Bacon Boy!


OH BOY!  My favorite day of the week!


I hereby decree that all cats far and wide in all parts of the Kingdom of Baconia share with me in the joy of a munchy, crunchy slice of bacon today!   Inform your humans that THE KING HAS SPOKEN!

(**think that will work?**)

If THAT doesn’t work………… them this official decree!!

That should do the trick!    And once they get the message, show them this delightful idea for how to make bacon not only for YOU to eat but THEY can enjoy some bacon too in this form!

My Mom thinks this is a fabulous way to enjoy some bacon……………….!!

I’ll tell you what REALLY works when it comes to getting the bacon you want for a snackable on BACON DAY……………….”THE LOOK” !!

One of these might work for you!!!!!!

If it doesn’t work……maybe you can wangle a handful of cat treats anyway…………..not QUITE as delish as bacon but not such a bad “second place”!    Whatever you do, and however it works out for you – have a HAPPY SATURDAY!

It’s good to be King!  

Love, King Ted


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    • Right back atcha although I SUSPECT there’s no actual BACON at your breakfast table…..however, you can still celebrate bacon without having it right? It’s just not as TASTY celebrating as it is EATING!

      Tee Hee
      Love, Pam and Ted

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  1. Dear King Teddy of Baconia..I need to file a formal complaint…there ain’t a measly crumb of bacon here. Your loyal and devoted subject Madi


  2. Well King Teddy you have that kingly way down already 🙂 Mom is going to be making that bacon at Grandma’s today so we are being cheated! Drat! Have a fabulous Caturday.


  3. Oh cousin. I may need to go into the Pig Protection Program. Dad saw that bacon wrapped Twinkie and has been looking at me kind of funny all morning. He even told mom about it. The nerve. Oops, here it comes, gotta hide. Happy Saturday cousin! XOXO – Bacon


  4. We got our bacon snack today. I like it and Buddy LOVES it but the rest of the family are not so enlightened. That is fine as there is more for ME! MOL
    Teddy tell Mom that you want a Kitty Holster to walk about it. They are super


  5. Teddy, we are pretty surprised that your decree is only for Saturday. Mom says any of those kitty looks would get her. We are happy you are carrying on in Angel Sammy’s paw steps. Some things MUST continue. Love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Yes indeed – Angel Sammy told me that I needed to continue with the traditions we’ve had on this blog for years……….I might even add something new – you never know! Mom is thinking about something new for Poetic Thursdays. It might be fun… we’ll give everyone three words to choose ONE from and write a poem about it. But it won’t be three “normal” words (tee hee) – like “CHOOSE ONE: BANDAID, TRUNK, WOBBLE” – just three unusual words. What do you think? Just one thing we’re thinking about!!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  6. We need to mrouw at our peeps about this bacon thing…they don’t eat it, so we are deprived…sheesh…what do we need to do to evfur get taste of this furmouse bacon noms??


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