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Sunday Selfie Hop on Fathers’ Day


Happy Sunday AND Happy Father’s Day!     Time to HOP with Kitties Blue.   Are you hopping with us?    You can click their badge above and link up that way  if you like.    Show yourself off with us every Sunday on the Selfie Hop that they host.

This week’s photo is one Mom took on Thursday when she was changing the sheets……….as soon as she pulled the pillow cases off the pillows I popped on top of the pillows, lay down and promptly went to sleep.    Yep – I did – and once more I’ve NEVER EVER done that before (get on the pillows instead of just the bed!)  so it was fun to see her so surprised.      I stayed there for about ten minutes then transferred to the bed itself and kept her from changing the sheets for a nice two hour stretch while I napped.    I didn’t hold up laundry day though – she did all the other laundry while I got my nap in THEN she got the bed sheets.

Here I am………………..

Yep – it’s a little blurry – Mom says it makes me look soft – I say I’m pretty darn SOFT anyway!     Well, just for fun Mom added a Lunapic art effect called “BRAVE” to this photo and we did a puzzle out of it too!

Mom jazzed my photo up on Lunapic using the “BRAVE” art effect………….do I look brave?    THEN she did a puzzle of this photo for those of you who enjoy doing them – – – here you are!

Just click this MINI-ME picture and go for it……

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to ALL Dads – especially MINE!


You’re the BESTEST POP ever!  

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Time for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good friends at The Cat On My Head.    I just KNOW you want to join in the fun – right?   If so, click their badge above and link up.   Show off yourself like WE do every Sunday.

I’m doing my usual FLASHBACK SELFIE today.    This was from one year ago………………

Mom must have really gotten carried away with Lunapic for this one.    We have no idea which art effect she used but it was rather colorful wasn’t it?!    Something tells me this will make a “terror” of a jigsaw puzzle!    If you’re brave, give it a whirl.



We had a surprise snow Friday.   SPRING – WHERE ARE YOU?????!!!!!

Love, Teddy


Furabulous Friday


Howdy!   It’s the end of the week already……………….that means housecleaning around here which means of course I’m hiding.  Not to worry though – I’ve got a good spot and nobody knows about it – I’m not even telling YOU about it – it’s totally secret.

Anyway, I hope you had a good week.  I did mostly.  Mostly because I did have a bit of a bad day yesterday but we’re not entirely sure why.  I was just “off” – not myself – but Mom says I’m bound to have those days (heaven knows she sure does!)………..mostly because I’m on these pills that I take.  Anyway, the rest of the week I’ve been my usual darling self.

Lovin' the brush!

Lovin’ the brush!

Tomorrow my Mom is going to a birthday party next door.   One of the little boys is having a birthday party with an “Olympics” theme.  Cool huh?   They’re going to have Olympic competitions – like the javelin throw (don’t worry I’ll be inside and not in the target area), running and jumping (bet they can’t jump as high as I could if a dog was chasing me), and a discus throw (again, no worries – I’ll be inside).   Should be fun.  They’re also having all kinds of Greek food to eat.  Mom has promised to bring me leftovers but you know how that usually turns out.  She forgets.    If I was gonna be in the Olympics, I’d try for weight lifting – I bet I could beat this guy!



I am excited about next week though – there’s a company coming to re-surface our driveway!   That means a lot of activity outside.  I can spy from my upstairs window – there will be noise and funny smells and strangers and as long as they’re OUT THERE and I’m IN HERE, it ought to be pretty interesting to watch.   YES that will be the highlight of my week next week………not very exciting?  Well, depends on how you look at it.  My life is pretty danged boring these days so driveway re-surfacing is pretty cool.

Speaking of cool…………….Fall isn’t far away – have you noticed?  It’s sneaking up on us.


Nellie Visits My Girlcatfriend


Hi Everyone!

Well, we’ve settled back into our boring old routine around here after Nellie took off to spend the night gossiping and giggling with my girlcatfriend Sundae.  Who knows what they’ll get up to!!!   Anyway, I sure did love having Nellie visit me here.  It was magic!

I had a couple of comments on my bloggy yesterday about people not knowing I had a girlcatfriend.  Well – Sundae and I have been a couple for a while – we attended Mollie’s Valentine’s Ball and danced the night away together AND she visited my tent (woo hoo) a few times on that camping trip we all took last year – remember that?

Sundae and me in our Valentine's Ball finery last year!

Sundae and me in our Valentine’s Ball finery last year!

Sundae in the sun when we were camping on the beach!

Sundae in the sun when we were camping on the beach!

