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Happy Spring………finally………….we weren’t sure it was really going to happen here though since last Saturday – the day before the first day of Spring (!) it snowed here….thank heavens that’s over with!   We can move out of snow mode and into sun mode now.    We feel happy and ready to TEASE – are you ready to be teased?     REMEMBER – you must tell me WHERE (city/town and in what country/state) this photo was taken…….don’t just say “Honolulu” – you would have to say “Honolulu, Hawaii” (which is definitely NOT where today’s photo was taken but you know what I mean!).

YES?  Good!


Today we have a GUEST TEASER again……………but you won’t get to know who that is until tomorrow after the dust settles…………………….in the meantime, I think we need to get our little wacko cheerleader Suzie Q in here so we can get on with the show.   Brace yourselves – you know how she is – never fails to surprise us with her……um……cheery cheers!

Rippy Tippy Too Who the heck are you? Let's all do some teasing It should be super pleasing Sammy is a Honey Now where's the Easter Bunny???!

Rippy Tippy Too
Who the heck are you?
Let’s all do some teasing
It should be super pleasing
Sammy is a Honey
Now where’s the Easter Bunny???!

Umm……gosh…..geee…..thanks a whole bunch Suzie Q.   Maybe I should make an appointment for you with Sam’s psychiatrist so you can work out your “problems”????

Sam's doc who helps him work through his vacuum-phobia!

Sam’s doc who helps him work through his vacuum-phobia!

Anyway Suzie,  I’m not sure your cheer is (a) appropriate, or (b) relevant, or (c) makes any sense!    But no matter what, you did your thing.     At least now Mr. Silver Briefcase can bring in the Teaseday photo for us to take a gander at!

Here it is Mr. Sam!

Here it is Mr. Sam! It’s a BIG TOUGHIE!!!!


Now, if you are the very first person to COMMENT on today’s post – you will win something!   All you have to do is be the FIRST commenter and this will be yours!


If you’re the FIRST to tell me WHERE this photo was taken and you’re RIGHT, you get this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the first one you get this:


If you’re WRONG – just plain WRONG – or haven’t got any idea……………..you may still have this fabulous GREENIE!!!



So hurry up and figure it out – I’m waiting and so is our Guest Teaser…….!  


You heard what Sammy said - go ahead and GUESS!

You heard what Sammy said – go ahead and GUESS!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Pee Ess……I have my 4 month thyroid check this morning at 9AM.  I wished YOU luck on the Teaser now will you wish me luck back??




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    • Hi there! So you think it’s right here in my very own town huh? Well I guess we’ll just have to see if you’re right when we get the TELL ALL tomorrow! Thanks for guessing today…..

      Hugs, Sammy


    • I’ll let Suzie know you liked today’s cheer…..she does try bless her (hahaha)……as for my exam – thanks for the good wishes – we’re hoping I’m no worse that’s for sure! Thanks too for guessing today – it’s a toughie – we’ll see if it’s USA or elsewhere tomorrow…..Happy TEASEDAY!

      Love, Sammy


  1. The dang time change is killing me for the Teaser!!!!! I keep on sleeping!!! YES, I am wishing all the bestest luck for your thyroid check this morning… bestest, bestest, BEST luck! Suzy Q’s Rippy Tippy cheer cracked me up. Okay, I see lots of arches… arches galore. And I know from some experience that the building is a church. I have no idea where it is but I can say that the church’s picture was taken in some beautiful golden light. Good Morning!!!!!


    • Grand observations of the church Miss Pix…….but where the heck is the church? THAT is the question of the century (ok – well maybe not century – but day!). Suzie Q is a giggle isn’t she? I never know WHAT she’ll come up with on Tuesdays. I’ll be reporting on my vet visit tomorrow – although I won’t know the blood stuff for a few more days……

      Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Hey Sammy!
    Wow, I’m late again. DRAT Anyway, bestest of luck with your dogtor today and I’m sure it will be fine. I’ll be thinking of you and crossing paws for a good report.
    Okay, I have no clue, but Mom tells me to guess that church is in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Hmmm, bet she’s wrong, but she does try. BOL/MOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish


    • Thanks Sarge!!!! Know what? I’ve got to give your Mom a paws up for trying today – and who the heck knows – maybe she’s right? My Mom knows because she got the photo for me but she doesn’t tell me a THING – I’m clueless. We’ll just hope your Mom is right AND we’ll find that out tomorrow my friend!!!!! Give her a hug in the meantime!

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. I was happy you did Ok with your recent vet visit too! YAY FOR US!


