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I’m On A Mission….

Sammy's FBI Badge

My first mission! I'll get to flash my badge!

Remember yesterday I was whining mentioning that I would be bored while Mom was away for a couple of days???  Guess what…..I’m absolutely totally NOT going to be bored.  I contacted my pal Kozmo through the Feline Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters, and they in turn contacted Kozmo of CATFROMHELL to see if he needed any assistance on his current caper involving the evil, wicked, dastardly Mr. Chirpy. 

I didn’t have to wait long before they contacted me to say that Kozmo needed me to do a little “side trip” to check on something for him – that means, Agent 00.8, Sammy Kimmell “AT YOUR SERVICE” !!!

Now as you know when you’re a secret agent or private investigator you can’t really divulge details of what your mission is so I just can’t say much right now. 

What I CAN tell you is that Kozmo is in hot pursuit of Mr. Chirpy and we think that by Monday (February 27th) we will be in a position to TELL ALL. 

Looks like I may be able to time things so that I’ll be back from my mission in time to greet Mom on her return from North Carolina though ….. however, Mom would have understood if I couldn’t be here.  She knows that as soon as I joined up with the FBI, I could be called away any time. 

Moms understand stuff like that……..!!

I’ll be able to do a blog tomorrow from my secret location though…..so until Sunday…….

Agent 00.8 Sammy Kimmell, Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Special Agent Sammy

Sammy's FBI Badge

Agent Sam's my name....solving mysteries is my game!

How cool is this?  I’m now an official Feline Bureau Investigation special agent.  I’ll be able to use my talent for solving mysteries gained through years of helping Mom write her mystery novel which was published a few years ago with MY help.  I’ll also be able to help solve mysteries like “where’s Dad’s other sock??”…..or “where did I put that new mouse toy?”…..or even “who is that cat that crossed through my front yard every morning?”. 

How did I join up?  Well, I met some new friends at Cat From Hell.  There’s Penelope (known as Nellie), her brother Kozmo, and two dogs Nellie calls “Big Slobbery Sisters”.  Kozmo’s the FBI agent and all I had to do was sent an email to him and in return I got this FABULOUS badge!!  I’m so excited.  Ever since Mom wrote her book “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” I’ve secretly wanted to be a special agent – sneaking around and spying is one of my specialties.  I love to keep an eye on things – I should be purrrrrrfect for this job.

If you scroll down on Cat From Hell’s blog to the post where Kozmo talks about one of his mystery-solving adventures, you’ll see how exciting it is to join up and help to solve crimes.  You can get your OWN FBI badge and give Kozmo a hand when he needs it. 

I’m thinking maybe in addition to the beret I would like to have for Christmas this year, I might consider asking for a “Sam Spade” type fedora too.  A guy has to have an image if he’s a special agent right? 

Sammy Kimmell, Agent 00.8