Sort of Spring Again!


Hi… again…..and while I’m not complaining about the weather like I seem to do frequently, I do want to say that this is the wackiest spring we’ve had in my entire twelve years! 

We have wild swings from being in the 80s to having hail/snow/frost within the same week and YES I know some of you have that all the time but WE don’t here in Virginia!  Well, let me qualify that, we DIDN’T until this year. 

So I never know for sure if it will be a “lotsa naps” day or a “lotsa outside time” day.  That means I’m pretty much doing what most cats do which is live in the moment!  Nothing wrong with that……right? 

Here’s me today:

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Wake me when you're ready to go outside Mom!

I’m snoring away until Mom hears Dad saying “let’s go out on the back deck so Sam can have some fresh air!”……so up I get and:

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

OK, it's nice back here....but couldn't you have put ME in the picture???

Then after about 45 minutes it’s time to go back inside – Mom sits down on her recliner so of course I just HAVE to:

Sam Closeup Lap let me just make sure I understand....we're going to STAY INSIDE for a while - right???????

See what I mean?  IN/OUT/IN/OUT……as for what kind of day weather wise it was – we started out with frost warnings this morning, then it warmed up to the mid-60s which really wasn’t so bad. 

I just had one of those days yesterday – had to stay on my toes (or at least either on my toes or on my tummy on Mom’s lap – one or the other).   Not a bad way to spend a day huh? 





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  1. Your weather is truly wacky… just like ours. I wish it would settle down and co-operate. We cats have stuff to do, you know? How can we plan when the weather is this fickle. MOUSES!


    • Indeed…..I guess we’ll just have to figure out stuff to do inside – like opening cabinets and dragging things out….or tearing up paperbags into teeny tiny pieces….stuff to keep our peeps on their toes!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  2. My Mom keeps talking about this changing weather, too. Love the photos of you, Sammy, and what a beautiful deck you have! That looks like a great place to enjoy the outdoors.
    Have a good day, Sammy – looks like a rainy morning for us, maybe a better afternoon.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! You guys have had weirdo weather too down there in Southern Virginia….I guess we just need to hope this doesn’t mean the REST of the year will be wacky too. I think we might be getting some rain today like you – it’s cloudy and kind of darkish outside right now. Guess it’s GOODBYE SUN again. Enjoy your window perch!

      Love, Sam


  3. Sammy almost 90 in MissouREE yesterday! We are having wacky kinda weather too! You are a lucky kitteh being able to go outside(supervised I know)and play! But Mom’s lap looks pretty good there and I think I see some kitteh toys in the picture~cracks me up! Your Mom’s RED moccasins are cool!


    • NINETY?!?!?! Wow……it’s barely 60 here and raining. I did actually go out on the front porch with my parents a while ago to watch the rain but it was dampish and icky-ish so we came back in. This morning though before it started raining Mom and I had a cool walk together in the dark! I’m gonna blog about that…it was nice.

      Mom’s red moccasins are way cool huh? They’re also comfy (so she says)…..I don’t wear moccasins – I prefer NEKKID toesies!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  4. This is definitely an umbrella day. Because if you don’t take one with you, you can bet you’re going to get wet even if it’s not raining when you start out!


    • Hi Miss June……’s been raining off and on here too. Oh well. I’m doing indoor napping today and helping my Mom make an apple tart in the kitchen so it doesn’t matter WHAT’s going on outside! Stay dry!

      Kitty Hugs


  5. We are having crazy weather here, too, Sammy. One day we have the heat on and the next, it’s the air conditioner. I LOVE the way your deck looks and yes, I DO think you should be on it, sunning yourself and looking handsome!


    • Hi Miss Trish! I bet your dogs like to lie outside when the sun’s out….something just feels YUMMY when the sun’s warming up your old bones – when I’m on the deck I have warmth under me and on me from the sun. The porch is COOL under me and warm on me… might say I can have the best of all worlds no matter WHERE I hang out!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam 9p.s. thanks for saying I’m handsome….tee hee)


    • Hi Cody! Now I want you to take extra special care of your Mommy tomorrow OK? And the next day and maybe the next day too. It would be super nice if you could snuggle with her at night – she would really like that a whole bunch…..but mostly remind her to live in the moment like we kitties do!!!

      Your Pal Sam


  6. Our weather has been crazy unpredictable too, which wears on me greatly – as you know, we kitties like routine, and this is anything but routine.


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