!

When you arrive in the classroom tomorrow – remember to go to COMMENTS and speak up – why?  Because the FIRST to comment tomorrow on the Teaser blog will get a special badge!!!    Sometimes we have more than one commenting in the first 60 seconds and if we do then EVERYONE in that first minute gets a badge……….woo hoo.

I’ll be READY!

Me too!

Me three!

I’m always ready!!!!

Well I’m glad we’re all in agreement………… on with the next activity which will be for our fabulously vivacious Teaser Cheerleader, SuzieQ, to get everyone pumped up to arrive tomorrow in class ready to examine a photo and figure out WHERE IT WAS TAKEN!    Suzie?   TAKE IT AWAY!

That little break was cool
A nice week off from school!
I hope you’re ready to guess
Otherwise you must confess
To NOT studying your lessons
Then you’ll have to give your confession…..
That you stayed late at some crazy party
Like a dummy and not a smarty!
I hope you’re alert and ready
For Professor Sam and Teddy!

Thank you Suzie………………I hope you’re right – that everyone didn’t take advantage of a week off just to get crazy and party hearty – studying would have been to their advantage since Teaser Tuesday is NOT always easy.   Tomorrow’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER too……………….so no parties tonight!

Just another reminder that since Tuesday Teaser falls RIGHT ON HALLOWEEN this year, we are letting all of you come to class in a Halloween costume – and we will show off your costumes in a cool slideshow if you submit a photo of you in your costume to me via email by a DEADLINE DATE OF OCTOBER 29th!     Don’t miss the deadline – it will be fun to dress up and let everyone see what cool costumes you found for Halloween!    Miss Dingleberry is planning some special Halloween snacks for us before recess that day………………Oh boy!

Remember at recess to welcome our new student Cooper Murphy………………make him feel at home – and make sure and warn him that we mean business around here when we say STUDY HARD FOR TUESDAYS!

Don’t forget that our Teaser post will pop up at a SURPRISE TIME on Tuesdays so you never know WHEN to expect it!   Then hurry here and comment – you might get a badge for being FIRST………….



Professor Sammy and Junior Prof Teddy

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  1. Hey Ho, I am ready!!!!!!! Who is Cooper Murphy Blue? With that name he sounds like a movie star… er, cat! Welcome Cooper Murphy Blue! Nice cheer, Suzie. Cold here this morning and lots of leaves on the ground… poor CH!


  2. Bobby, you’re always ready to go to the litter box! Thanks for welcoming Cooper Murphy to class. He is really looking forward to pawtiipating. He knows he has lots of studying to do. SuzieQ…that week off sure was good for you. Your cheer was purrfection today…not one snarky comment. See you all tomorrow at our undisclosed time. In other words, when Mom remembers it is Tuesday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sarge has the Coop under his wing (which is a rather scary thought!)…….He will do just fine pawticipating in class we are sure. Suzie obviously is feeling perky – let’s see if that holds up for tomorrow too.

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Wow! Thanks for the reminder. I will try to get Mommy up early so that we can pawticipate! Its tough that we are on the wet coast, we are hours behind you guys!


    • I know – it’s hard to figure out a good “in between” time Marv……….especially since a lot of our bloggie followers are across the BIG POND! Are you gonna dress up for Halloween? Remember we’re having a costume showcase in class next Tuesday so get your Mommy to dress you up and send me your pic so I can put it in the slideshow………..Marv, my Mom says to tell you that you are ADORABLE (I think that’s a good thing because she tells me I am too!).

      Love, Teddy


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