Candle-Lighter Blog Award for Sam

The Candle-lighter Award Logo

This candle looks good enough to eat!

 The Candle-lighter Award

Our very good friend Dianna presented me and Mom with an awesome award yesterday.  The Candle-lighter Award is given to blogs and bloggers “that light a candle in the darkness” with their blog.  How very cool is that?  It makes me feel so nice and warm inside (just like this candle) that anybody thinks One Spoiled Cat brings light into the world.
Know what else is different about this award than many of the others?  There aren’t ANY rules to follow……all you do is pass the award on to other bloggers who bring light into the world with their blogs.  Doesn’t get any easier than that huh?
These are the blogs that we’d like to pass the Candle-lighter Blog Award on to…..they certainly brighten OUR lives and if you haven’t visited them yourself, we suggest you do!
There are others we love, but many don’t accept awards or don’t show them on their blogs……….but what’s really cool is that there are SO MANY people who write such interesting and fun blogs these days, don’t you think?  If your blog is above and you don’t want to pass it on, that’s fine too…….again – NO RULES!!  🙂
I’m just excited that someone thinks One Spoiled Cat is deserving of ANY award…..but this one – well – it’s kind of special isn’t it?!
Sammy (with thanks to Dianna and Sundae)

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    • Hi Sundae! I agree with you that your Mom and my Mom have really become buds – just like you and me!! My Mom thought your blog this morning was a hoot. Isn’t blogging fun??????

      Love, Sam


    • Hi Miss Caren and Cody….I’m glad you like the award – it’s from the heart – my Mom and I love Cat Chat and look forward to all the fun and interesting things you talk about there. We too were excited to get the award AND to pass it on!

      Love, Sammy


    • We SO enjoy your blog Layla and keeping up with your cat crew….the photos are beautiful, the stories are wonderful, and it certainly lights up our days – that’s what the award is all about! We were thrilled to get the award and equally thrilled to pass it on to others.

      Pam and Sam


  1. Sammy, a HUGE congratulations on yet another blog award! This just goes to show how many people are impressed with a cat who thinks intelligently and can type up a blog every day! I know your Mommy helps some, but we all know who the brains are… We just let people THINK they’re in charge! Love from Eddie, Simone and Mattie, the Terrell Pack


    • Hi Terrell Trio! Thanks for the congrats on the award. I’m getting quite a collection of “bling” on my home page aren’t I? I just happen to have a lot of really nice friends who I’ve gotten to know through my blog and it’s so much fun.

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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