Tuesday Teaser


Hear Ye, Hear Ye 

School Is Now In Session!

OOPS…..’scuze me – I just finished cleaning the classroom!

Time to Tease…….!  Remember – quick go comment on this post – you might be FIRST and win a badge!

Sometimes more than one student comments in the first 60 seconds of class so we award badges to all those who are “FIRSTS” in that first minute.    THEN we move on to the main event which is our geography test (aka THE TEASER!).    If you are new in class (and we know we have one new student with us now, Cooper Murphy) or are tuning into class via videolink from the screen in the back of the classroom – here are the rules for TEASER guesses!

  1. When you make a guess as to where the photo was taken, you have to tell us what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what COUNTRY (if not in USA) or STATE (if in the USA) it was taken!
  2. When you are figuring out where the photo was taken, PLEASE don’t use some program to do it FOR you – like Google Image Search.   Loading a photo into a program that will tell you where it was taken is NOT CHALLENGING………..we are trying to challenge you……….see if you can’t figure it out for yourself using your very own brain – not the computer’s brain OK???   That also makes it FAIR for everyone.

Now, remember that we have a GUEST Teaser today and tomorrow when we tell you where the photo was taken and WHO took it, we will also tell you who guessed it right FIRST.    But there are more winners than just the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………if you ALSO guess right but aren’t first, you still win something and you even win  something if you are WRONG!   This is an equal opportunity classroom alright – everybody gets SOMETHING.     We’ll tell you who gets what tomorrow……….but it will be one of these…………..


Sarge, will you ask Suzie to come on in and give us a cheer to inspire the class please?

Front and Center SuzieQ – time to cheer your buns off!

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday!
I call it “Got No Clue Day”
I’m excited about next week
We’ll get to BOO and SHRIEK!
It’s Halloween in class
With costumes that have some sass!
EVERYONE will be dressed up
Whether kitty, human or pup…..
So let’s get on with the guessing
Winning badges is a blessing!
I’m done now so you can CLAP
If you don’t, with claws flexed I might WHAP!!!

I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist a little PUNCH in your cheer somewhere – as usual we had to wait until you were finished for your fangs to come out Suzie!    HAHAHA

Here comes our SECURITY GUARD with the photo for today – he’s had it locked in a briefcase under lock and key so nobody can CHEAT and have a peek.    What a guy……….

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Remember – we want ALL the info!!!

Just as Suzie mentioned in her cheer, we are going to have a fun slideshow of all of you in your costumes in class next Tuesday which is HALLOWEEN…..(or TEASERWEEN as we will be calling it!).   All of us will be in costumes including Sarge and Suzie……….but YOU must send ME in email a photo of you in your Halloween costume (.jpg format please) NOT LATER THAN OCTOBER 29th!!    That is the deadline!   

Miss Dingleberry is going to give us some creepy snacks before we head outside to recess next Tuesday…………..so make sure you are here for that – meanwhile, GET TO GUESSING ON THE PHOTO ABOVE – you might win a badge.

I hope you have your thinking cats on!

See you in class tomorrow!!!   GOOD LUCK!!!

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted



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  1. Looks like a two-way tie so far. Imagine our surprise when we got on the computer and you hadn’t posted yet. Just remembering it is Tuesday was a feat in itself! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oregon! Rocky Creek Bridge! I had to get that out! Mommy has actually been there! But it looks like everybody else knows too.
    Now good morning Mr Teddy and Mr Angel Sammy and Ms Suzy and everybody!


  3. Hi Angel Sammy and Teddy, well mew know we’re rubbish at this so we are just gonna take a completely random guess and say some beautiful coastline up Alaska somewhere MOL MOL yes we know we’ve flunked again and got an F- MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil and co xox


    • That’s a very good guess – and we agree it COULD be RIGHT because it looks Alaskan to us too BUTTTTTT we won’t find out until tomorrow so bear with me OK? Then tune in tomorrow at the TELL ALL and find out who wins what!! Good luck!!!!!

      Love, Teddy the Tease


  4. Evil Squirrel’s Mall Kiosk of Greeting Cards and Other Useless Stuff is proud to announce the arrival of our 2018 Scenic Prisons of the World calendar just in time for the new year! Here we see the beautiful Pen on the Rock supermax that is our Prison of the Month for February. This handy calendar of the globe’s most majestic penitentiaries is great for keeping track of your pet’s vet appointments, circling the days you need to remember to take your weekly suppository, or simply to admire the underrated aesthetics of your local penal colony. This calendar makes a wonderful gift for that special inmate in your life who needs something to mark the time until their next parole hearing. This twelve month celebration of incarceration can be yours for the very low price of $9.99, or a pack and a half of prison ciggies. Operators are standing by with their feet chained to the desk….

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  5. Oh sweet baby Jesus – it’s the island of King Kong. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. Nah? Well it is a doozy of a picture and so beautiful. Awesome picture for sure. Kudos to the photographer. XOXO – Bacon

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  6. Mee-you Unccle Sammy an Teddy wee looked at thee foto an LadyMum finkss it iss on thee coast of either Norway or Sweden.
    At leest wee made it to give a guess; her bad moe-lar iss actin uppy!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  7. Of course as usual I am not only late, I am way behind in visiting as well…sigh…that Dalton dude takes up a lot of petcretary’s time….sigh….

    Anypaws…I do believe that is a place I would not want to be in bad weather…or in an earthquake either…
    But I do think its in California, of a 1932 construction on highway 1. Bixby Bridge. It sure is furmouse, too!

    Hey, Maine is a rocky coast too…and parts of Nova Scotia from the eastern shores, and the island of Cape Breton…and of course lots of other places!
    Butt furst guess is usually the best one:)


    • So they say………..first guesses and first impressions – usually you can trust that! We’ll see tomorrow but you’re also right about other “rocky coasts”………we love them!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Hello Hello dearest’s
    I just love your final photo Pam, you can really see how much Teddy and Same look alike! I’m guessing somewhere’s near Iverness Scotland home to the Lockness monster! Tee-hee. Hugs and whisker tickles xoxo Boomdee


    • Oh Boomdee I would have guessed that YOU would know this Teaser – I know you’ve spent some time in sunny California and this is one of your “classic Cali” kinds of spots – Highway One in Big Sur! You’re right about Sam and Ted – they could have been brothers – they always will be of course but I wish they had truly KNOWN each other and been with each other. What a grand couple of gingers they would have been around each other. Ted is about twice Sammy’s size but that’s just MORE TO LOVE!!!!

      Hugs, Pam

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    • Oh Katie my dear, I can’t tell you how many people have said they would NEVER guess a Teaser right who DID eventually! There’s always hope – and one of these days you’re going to avoid Mr. Greenie Badge and find yourself with a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!! I just KNOW IT!

      Love, Teddy


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