  3. Good luck with your thyroid check, Sammy. You know I am always purring for you.
    I made mum turn the computer on so you would know she is still in the land of the living. Dad is very slightly better, mum seems worse so could be a human vet visit for her if she doesn’t soon improve. This nursing is hard work.
    I almost forgot, we don’t know where your teaser is and it will make mum’s head hurt more if she tries to think about it so no guess from us this week.


    • Hi Flynn! I’m happy your Dad is a bit better but sad that your Mom isn’t!!! Maybe a human-vet visit is a good idea……I know I worry when my Mom and Dad aren’t well and I know that you are in charge of them like I’m in charge of mine…..we want them to feel good! Thanks for peeking at the Teaser – just let your Mom REST…..I bet your Dad will take you for a walk through the fields but keep Mom snug as a bug! I was a good boy at the vet – he said my heart murmer is unchanged, my teeth and ears look perfect (!) and while I have lost a little more weight, he’s not concerned. He’s proud of me for taking my pill like a champ with the baby food. I’ll know about my blood work on Thursday!!!!

      Love, Sammy


  4. Good morning, Sammy, and best of luck with your thyroid check: may the results be fine!
    Have a great day,
    P.S.: I’m well aware that it’s not enough, but I can only say that I believe the picture was taken somewhere in Germany. Let’s see what solution tomorrow brings.


  5. Usually I can narrow it down by telling which side of the street the traffic is using. The cars seem to be haphazard which can only mean one thing-the drivers are the worst in the world and don’t know which end is up. It has to be Boston, Taxachusetts.

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  6. Hurrah Hurrah!!!
    Wee made it earlee today!!!
    Ok so LadyMum iss lookin an puzzling at thee foto an shee says there are no werdss on thee traffick signss to help figure fingss out. So shee has decided thee Church iss inn a rural town inn France……
    At leest shee got here earlee rite Unccle Sammy?!?!
    **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  7. WE LOVE Susie Q’s Poem… butt Sammy, you KNOW we NEVER get these places right… it could be a picture of our OWN BACK YARD… and Somehow… we would get it WRONG… BUTT we like Looking and THINKING…


  8. Hi Sammy!! Had a good look and I think it’s a church!! 🙂 Don’t think it’s in UK or US because of cars and there are blue lines in the road. But think could possibly be northern Europe! Wild guess at Finland!!! Can’t do any better than that MOL


  9. Well Sammy, furstly me will say we’s purray yous test went well. And second, glad yous got da sunshine and warmer weather. Me can’t wait fur it to happen here. And third, we have no idea ’bout da foto ‘cept to say it sure looks like a church.

    Luv ya’



    • Thanks! It went pretty well – my physical part (heart, teeth, etc.) went great – I donated a ton of blood (haha) so they can run the thyroid test and see if the medication I’m on is still enough or if I need more – I hope not because that medicine tastes ICKY! THanks for the good thoughts!

      Love, Sammy


  10. Sammy, we are just getting on the computer now. But it is okay ’cause all we got is a church somewhere in Europe. Sure hope the vet visit went okay, and you were not too traumatized. We are looking forward to hearing that you are on the correct dosage of medication and doing well. Whether or not the cheer worked for today’s teaser, we still like that little cheerleader kitten and think the cheer is terrific. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Hi KB’s! The Teaser this week truly WAS a “TEASE”……………that’s Easy’s church in Easy’s little village of Plumieux and nobody would EVER know that but him! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. thanks for the good vibes on my vet visit – he said my heart murmur was no worse – my teefs and eyes, etc. were good – and my bloodwork comes back THursday so I’m hoping I don’t have to take MORE of that thyroid stuff than I already am!


    • Thanks Summer – my check-up was good……all my parts are in good working order including my old heart……but Thursday I’ll find out if I’ll need MORE thyroid meds than I currently take I’m hoping not – that stuff tastes ICKY!

      Love, Sammy


  11. ah-ha! It’s only 9pm here! I made it 😀 xo
    Pammy, what on earth are you doing to us? Some nondescript photo of a church somewhere’s in the world? Gah!
    Total guess, Eaton, England….LOL is that even a place?

    “tell me about the vacuum, how does it make you feel” OMgosh, I roared. Not as loud as your crazy cheerleader I’m sure. You’re so dang fun. Tummy rubs for Sammy! xo B


    • Hi Boomdee!!!! I know – it was a crazy Teaser this week – impossible to tell where it was – – – – that was part of the wackiness of it all and it was in EASY’s little village so WHO would know that except HIM!!! Remember it’s a TEASER – I was teasing! Tee Hee

      Thanks for the tummy rubs……………love, Sam

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