Thankful Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Day!

It’s time for us to join in Brian’s THANKFUL Thursday Blog Hop (click the badge below) and tell you again that I’m super thankful to have some of you come visit me even though I’m now an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge – you still visit my blog and pawticipate in the fun stuff here and I am TRULY thankful.



Today is also my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post in which those of us who are working on this challenge will write a poem with the NEXT letter in the alphabet as we work our way through for the second time.    This week it’s the letter “I” !


Welcome Poetry Fans!   Shall we begin???? 


Oui Oui Mon Amis, let us show our poetic prowess!!!

Oh yes – remember you can join in by putting a link to YOUR poetic offering in my comments so we can read your fabulous poem today – – – OR – – – you can even post your poem HERE on my blog in my comments!  Either way – let your imagination fly and try the letter “I” !!!



Angel Sammy Kimmell, 2/9/2017

One of the things that we do

For most of us this rings true…….

Is guard our humans from spies

And those nasty introooooder guys!

Squirrels, chipmunks, skunks and birds –

Apparently they didn’t get the word –

That WE are defending our humans and homes

So they’d be wise to find other places to roam!

We bark, hiss or whine to warn them to leave

Some will listen but some don’t believe!

So we run tell our humans that we need them to help

That the introooders will not listen to our hiss, whine or yelp!

When will they all learn what we all seem to know – –

They just are not welcome so it’s time that they GO!

(Below are some of my introoders of the past……!)

Oh we’re sure moving through the alphabet quickly………….I may come up with a NEW challenge after we get to “Z” this time around……….so stay tuned!    We have a long way to go to get there!

Happy Thursday From My Cloud!


Love, Angel Sammy








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  1. That was a good choice for the letter I Sammy. We are thankful you still blog we love hearing from you.

    Fenris is the ideal dog
    He doesn’t get lost in the fog
    He doesn’t eat like a hog
    although he is a toy hog
    and he is always willing to help with the blog.

    Sorry we aren’t very handy with poetry. We hope you will forgive our poor performance and come celebrate Fenris’ barkday/gotcha Day with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had frog buddies for a few years – always in Spring and I used to play a game called “push the frog” with them. I liked to watch them hop so when they’d stop hopping I’d reach out with my paw and give them a little push until they hopped again…….I named him Freddy.

      Love, Angel Sammy

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  2. Leaping Frogs Angel Sammy you were the bravest of brave and your days and nights were quite busy.
    I have never ever no never seen any of these introooooooooders and if I did I expect I run hide
    Hugs madi your bff


  3. Sammy, as always, this is a most excellent poem. We also have skunk introoooders! We don’t like them at all. They stink up the place. Somebody sent Dad a video yesterday of a skunk eating from a dog’s food bowl on their deck with the dog sitting about a foot away watching. Smart woofie! We did write a poem today. If anyone is interested, they can find it at
    XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • My Mom and I just LOVED your Mom’s poem today – it was perfect for a Cat Mom……. I never had a run in with a skunk in my yard although Mom and I would often SEE them when we were out early – we sure could SMELL them though! Thanks for pawticiapting in poetry day – as always.

      Love, Angel Sammy


  4. dood….vizshuz deer iz de werst !!!! hay waves two ewe stevie !!! we N joyed yur poem two day N noe all bout inn trooderz heer two…..faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    we wood like ta shout out for haiku I two day
    bout icelandic cod

    icelandic cod fish
    we due knot see him round heer
    order him online 😉



  5. Thank you so much for visiting our blog. Mom did enjoy a quite country life growing up. It affected her personality in that she feels “out of balance” somehow when things get too busy. Mom likes the peace and quiet so she can “think” and help me with our “pretty pictures” . I’m glad my Mom is the way she is, as I’d hate to have a busy, prissy Mom who wouldn’t take me on our rambles through the woods and fields here around our home.

    Yups we have to agree with your comment on wishing we’d had the time to question Mom’s parents on things we would have liked to know about. Their passing leaves a lot of unanswered questions . You always think you’ll have time later, and then the later is too late.

    Love, Molly and my Mom @ The Fast and The Furriest

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    • One of the reasons my husband and I moved to the town where we live now was to get away from the “big city”…….it’s a busy town but we are now retired so have no “hustle bustle” in our lives anyway. Every day is a gift. Nice to meet you and we hope you enjoy meeting so many wonderful people here in “blogville” !!

      Hugs, Pam (and Angel Sam)


  6. LadyMum says shee reememburss ALL thee inntruderss speshelly thee Possum!!
    Grate poe-em Unccle Sammy; yur so clevurr.
    Mee will rite about mee faverit show! Here goess….

    Efurry nite wee watch Tee Vee
    an tune inn to Ice Fantasy!
    Thee story iss mesmerizin,
    thee show iss speshellizin
    inn tribess who live an fite
    for evil an fur rite.
    Mee favorite purrson iss Ka Suo
    An mee luvss hiss Pappaw Fwah!
    LadyMum luvss Li Loo
    Shee iss brave an luvss Ka Suo so true.
    An so tonite wee watch again
    to see all our Ice Fantasy furendss!

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


    • Oh Siddhartha that sounds like a fun program for you and Ladymum to watch together every night. I’m not familiar with it but if you love it, that’s ALL that matters!!!!!

      Love, Angel Uncle Sammy


  7. You have done a very impressive job protecting your humans from the pesky introoders. We try to keep the squirrels away too, and sometimes some varmints like moles:)

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


    • Hi guys!! Glad you are following me and glad you got to see my introoder crew – possum was the funniest because for some reason while he ate cat food in one bowl, he’d SIT in the water bowl??????!!!!!!! Crazy……..

      Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy


    • I’m glad you were inspired to write some poetry! My Mom used to write a lot of poetry in addition to short stories and a novel or two and my poetry day got her back into things. It’s fun. Next week we do “J” so I hope you’ll tune in again and write a poem to share!!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  8. Love the possum introoder! I threw out my leftover chicken from dinner the other night out in my front yard for the two strays that roam the neighborhood, and the next day I found the one I call Sewer Rat digging in while this very very very noisy squirrel sat in the tree next door and barked his head off at him!!! It was so funny… the cat didn’t pay him any mind. All he was interested in was the food!


    • I bet Mr. Squirrel was hoping to chase Sewer Rat off so he could pop down out of that tree and have a munch or two. Squirrels can really get QUITE upset can’t they. My Mom enjoys sitting on the front porch and listening to some of their “arguments”…..they get quite animated!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


    • Hi Gang! Thanks for coming by WHENEVER you can……..the frogs were my friends and I miss them. The BIG frog brought a little frog with him one day which was really fun – I think he was showing off his son to his cat buddy. HAHA

      Love, Angel Sammy


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