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Happy Meownday


Here we go again – another Monday arrives!  Hope you had a good weekend – we did in MY house!   I did my usual excellent job of keeping the cushion on my Mom’s studio couch company – don’t want those couch cushions to feel unloved so I spend a LOT of time on the cushions UNDER my afghan tent.   Now that’s what I call “QUALITY TIME” !

I have a couple of “thank yous” to extend to some good friends who have presented me with awards the last week or so too – one blog award I already had but am grateful to be nominated again for and another brand spanking new award that I’m one of the very FIRST to receive – ever!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I received another nomination for the Very Inspiring Blog Award from my new friend TJ at TJ’s Garden and I received a brand new award – hot off the presses – called the Thinking of You blog award from my good friend Nerissa at Nerissa’s Life.   THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR HONORING ME!!!

I’ve already done the requirements on the Very Inspiring Blog Award so I thought rather than repeating those, I’d go ahead and do the things for the Thinking of You award which are:

  1. Link back to the sender (I’ve linked back to Nerissa and TJ above)
  2. Tell seven things that I love and that I think about daily
  3. Pass the award to seven other blogs

So here’s my list of seven things I love and think about daily:

  1. My humans (I love them dearly and think about them all the time – especially when they leave be home alone! 😦 )
  2. Napping (I bet you all knew this would be on my list)
  3. Visiting my friends blogs (YAY)
  4. Napping (hahahahahaha….yeah I put it on here TWICE!)
  5. I love everybody involved in rescuing animals AND I do indeed think about how lucky I am to be one of them – every single day
  6. Treats – I’ll admit it – I love my Temptations Tuna treats and because I think about them every day I ASK for them several times a day.  Mom’s a softie so if I ASK – I RECEIVE!
  7. Rainy days.  I love them because it means puddles and I love playing in puddles.  I think about rain every day too – especially since we really NEED rain.  If it rains, I usually get to see my friend Freddy the Frog and that makes me very happy.

Who will I pass the award to?

These Days of Mine

Pedro The Cat

Texas, A NY Cat

Hands On Bowie

Hutch A Good Life

Satchmo The Cat

Cat Chat

Whew!  If you’re not familiar with any of these blogs I hope you’ll visit them. 

Remember tomorrow I said the guys would be here to work on our driveway?  WELL, it might rain tomorrow which means we’ll postpone the “NOISE DAY” until Thursday!   So I might get a delay…..stay tuned.  Tee Hee

Kitty Hugs and Happy Monday………….Sammy 😀 😀

Candle-Lighter Blog Award for Sam

The Candle-lighter Award Logo

This candle looks good enough to eat!

 The Candle-lighter Award

Our very good friend Dianna presented me and Mom with an awesome award yesterday.  The Candle-lighter Award is given to blogs and bloggers “that light a candle in the darkness” with their blog.  How very cool is that?  It makes me feel so nice and warm inside (just like this candle) that anybody thinks One Spoiled Cat brings light into the world.
Know what else is different about this award than many of the others?  There aren’t ANY rules to follow……all you do is pass the award on to other bloggers who bring light into the world with their blogs.  Doesn’t get any easier than that huh?
These are the blogs that we’d like to pass the Candle-lighter Blog Award on to…..they certainly brighten OUR lives and if you haven’t visited them yourself, we suggest you do!
There are others we love, but many don’t accept awards or don’t show them on their blogs……….but what’s really cool is that there are SO MANY people who write such interesting and fun blogs these days, don’t you think?  If your blog is above and you don’t want to pass it on, that’s fine too…….again – NO RULES!!  🙂
I’m just excited that someone thinks One Spoiled Cat is deserving of ANY award…..but this one – well – it’s kind of special isn’t it?!
Sammy (with thanks to Dianna and Sundae)

Another Blog Award!

More Bling for Sam's Blog - another award!

Thank You Dianna - More Bling!!

 My goodness!  What a day this has been.  Sam has allowed me to take over his blog so I can comply with the requirements of receiving this awesome blogging award courtesy of our good friend Dianna at http://thesedaysofmine.com.  Her blog totally deserved this award as she’s a wonderful photographer who “specializes” in beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Also, Sammy and I want to congratulate all the other nominees/winners of the Kreativ Blogger Award. 

Now for the fun…….the requirement to receive this award is that Sam (after all it’s HIS blog) confess some things that he’s never confessed before in his blog. Well, Sam’s pretty much told everything there is to tell about his ginger self so I thought I’d step in and do the confessing.  They say confession is good for your soul?  Hmm…..we shall see!

  1. When I was younger (way younger) I used to ride a motorcycle and actually used to race  on a dirt track with some of my crazier friends (including my brother Mike).
  2. When I was younger (way way younger) I wanted to marry George Harrison of the Beatles – in fact my best friend and I planned to fly to London after high school graduation where I’d marry George and she’d marry Paul.  🙂
  3. I’m pretty sure I was a big fat spoiled cat in a previous life.
  4. My favorite food is fried eggplant.
  5. Most people think I’m from Virginia but I was in fact born in Louisville, Kentucky where my Mom felt me “kick” inside her for the first time while she and my Dad were at the Kentucky Derby in 1947!

So there.  True confessions.  Do I feel better?  Not sure.  Gimme some time to think about it.  Meanwhile, thanks again to Dianna.  You’re the best.  🙂

Sam asked me to post a couple of his favorite blogs here as also deserving of a Kreativ Blog Award – so here they are, and if they’d like to “play along” and accept the award then super!

http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com  is a very creative blog by Isobel in England who has a cat named NotCat.  Isobel’s photography is wonderful: city scenes, gardens, NotCat’s adventures and much more.

http://pedrothecat.com is the hangout of Sam’s friend Pedro, the soon to be most famous cat in the universe, and his housemate Kitty.  This blog is funny, clever, and tons of fun.

Happy Saturday everybody!

Pam……..Mom of Sam – One Spoiled Cat