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Welcome Poetic Peeps!


Happy Poetic Thursday everyone – time to exercise our creativity (yes friends we all have some of that creativity stuff but sometimes we need to jumpstart it!) and write a poem.    We’re working our way through the alphabet with this little exercise and have reached the letter “O” !    So today I will have an ODE to O.


by Sammy Kimmell, 9/22/16

I am an “ONLY” cat

Yet so much more than that…

Although I am an “ONLY”

I am never, ever lonely.

My “ONLY” life is busy

At times it makes me dizzy!

I’m “ONLY” one spoiled cat

There are others, I’m sure of that!

“ONLY” I shall be

Until my soul flies free.

There you have it………….I squeezed off another one and am getting closer and closer to the BIG Z which will finish this fun alphabetic journey of poetry…………I hope you’re having fun crafting your own poems OR just reading mine.   If you have a contribution to the letter “O” this week, please post your poem in my comments, OR, if you’ve put your poem on your blog, share the link to it in my comments……………..we all love a good poem from time to time right????????????????

Stay happy….keep a poem in your heart!

Love, Poetic Sam

I'm a poet and I know it!

I’m a poet
and I know it!


Please light a candle for all those anipals who are in shelters just waiting – sometimes for WAY too long – to find their FOREVER HOME………..we all deserve to have that kind of happiness – we are so full of love and want to share it with the world…….we hope that maybe “Remember Me Thursday” will be a lucky day for some…..that their FOREVER comes to take them HOME.



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  1. I will tell you a secret, Sammy… although I enjoy living with Binga and Boodie and we all have lots of fun together, I really enjoy going out of town with my human and being an “only” for a couple of days! The best was my trip to Catalina with her and her boyfriend – I had TWO humans to myself for that trip!

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    • Oh Summer, you’re right – being “the only” even for a day or two must be a real treat when you’re one of several in a household…’s nice to have that one on one thing going…..and you are lucky to be able to have that when you travel to shows…..I bet that trip to Catalina is memorable for you in many ways!! I am fine being an ONLY……….

      Love, Sammy


  2. Bravo Bravo another fine as wine poem. I agree Sammy being and only does not mean we are lonely!! We are two lucky only kitties
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. Another excellent poem Sammy, I think you should publish a poetry book. Are you going to have some theme after we get through Z? I am glad you get to be a spoiled only cat and have such a wonderful life, you deserve it. I do pray all kitties can get loving homes. XO


    • I’ll think of SOMETHING after we get to Z…..right now I’m trying not to think about the end of the alphabet arriving…….but it will……and I’ll be caught with my pants down (oops….no pants!).

      Love, Sam


  4. Oh I wish I were a cat
    For I would be so fat
    I would eat all day
    and only sometimes play
    when I felt like it
    because mostly I would sit
    and look out the window
    and think how my owner needs to mow
    knowing I don’t have to do anything
    but be a cat
    and that’s that!


    • Flynn I can’t even imagine what it would be like to grow up with a best buddy, pal and brother and have him just disappear one day. You have carried on valiantly and bravely and I know that your Mom and Dad love you with all their hearts but a missing brother is like a missing half of a whole…………….

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


  5. Sammy, your poem is purrfect. If everybody who loved cats had an “only” cat (at least), we could empty the shelters. What you said about Remember Me Thursday was purrfect as well. Sending you lots of love. If anyone wants to read our poem, they can do it here:
    XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • I loved your poem today – thanks for playing along. You are right about shelters – if everybody everywhere adopted just one cat, what a lot of empty shelters there would be. A dream come true – for the cats AND for all of us who wish it would be so.

      Love, Sammy


  6. sammy…dood…gram paw dood waz an onlee……him had ta bee….awesum poem two day buddy….we feer X

    but in de meen time….heerz one frum butter lover boom O cat ==^..^==

    eye looked outside me window this morn….. N ther eye saw an Ox
    standin under de front yard tree….. eatin up all de phlox
    him worn noe hat.. him wore noe tie …noe shirt… noe shooz …noe sox
    then eye noe tizzed next two him…. waza grate big card bored box

    de boxed swayed …de top popped opened…out jumped an artic fox
    him had a sign, eye saw it red… that him waz sellin clox
    for everee one that ewe buyed…. you getted a share in stockz
    then sudden lee de card bored peace ….terned inta buildin blokz

    eye haz loozed me mind eye said….when eye saw de trout towne docks
    coz insted oh R boat anchored ther….. me spied ten thouzand crocz
    N on R shore N chillaxin ther….. waz three bears N goldi lockz
    sew letz just say that never again… will eye ever eat….. ham hocks



    • Boomer you outdid yourself buddy………this is a REAL GEM……..who knew so many things that thyme with OX could be stuck in a poem like you did! WOOT! I’ve gotta say this one tops the charts! Thanks for playing along on my poetic Thursdays – they are fun aren’t they!!

      Hugs and Swordfish steaks, Sammy


  7. *O*bey (Ha ha ha) By Spitty

    The Humans want us to obey
    I don’t think that that’s okay
    I don’t listen to what they say
    They blather on all livelong day

    In my fair city by the Bay
    I’d like to pass a law today
    That says they all must go away
    While we stay home all day and play

    Hi Sammy! Thanks for visiting us! We are trying –very slowly 😦 — to do better. XOXOXO

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    • Spitty that is a FABBBBO poem my man! Well done…….I like your “O” choice! How come they want US to obey but will not obey US? HMMM??? I haven’t figured that out yet in my 16-1/2 years. You’re a great poet and I hope maybe you will join in again when you have time my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by – It’s always good to hear from THE KING!

      Love, Sammy


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