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Pesky Neighbors


I’m kind of a “live and let live” sort of guy.  Yep – I know we animals ruled the world once and some of us feel like we still do (!) but I think we should all try and get along together – right?  Well, nobody has passed this idea on to the crew of animals living next door to us!  I’ve already mentioned the “barky beagles” – the hounds don’t really bark – they scream…..and you’d think after living next door and seeing all of us out in our back yard every day for over a year they’d recognize us and not bark continuously while we are in our own yard minding our business!!!  NOT……well, not only are they living there but they also have two cats who roam the area and who think MY front porch is THEIR front porch.  Hey – they have their own front porch so why use mine?  Not only that but they are mean.  They sit on my front sidewalk and dare me to come outside.   Yesterday Mom and I were on the front porch when one of those cats came up and growled at me out of nowhere.  Mom chased it away and into its own yard. 

Some nerve huh?   I wish people would realize that maybe their neighbors don’t WANT to hear their barking dogs all day and sometimes into the night……I wish people would keep their cats in their own yard like me or even in the house because it’s dangerous out here around the woods……lots of foxes just looking for a nice, juicy snack! 

Like I said – I’m a peaceful guy……and I’m getting older now so the last thing I want is any kind of trouble but these pesky neighbors – well – they’re pushing the limit.  Hey everyone – can’t we all just GET ALONG?????????????????????????? 

Happy QUIET Sunday everybody……….Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Sun At Last!


Yippeee!  Finally we have a sunny day…..it’s even supposed to get up around 80 degrees too – the only fly in the ointment is that Mom and Dad are going into Warrenton today to the annual Spring Festival so they won’t be here to take me OUTSIDE until they get home.  Guess I’ll just have to be patient – when you live with humans you learn that it’s all about being patient! 

I have no complaints though really.  I’m a lucky boy.  I get to do what I want to do, eat what I want to eat, play with my toys or play games with my parents – WHATEVER I want.  Once a year I have to put up with being forced (kicking and screaming) to visit the vet for my physical…..that’s not fun but even then I’ve learned if I just be PATIENT, just lie nice and still and let them do whatever they need to do, I’m out of there pretty quick and on my way home.  I like my doctor and the assistants all think I’m cute and make a big deal about my extra toes (haha) and they cuddle me a lot while I’m getting poked and prodded.  I think next month is time for my visit……oh yeah – that means shots!  Not crazy about those either.

That crummy old snake was back in the tree again by the garage yesterday……I guess he’s living there now.  He’s about six feet long and yesterday he was sunning himself all wrapped around the tree like a long black ribbon.  He’s a king snake so he’s harmless but that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE him!  Mom is upset that he’s “moved in”……I say as long as he’s OUT THERE and not IN HERE, we should just pretend he’s a Garage Guardian.  HAHA 

I’m off to find a sunny napping spot while Mom and Dad get ready to desert me for the morning.  I plan to ask them politely when they get home to TAKE ME OUT NOW!!!!!!  

Happy Saturday From Sam The Spoiled Cat…….

I Love My Yard!

I Love My Yard!

Sam’s Frog Fun


Wow…whatta morning!  Rained all night and I knew what that meant……the frogs would be out the next morning when Mom and I did our pre-dawn walk around the yard.  And, I was right too because there were two frogs on the driveway and one big fat one on my sidewalk.  So what’s the deal about frogs?  Well, I think they are just plain fascinating.  I love when they hop.  It’s like having a little wind-up toy (by the way I love those too).  If they stop hopping, I carefully give them a little shove to get them to hop some more.  My Mom laughs at me when I do that.  I’ve never hurt a frog and never would…..I just like to follow them when they hop!!  If my frog friend begins to go to the left or right of the path, I just use either my right or left paw to “guide” them back to the straight and narrow.  I guess you might say I’m a FROG HERDER at heart. 

Eventually I stop “pushing” and off the frog goes to wherever he was headed before I wanted to play.   I think the big fat frog on the sidewalk must live very close by.  I see him whenever it rains.  I’ve named him “Freddy” – my favorite frog.

Even though the rain brings out a lot of frogs, I also know that rain means no sunny patches to lie in today for nap time.  Oh well….I always find a nice spot to nap anyway – rainy days are good for frogs AND naps!

Mom's Leg Makes a Great Pillow!

Sam's Nap Time