Burp….Oh! Excuse Me!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Fresh air.....after all that food yesterday, it's nice to get away from the turkey and just BREATHE.

 You know what?  I really am NOT a guy who has ever even tried having a chunk of chicken or turkey but when Mom and Dad brought home some leftovers from my Auntie Joan and Uncle Bruce’s cabin – I just HAD to try some.  I’m glad I did.  While I didn’t eat a LOT, I did find the taste of cooked birdie quite delicious!   All these years Mom would give me some scraps when she made a turkey or chicken dinner and I’d just look at her like “HUH????”.  Now I “get” it.  Or maybe it’s an acquired taste…..now that my tastebuds have matured, I can appreciate some of the human delicacies I’ve ignored in the past. 

Whatever……………that turkey was good.

Now I feel like I just want to get a little exercise (little being the operative word) and some fresh air.  Today is supposed to be a beautiful day.  Good day for porch sitting, sidewalk cruising, and probably a few burps since this turkey thing is new to me and my body.

I do hope that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a good time eating, visiting friends and family, eating, putting leftovers in the refrigerator, eating, thinking up recipes for leftover turkey, eating, and eating some more.  I’m sure more goodies will be coming my way – they came home with lots of leftovers.  Wonder if I can learn to love cranberry sauce??? 

Happy Day After

Sammy the Turkey Affecionado

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  1. Good morning, Sammy! My mom and dad saved me a taste of turkey, too. YUM is right! (And I happen to know there’s MORE in the fridge)…burp! Enjoy your (little bit of) exercise today. My mom’s planning to work in the yard too.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….it’s a nice day to work in the yard. My parents are doing that too – this might be the last time they have to do the “leaf thing” for this year. Most of the trees are bare – just a few leaves on the bradford pears but they will blow away probably. I’m just taking it easy watching everyone else work. 🙂 Later the turkey sandwiches will be out and no doubt I can get a bit using my world famous, time tested, tried and true “LOOK”……hahaha

      Love, Sam


    • Hi Uncle J………so far so good with “the day after”…..I’ve never been much for people food although Mom says she’s had cats that ADORED chicken and turkey. I can eat a little bit but prefer good old CAT FOOD when all is said and done.

      Have a Happy Friday


  2. Sammy we are so happy you enjoyed your turkey! I love how you kept saying “eat” and “eat” and “eat” lol!!!!!!

    We sure did do A LOT of that!

    Beautiful day here in Michigan today and Mom said she is going to go for a walk cause of all that “eating!!”

    Have a great day!

    Love, Cody


    • Hi Cody! I think ALL of us might do a bit of extra exercise today to work off those big meals we had. Even yours truly. It’s sunny and almost 60 here today – just the kind of day that makes you thankful all over again!!! 🙂

      Love, Sam


  3. Holy cow-spotted cat! Never tried turkey??? Kitty’s like that. She’ll only eat dry cat food or strawberry Yoplait. That works out great for me, though!

    I’m glad you expanded your horizons a bit, Sammy. Maybe you should skip the cranberries, though…


    • You’re a wise cow-spotted cat Pedro….cranberries are – well – slightly difficult to digest shall we say? The turkey was good though I have to admit…perhaps it just took my sophisticated palate almost twelve years to appreciate the finer things about cooked birds???? Whatever – it’s pretty good stuff!



    • Hi Isobel…..I had a cat once who adored lima beans but Sam seems to have no interest in anything green other than grass! He does a bit of grazing from time to time….what the deer don’t eat, Sam nibbles.



    • Hi Miss Layla and Gang: I’ve gotten a bit of exercise today too – out with Mom for a while in the front yard (after she and Dad got all the leaves up of course) – had a bit of a munch on the grass, then had a few runs up and down the stairs for good measure. I’ve never been much for catnip but FRESH catnip may do the trick. I’ll mention that to Mom. Sounds like a good stocking stuffer!!!



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