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Bring It On Friday


Hi All!   Happy Friday………….I was going to say “Happy FRYday” because I thought maybe if I wrote that in my blog today, Mom would see it and it would remind her that BACON would be a nice thing to start today with.  BUT, she says good things are worth waiting for – and tomorrow is my regular treat day.  But in the meantime, my friend Miss Layla from CatWisdom 101 kindly sent me this picture of a MAJOR bacon sandwich – she’d seen the picture of this 50-piece bacon sandwich and said she thought of me.  Well, I guess it’s official – I’m the CAT BACON KING!



Our house is officially on the market – we aren’t going to be showing it until starting with Monday.  YES we let someone show it yesterday as a special favor but this will be our last QUIET weekend so we thought we’d start scheduling stuff with Monday.  Mom is the official “scheduler”……….that means she’s carrying the phone and a calendar and pen around with her everywhere.  I think she should just sit in her recliner and not move – keep all her scheduling gear handy but SIT there so I can nap on her legs!   Makes sense to me – don’t you think that’s a great suggestion on my part?

My Favorite Nap Spot!

On mom’s legs…she couldn’t possibly disturb me….right?

Guess what happened yesterday – the SUN came out and it was out all day – it made it up to 52 so MOST of that nasty snow is gone – GONE!   YAY…..now if it will just stay away until winter when it’s supposed to be snowy I’ll be a happy boy.

January Snow Flurries

Almost gone! WOO HOO!

Anybody doing anything exciting on the weekend?  Not me……………just being my old self.  It’s raining today and will be raining tomorrow but Sunday should be SPECTACULAR which means I’ll get to go outside and have a good old munch.  It’s been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!

Sam outside in front yard

Oh boy…..green stuff!!