Pesky Neighbors


I’m kind of a “live and let live” sort of guy.  Yep – I know we animals ruled the world once and some of us feel like we still do (!) but I think we should all try and get along together – right?  Well, nobody has passed this idea on to the crew of animals living next door to us!  I’ve already mentioned the “barky beagles” – the hounds don’t really bark – they scream…..and you’d think after living next door and seeing all of us out in our back yard every day for over a year they’d recognize us and not bark continuously while we are in our own yard minding our business!!!  NOT……well, not only are they living there but they also have two cats who roam the area and who think MY front porch is THEIR front porch.  Hey – they have their own front porch so why use mine?  Not only that but they are mean.  They sit on my front sidewalk and dare me to come outside.   Yesterday Mom and I were on the front porch when one of those cats came up and growled at me out of nowhere.  Mom chased it away and into its own yard. 

Some nerve huh?   I wish people would realize that maybe their neighbors don’t WANT to hear their barking dogs all day and sometimes into the night……I wish people would keep their cats in their own yard like me or even in the house because it’s dangerous out here around the woods……lots of foxes just looking for a nice, juicy snack! 

Like I said – I’m a peaceful guy……and I’m getting older now so the last thing I want is any kind of trouble but these pesky neighbors – well – they’re pushing the limit.  Hey everyone – can’t we all just GET ALONG?????????????????????????? 

Happy QUIET Sunday everybody……….Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. The thing about noisy neighbors is that they are NOISY! You can’t blame the beagles, after all, they are merely dogs, but you can blame their masters, although in this particular care it seems they are the masters to the humans.

    I hoe the rain will stay away for a while up there, I know how it interferes with your morning strolls. Your mommy mentioned that they are predicting more of the wet stuff this afternoon.



    • Hi Uncle Jerry…..I know it’s not the beagles fault they are a pain in the tush – their humans should train them to be quieter in their own fenced back yard. I’m used to them – I just sit and stare at them like “what’s the big deal guys??”…….anyway, at 2AM you don’t want to hear squealing dogs. You want to hear your humans snoring at the top of the bed while you are curled up at the bottom of the bed! Rain’s coming – I can feel it in my bones….Mom says she can too……it’s getting cloudy already – so much for our sunny morning!!


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