I’m sure Nellie and Sundae will find lots of things to talk about at Sundae’s house.  Sundae lives on the water down in Southern Virginia and I’m sure Nellie will enjoy seeing the ducks and swans and the marina while strolling around Sundae’s yard.  Make sure and stop by Sundae’s blog AND Nellie’s too so you can find out what they’re up to!

I’m taking it easy today…………you know me – I’m just a leisure kind of guy – of course when a pretty girlcat is visiting I like to keep up with all the action but today – I’m RESTING…………..

zzzzz.....dreaming of Nellie and Sundae.....zzzzzz

zzzzz…..dreaming of Nellie and Sundae…..zzzzzz

Or maybe I’m not dreaming of Nellie and Sundae – maybe I’m dreaming of the PERFECT Teaser Photo for next Tuesday that even our KING OF TEASER, Easy won’t guess!!!!

Happy Thursday,


Poopy Old Computer Problems


Hey Guys and Gals……………all day today Mom and I have been dealing with a wonky computer (or AOL!).  That’s right …….. something BIG is wrong and we don’t know what it is BUT it’s kept me from visiting your blogs and even commenting on my own!

We might be out of commission for a while so if you don’t get a blog from me – don’t panic….OK?  

We’ll keep trying but if I’m not around – I haven’t flown off in my spaceship to another planet – I’m just dealing with the computer from hell.   😦 😦 😦

We actually think it’s the AOL Security program – McAfee.  Mom’s turned it off so it doesn’t run the whole time we’re online and at least it allows us to USE the computer, but it shouldn’t interfere with our using it sooooooooooooooooo that’s what we’re trying to fix now.

Truth be told my poor Mom needs a new computer……but you know how that goes……Mr. Moneybags Daddy will tell us when we can do that and when we can’t do that so please bear with us!

Meanwhile, not being on the computer much has allowed plenty of time for me to enjoy our beautiful Spring day and of course to do my mostest favorite-est thing in the world:

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Computer problems make me tired!!

I’ll try to be back tomorrow……….really I will!

Love all of you………..tons and tons……….

Kitty Hugs of Frustration, Sammy 😀

The Calm AFTER The Storm….


Happy Saturday!  Well, we’ve been having something we really needed – RAIN – but when I was wishing for some rain, I wasn’t really being specific enough I don’t think…….I should have SPECIFICALLY wished for quiet rain.  Not noisy, stormy, wind blowing, lightning every two seconds, thunder continuously rumbling rain.  So it’s my fault………

It’s my fault that I spent the entire day Friday sleeping.  Not that I minded doing that you know – after all, you’re talking to The King Of Naps here – but because I was awake most of Thursday night – I slept most of Friday.  A guy’s gotta get his beauty sleep.  It’s not easy maintaining my lustrous coat with it’s red and white stripeyness!  It takes REST!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


So you’ll forgive me I’m sure if you get a fairly short blog from yours truly this fine Saturday morning right?  We had MORE storms during the night and in fact it’s raining right now but at least it’s quiet…..that means I’ll be doing the same thing I did yesterday for most of today.

Hey – a guy can’t get too many catnaps……………am I right???????

Kitty hugs, Sleepy Sam 😀

Sort of Spring Again!


Hi…..me again…..and while I’m not complaining about the weather like I seem to do frequently, I do want to say that this is the wackiest spring we’ve had in my entire twelve years! 

We have wild swings from being in the 80s to having hail/snow/frost within the same week and YES I know some of you have that all the time but WE don’t here in Virginia!  Well, let me qualify that, we DIDN’T until this year. 

So I never know for sure if it will be a “lotsa naps” day or a “lotsa outside time” day.  That means I’m pretty much doing what most cats do which is live in the moment!  Nothing wrong with that……right? 

Here’s me today:

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Wake me when you're ready to go outside Mom!

I’m snoring away until Mom hears Dad saying “let’s go out on the back deck so Sam can have some fresh air!”……so up I get and:

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

OK, it's nice back here....but couldn't you have put ME in the picture???

Then after about 45 minutes it’s time to go back inside – Mom sits down on her recliner so of course I just HAVE to:

Sam Closeup Lap

OK...now let me just make sure I understand....we're going to STAY INSIDE for a while - right???????

See what I mean?  IN/OUT/IN/OUT……as for what kind of day weather wise it was – we started out with frost warnings this morning, then it warmed up to the mid-60s which really wasn’t so bad. 

I just had one of those days yesterday – had to stay on my toes (or at least either on my toes or on my tummy on Mom’s lap – one or the other).   Not a bad way to spend a day huh?