I’m On A Mission….

Sammy's FBI Badge

My first mission! I'll get to flash my badge!

Remember yesterday I was whining mentioning that I would be bored while Mom was away for a couple of days???  Guess what…..I’m absolutely totally NOT going to be bored.  I contacted my pal Kozmo through the Feline Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters, and they in turn contacted Kozmo of CATFROMHELL to see if he needed any assistance on his current caper involving the evil, wicked, dastardly Mr. Chirpy. 

I didn’t have to wait long before they contacted me to say that Kozmo needed me to do a little “side trip” to check on something for him – that means, Agent 00.8, Sammy Kimmell “AT YOUR SERVICE” !!!

Now as you know when you’re a secret agent or private investigator you can’t really divulge details of what your mission is so I just can’t say much right now. 

What I CAN tell you is that Kozmo is in hot pursuit of Mr. Chirpy and we think that by Monday (February 27th) we will be in a position to TELL ALL. 

Looks like I may be able to time things so that I’ll be back from my mission in time to greet Mom on her return from North Carolina though ….. however, Mom would have understood if I couldn’t be here.  She knows that as soon as I joined up with the FBI, I could be called away any time. 

Moms understand stuff like that……..!!

I’ll be able to do a blog tomorrow from my secret location though…..so until Sunday…….

Agent 00.8 Sammy Kimmell, Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

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  1. Sammy, you be careful, ok? I know you are a very capable investigator, but there are unsavory types out in the world! You wouldn’t want your Mom to worry about you! Hope your mission is successful…

    Hugs, Linda


  2. Oooh, Sammy, I’ll be so worried about you until we hear from you again. Please be careful. Miss Linda is right: the world is full of dastardly folks. But, oh my, what a handsome photo on that badge….
    Love, Sundae


    • Hey Sundae…..I’m back from my adventure and you’ll hear all about it on Monday. Thanks for being concerned about me. We FBI guys have to be tough but I’m still an old softie inside you know! (wink) Speaking of photos – that one of you on your badge is quite “hot” too!!

      Love, Sam


    • Pedro – my main man – I gotta tell ya – I’m glad to be home from that caper. It was something else….I hope you read all about it Monday. Whew! Coulda used your help but I hear you’ve been under the weather since the alien probe visit to the vet. Kitty filled in for you though………well……….sort of!

      Your BFC Sam


  3. Sam–uh, I mean 00.8. I have your string. If you ever want to see it alive–uh, I mean, unraveled again, divulge your mission. Spill your guts. Got me?


    • Ah HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Hi Queen JJ! Mom has talked about you for years and I know you had Miss Kitty there living with you (we had her photo on my blog!) then she decided to head back out into the world and seek fame and fortune. Well, let’s hope she finds it. As for you? Just wait until you hear about my FBI mission. Check me out tomorrow!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Nerissa! Thanks for your concern but I’m home now – all safe and sound and “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” ! Make sure and read my blog and Kozmo’s blog tomorrow. It’s QUITE a caper for sure. However, I’m mighty glad to be home. HOME SWEET HOME!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Miss Caren and Cody! I’m back all safe and sound (and so is my Mom thank heavens). Don’t worry – Kozmo and I were very careful on our mission because we had our families to return home to! It was VERY exciting though so be sure to check in with both of us tomorrow….

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Oh Sammy!
    Kozmo is so thankful for the help! Mr. chirpy is very diabolical and he has henchmen (and women) everywhere! I myself have been rooting out a nest of rogue birds that had been bird brained washed!


    • Hi Nellie – I know all about Mr. Chirpy thanks to the “briefing” Kozmo gave me on the private FBI plane as we headed out to track him and his evil-doers down! So you’re working on a mission too huh? Bird-brained washing is rather diabolical. Sounds like something you should be able to handle though – you’re a very capable Queen!



    • HA! The corps of cats signing up to fight evil have increased lately – Kozmo’s quite the recruiter! Anyway, our mission has been accomplished and we’re all safe and sound – YES you can say “that word” – even if it causes some fluttering with all the boycats around here.

      Kitty Hugs


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