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Drama and Trauma


Hi Peeps……Happy Fursday.

Since yesterday my blog had to be all about Teaser Tell All I couldn’t TELL ALL about what I was really up to the day before. Wanna know? Of course you do – especially after you saw the title of today’s bloggy right? WELL……..here’s where I was for HOURS and HOURS (not really – just one hour but it seemed like more!):

Animal Medical Center of Warrenton

Animal Medical Center of Warrenton

Why was I there????   Cuz it was time for my annual physical and shots (Yuck)

Here’s my doctor – I was VERY good for Dr. Rethman – I always am.  Mom was extremely proud of me!


Mom and I were chauffeured to our appointment by Dad.  When I’m in the car I have to sit on Mom’s lap with her arms around me and my face is hidden under her arm so I can’t see.  I don’t like to be reminded by the passing scenery that I’m going somewhere in the car because 100% of the time I’m IN the car, it’s because I’m on my way to the vet.  No matter how nice they are, I’m still not crazy about it – you know what I mean!

So anyway, when we got there Dad waited in the car and Mom and I went in.  There were some BIG dogs there and they barked at me so Ginger, the office manager, put me and Mom in a little room ALLLLLLL by ourselves where it was nice and quiet.  They had two emergencies that afternoon so we had to wait almost 20 minutes before we saw Dr. Rethman.  BUT guess what……Mom was holding me the whole time and I fell asleep on her shoulder – yep I sure did.  She didn’t know I had until she heard me snoring – that’s right – SNORING!  How embarrassing.

Dr. Rethman and the tech came into MY room (I think they should name it the Sammy Suite) and checked me out – and I do mean CHECKED ME OUT everywhere – and I just lay there and let them poke, prod, and move me this way and that……….THEN I got three shots!  Rabies and two other things that I don’t even WANT to know what they were for…….I was so good.  Not a squeak (or a snore).  Dr. Rethman said I was in excellent shape – that I weigh 14 and a half pounds just like last year, and that it’s hard to believe I’m 13 years old.  YAY!!!  Mom talked to him about my “wonky knee” and a couple of other things she’d observed (like that I sleep a lot more and I’m a little more “demanding” of her time and attention) and he said that was normal – especially for a senior.

SO – bottom line is I’m 100% healthy – no worries – I don’t have to see them until next year – hallelujah.  With some luck that means no car trips for a whole year.

So I'm celebrating!

So I’m celebrating!

My name is Sam

Thirteen I am

Healthy and wise

Love in my eyes

I’ve got extra toes

And a pink freckled nose

I like to catch bugs


I’m FAMOUS for my HUGS !

Happy Birthday  Miss Dianna!

I’m One Happy Spoiled Cat !

Happy Fursday – see you all tomorrow………….Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

An impawtant Peee Essss

Please visit Savannah (and Leo) today HERE on their “Thankful Thursday” post  to learn about another cat who is in need – she’s a beautiful lady cat in England who needs a home!

The “V” Word


Happy Saturday Peeps……. 😀

I spent most of yesterday (yes I mean it – really!) in my afghan tent keeping cool.  My parents had closed all the drapes so I couldn’t see outside even if I tried – and doors to rooms that we don’t use were even closed off – all to keep the cool in and the heat OUT.  It worked – the house was very comfy all day Friday and I’m sure it will be “bearable” today too.  Besides, I love my afghan tent!

So yesterday I overheard my parents talking in my Dad’s study.  It’s right next to my Mom’s studio (where the afghan tent is) so I can usually hear them (if I’m awake of course).  They were babbling on about the yard being dry as a bone, how one of our cars needs to be washed, then they started talking about next week and things they needed to do.  That’s when Mom said THE DREADED “V” WORD.


Sam on Mom's Recliner

Huh? What did you say? Did I hear what I think I heard?


I know it’s something that I HAVE to do every year – I know it’s good for me – I know it’s important that I stay healthy and strong and lovable – I KNOW ALL OF THAT……but I just can’t help it – I hear THE DREADED “V” WORD and my little heart goes pitty pat and I feel all jumpy and jittery.  Don’t get me wrong – my Vet is a nice guy and he has really nice people who work in his office…..in fact his Office Manager and I have a “thing” – she’s a redhead like me and her name is GINGER!  I sit up on top of her desk and she makes a big deal over me.   I like that. 

The other thing about going to the Vet is I have to be in the car.  I HATE the car.  I really truly HATE being in the car even when Mom’s holding me and I’m hiding my face in the crook of her arm.   Mom’s tried Feliway and all kinds of things to keep it from being so STRESSFUL for me, but then again – hey – it’s only once a year so what’s the big deal?????

The garage....Sam likes to hop up on ANY of the vehicles and nap

I know what’s up if Mom carries me out to the garage……now if she’d let me drive to the Vet in the lawn tractor (I love the tractor) then I’d go with a smile on my face – well – sort of.

She’s going to call next week to get my appointment – maybe they’ll say “Mrs. Kimmell, Sammy’s so healthy he doesn’t NEED to come to the Vet this year” – or “Mrs. Kimmell, we have special equipment now that can SEE into people’s homes and do blood tests and all that other stuff to cats without them even knowing it!” – or “Mrs. Kimmell don’t you know how important it is for senior cats to have regular checkups???” (that’s the one I know they’d REALLY say! :D). 

I’ll suck it up and be brave.  There’s always that treat I get from Ginger on my way out the door for being such a GOOOOOOOD boy at the Vet – and then there’s the reunion with my house when I get home.  That’s DEFINITELY the highlight of the entire experience. 

Spring House

Ahhhh……home sweet home…..as soon as we turn into the driveway I can BREATHE again!!

How do you like going to see “THE DREADED “V” WORD“????  Am I being a big wimp????

Stay cool everybody……and Happy Saturday/Caturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy