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Holiday Recovery


Happy Wednesday Everybody!

For those of you who –  like me and my family – celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope yours was as fantabulous as ours was…..and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, hopefully you had a fantabulous day ANYWAY!

Around here we started pretty early in the morning…..I screamed gently called Mom at 4:30AM from the bottom of the stairs to tell her it was breakfast time for ME and soon she appeared and we headed to the kitchen.  She had her camera with her and stopped long enough to capture a photo of the entrance into our living room from the foyer…..so you could see all the pretty Christmas cards we received this year.

Cards from lots of my friends (well, OK, Mom and Dad's friends too!)

Cards from lots of my friends (well, OK, Mom and Dad’s friends too!)

Then she gave me my breakfast while I closely snoopervised and while I munched she made coffee for the old guy my Dad who was still snoring away in bed. 

I tried to get Mom interested in us starting to open gifts even though my lazy father was not downstairs yet but she insisted we wait for him.  Killjoy.   I was really excited and it wasn’t easy to wait but EVENTUALLY he appeared.   I was on Mom’s lap already but Mom asked Dad to take a picture of me in my Santa hat (how embarrassing) so I indulged her.  She also took one of me from HER angle (also embarrassing). 

Hurry Dad....!

Hurry Dad….!

This chin strap itches!

This chin strap itches!


Then my parents had THEIR breakfast while I waited for them and FINALLY we went into the library where the tree is and all the pressies and the unwrapping began! 

Under Sam's Christmas Tree 2011

YAY! Let’s get going with the de-wrapping!

While my parents unwrapped all their stuff, I busied myself with my “loot” from Santa Paws!  Thankfully Mom did NOT force me to pose in that collar and bow tie but I’m SURE that’s in my near future so don’t be surprised to see me in my best “benevolent dictator” face with that silly thing on!   She figured the Santa hat was enough for one day….hahaha. 

Love this feather thing but I also love this box!

Love this feather thing but I also love this box!

Know what I REALLY loved?  Those special treats that were in my stocking….they’re for us senior kitties who have joint issues and they’ve got glucosamine (whatever THAT is) in them.  I thought they were the yummiest thing I’d ever eaten and kept begging for more, MORE, MORE!

Say, these treats that are GOOD for me, are just plain GOOD!

Say, these treats that are GOOD for me, are just plain GOOD!

Mom also took a photo of yesterday’s snow.  It was pretty much just a “dusting” but it WAS snow so we DID have a white-ish Christmas after all. 

Semi-snowy Christmas!

Semi-snowy Christmas!

Mom says we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for Christmas to come again……..doesn’t seem fair………but then she reminded me that another special event is coming – MY 13th BIRTHDAY!!!!!  YAY!!!!!   I’m having a birthday pawty on January 1st, 2013…….yep – I’m turning 13 on 1/1/13 so make sure and put that on your calendars OK?   You can stop by on your way home from your New Year’s Eve pawty(ies).

I'm having a birthday pawty on January 1 !

I’m having a birthday pawty on January 1 !

I hope all of you got your fondest wishes for Christmas.  I got mine and THEN some! 

See you tomorrow peeps…….

Post-Holiday Hugs, Sammy 😀