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I’m On A Mission….

Sammy's FBI Badge

My first mission! I'll get to flash my badge!

Remember yesterday I was whining mentioning that I would be bored while Mom was away for a couple of days???  Guess what…..I’m absolutely totally NOT going to be bored.  I contacted my pal Kozmo through the Feline Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters, and they in turn contacted Kozmo of CATFROMHELL to see if he needed any assistance on his current caper involving the evil, wicked, dastardly Mr. Chirpy. 

I didn’t have to wait long before they contacted me to say that Kozmo needed me to do a little “side trip” to check on something for him – that means, Agent 00.8, Sammy Kimmell “AT YOUR SERVICE” !!!

Now as you know when you’re a secret agent or private investigator you can’t really divulge details of what your mission is so I just can’t say much right now. 

What I CAN tell you is that Kozmo is in hot pursuit of Mr. Chirpy and we think that by Monday (February 27th) we will be in a position to TELL ALL. 

Looks like I may be able to time things so that I’ll be back from my mission in time to greet Mom on her return from North Carolina though ….. however, Mom would have understood if I couldn’t be here.  She knows that as soon as I joined up with the FBI, I could be called away any time. 

Moms understand stuff like that……..!!

I’ll be able to do a blog tomorrow from my secret location though…..so until Sunday…….

Agent 00.8 Sammy Kimmell, Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Chilly Cat Ponderings

I Love My Yard!

Practically all the leaves are sucked up by "THE MACHINE".....a few strays....but after a breezy Saturday, there will be another load of them down I bet! Yippeeee!

So I endured the yard clean-up yesterday pretty well.  It was a little lonely out there when at last all the equipment was put away and I was allowed to survey the yard again up close and personal.    But I know there will be more….and more….to come.

Mom said yesterday that she thinks it might be time to get a sweater for me to wear outside.  EEEEK!  Just because I’m a little reluctant to go out in the cool mornings and evenings?  I ask very nicely to go out at one of our doors – Mom opens the door – I feel the breeze and if it’s cool-ish I just look up at her and give her “the look” meaning “can’t you make it a little warmer out there first??”…….I can’t help it if I feel the cold a little more now that I’m a bit older.   Good grief – does that really necessitate a sweater? 

I suppose I could get used to it though.  As long as she doesn’t get the bright idea to try some kind of booties on my feet.  Now that might be a little embarrassing.  A “manly” sweater – maybe a tartan plaid or dignified solid color – something that looks nice with my ginger coloring you know.   Mom says I’d be “cute” in any color but at my age is “cute” the look I’m seeking???  I should think dignified might be more appropriate.  Can a cat look dignified in a sweater though??  So much to ponder on this early Saturday morning.

Happy Weekend

Sammy, Sweaterless in Warrenton, Virginia




More Halloween Angst

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

So far it's looking like the old Halloween scarf will have to do as my costume this year........AGAIN.......I'm just so PICKY!!!

Mom’s been keeping her eye out for a new costume for me but so far, everything she’s found just isn’t “me”……there’s either elastic involved, or noise (bells, etc.) or fussy hooks and stuff that I’d never sit still long enough to wear so it’s looking like THE SCARF will be it again this year.  Time will tell. 

The last week or so we’ve had a lot of fun seeing what all of you are planning (those of you who are patient enough to let your humans impose their will on you that is) to wear. 

I had planned to get Mom to go next door and take a photo of the way cool decorations our neighbor has put up in their front yard for Halloween BUT it’s raining like cats and dogs (what a weird saying that is…..imagine what that would really be like!!!!).  Mom can’t go out with her camera.  Maybe tomorrow we can do that.  The neighbors have two little way cool boys, aged 4 and 5.   The little one is going to be a horse for Halloween and the older one is going to be a ghost. 

Mom said when she was a little girl, one of the most popular costumes was a dinosaur (JUST KIDDING…HAHAHA) – really it was a gypsy.  Little girls wanted to be gypsies and little boys wanted to be cowboys.   Things sure have changed.  I remember last year we had several little boys who dressed up like Harry Potter!  The cutest costume was on a little girl who said “TWICK OR TWEET” when Mom opened the door….she had on a pink ballerina skirt and sparkly crown in her blonde curls – her proud Mom and Dad standing on the steps……I remember telling Mom she’d better not ever dress me in a ballerina skirt although – come to think of it – we did find this picture of my Cousin Mollye in HER ballerina costume my Aunt Carol made for her:

My cousin Mollye in her Halloween costume from last year

Cousin Mollye as a Ballerina (her brother Toby was a vampire that year)

Oh – the things we do for love!  🙂 

Have a super Wednesday………..


Decisions, Decisions…..

Sam's Cousin Toby for Halloween

My Cousin Toby's Mom made a Dracula costume for him one year.....for a Halloween pet parade!

Halloween costumes – it’s a popular subject this time of year as I’ve learned from other blogs Mom and I follow.  Made me remember this photo of my Cousin Toby and his Dracula outfit – way cool huh?  Not sure whether or not HE’s too happy about it though.   His sister, my Cousin Mollye was a ballerina but I can’t find the photo of her in her costume!  Too bad…it was kinda cute….her Mom had made a ballerina skirt out of pink netting and it was fastened to her leash/harness.  Humans can be SOOOO clever sometimes!

Some of my blog friends are sharing their ideas for costumes – like my friend Pedro who’s considering wearing a shark fin (tiger shark to be specific)…..and I got a suggestion that I consider wearing a baseball player’s outfit since I have a built-in mitt (a reference of course to my extra claws on my paws so I look like I have mittens on!).  So many things to think about…..and I’m sure I’ll come up with something more interesting than just wearing my Halloween scarf.  It’s kind of mind-boggling.

I know there are some humans out there who believe animals shouldn’t wear clothes.  Well, I agree to a certain point – I mean can you imagine having to choose an outfit every single day to wear?  A tiny little closet full of tiny little suits or dresses?  I don’t think so!  But for special occasions I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it….lets us flaunt our style – show off our purrsonality if you will…..lets us be creative and have some fun too! 

So, when I figure out what I’m gonna be for Halloween, I’ll be sure and share……how about you?  Pedro, any other “contenders” for Halloween costumes??

TGIF……..”Thank Goodness I’m Feline”




Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of….Catnip

My Cousin Toby as a Pirate (sort of)

Cousin Toby....The Pirate (sort of)

So, I understand from other blogs that today is International Talk Like  A Pirate Day.  In the spirit of the occasion, I thought I’d show a picture of my buddy, Cousin Toby, in his semi-pirate costume.  To be honest, he was having to wear a patch over his eye to keep light out while it healed BUT, you have to take your pirates as you get them – right?  I think he’s adorable (for a dog) and since Mom has never caught me in my full pirate regalia (nor will she ever) I’m borrowing Toby’s picture. 

As for talking like a pirate?  Ahem…..(clearing throat)……I’ll do my best:

“Ahoy Mateys!  Avast and shiver me timbers but it’s chilly out here on the water this fine morn!  Heave ho me hearties and hoist the black flag as we send the traitor to walk the plank! “

Now since I’m not crazy about water, I’m not sure you’d ever catch me on a pirate ship or shivering my timbers (I don’t think cats have timbers do they???) but you gotta remember today is a special occasion!   So come on gang – break out your pirate gear and have at it…….

Oh and a very special thanks to Auntie Carol and Cousin Toby for the photo of Toby in his pirate outfit – – – understated as it is, it’s still the thought that counts!!  (p.s. Toby’s eye is just fine now)

With a hearty yo ho ho and a Happy Monday

Sammy, One Spoiled Pirate Cat