Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Double Duty Day!

Thankful Thursday with Brian and Poetic Thursday here!  First – Brian………


Thank you Brian for having the Thankful Thursday Hop (click badge above to visit Brian!) because it gives us a day of the week to really FOCUS on all the things we are Thankful for……….I have too many to list – but certainly I’m thankful that Teddy is now a member of the family I loved being a part of for 17 years.   He has made my Mom and Dad smile……..



My Cousin Bacon of Piglove interviewed me for his blog today – if you CLICK HERE you can visit and see my first “Teddy Interview” !!

And now for part two of today’s blog which is our weekly Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem which today is “All About the letter L” !!


We’re working our way through the alphabet every week and today the lucky letter is “L”………if you have a poem to share on your blog – please leave your link in my comments so we can visit you OR you can write your poem in my comments so we can all see your fabulous work!



by Angel Sammy Kimmell 3/2/17

So lucky was I to have all those years

To live my life in safety and not fear

To have been spoiled and loved was the best of the best

To have humans who CARED – I was ever so blessed.

Now Teddy is there to carry things on

I can at last rest now that I’m gone

I’ll still be watching from afar

A butterfly flutter, a twinkling star

My mission on earth may be complete

But my mission at the Bridge is just as sweet

Guardian Angel to Ted as a changing of the guard

Though leaving my family was ever so hard.

I feel that now I can spread my wings

And concentrate on most important things

Like watching over those who I’ll always love

From my floating cloud at the Bridge above……….

Teddy, me, and my Mom want to thank everyone for their WARM WELCOME for Teddy………these are some of the cards you sent – there were others in the snail mail too and for that and the gifts, we are so very thankful but the BEST GIFT of all is your friendship!

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Before we go – we can’t let this day go by without

celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday! 



Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy

P.S.  We will be having a birthday party on the blog for Teddy on Saturday, March 4th – he will be ONE!!!  Stop by for some fun!

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    • Da Phenny I am SURE Angel Easy had something to do with YOU getting your forever and I know Angel Sam did the same for me………I think it’s wonderful how things happen! We are both very lucky and happy boys!!!!!

      Love, Teddy

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  1. Sammy, I mean Angel Sammy, the poem is beautiful. I just know you were walking with your mom and dad when they saw Teddy. You gave them that much needed push to carry on with their life with another “ginger” boy.


    Shoko and kali

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    • Hi Cupcake! My big brother Sam sure did guide his Mom and Dad in the right direction – then when they saw me – well – does the phrase “love at first sight” mean anything? OH YEAH IT SURE DOES!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. What a wonderful post full of love and devotion and living LIFE to the best!! Angel Sammy you are loved and breezes and buttie pillars will remind me of you are out there watching…and I’ll try to behave. GUESS WHAT we are receiving your email notices AGAIN!!!!! WooHOO

    We’ll surely be by on the 4th to celebrate with Teddy
    Mom and I have poem today too
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. Teddy makes us all smile! You did a great job finding the perfect kitty for your Mom and Dad, Angel Sammy… I knew you would! Your Mom got two great pictures of him… he is either slowing down for a nanosecond while awake or your Mom has learned how to catch up with his busy self.

    Sammy… that poem… beautiful. Now I am teary again. I will look at butterflies this year in a completely different way when I see the first one this year.


  4. Oh Teddy, you are just so cute. And that is one terrific poem. We are so thankful that you have joined all of us Teddy. You all have a great day.


  5. Happy birthday cousin ❤ Can't wait for your party Saturday. Mom is working but I'm going to try to get in for a visit – I wouldn't miss it! And thanks so much pal for participating in my Spotlight Thursday. We totally love you here at the Hotel Thompson. XOXO – Bacon


  6. Mee-you Unccle Sammy yur so poe-etick! That poe-em brott tears to mee an LadyMum’ss eyess. Wee miss you butt wee LUV you so-o much! An wee reelly like teddy boy. Now if LadyMum wood get better….***sighsss***
    So here iss mee poe-em fur today:

    “Mee poor an sicky LadyMum
    iss feelin purrty grousey….
    Shee iss turribullee sicky
    an feelin lousy.
    Mee wishess shee wood get better
    So wee can snuggull an play
    An mee could go out for a walkie
    inn my snazzy sweater!
    Mee LadyMum iss feelin lousy
    an shee MUST stay home in our housey!”

    Ok it iss not Shakeyspeer, butt it was all mee could come uppy with Unccle an Teddy!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~~

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  7. The poem was lovely, Angel Sammy. I know without a doubt you are looking out for your pawrents and Teddy. Teddy makes a nice part of your family.


  8. Happy Birthday to Teddy, and thank you Angel Sammy for helping to direct Teddy to your mom and dad. I love the picture of you both together and am struck with how much alike yhou look. Two very handsome mancats. BEautiful actually. My human sisfur has two orange kitties, and M just goes nuts over them. I volunteered to dye my furst orange, but M said no, she loves my black and white furs also. Great post today. You covered a lot of ground.


    • I hate cramming a whole pile of stuff into a post but sometimes you just HAVE to right? Oh no don’t dye your furs – you look fabulous in your black and white! We all have our special and most beautiful coats that set us apart. Teddy and I do look a lot alike – our tabby patterns are slightly different and Teddy doesn’t have extra toesies like I did BUT we do have a lot ALIKE too. Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

      Love, Angel Sam


  9. dood…yur L poem total lee rocked…seer ee iz lee buddy !! 984 pawz up ♥♥♥

    ted oh naytor….we haz sum talkin ta due; we reeded yur interveewz at bacon’s
    …it bee time for ewe ta start raizin what soundz like….smell 🙂

    heer bee de L haiku for this week { we haza mile long poem posted if ya
    wanna reed bout fish }



    yes a liver stinkz
    we eat it but knot often
    knot a burd one tho

    🙂 ♥♥♥


    • Oh Tabbie buddies I love your liver haiku (I didn’t particularly care for the stuff myself!) and are on our way after writing this to see what your LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG poem is too! Now that Teddy is about to be one, I agree that it’s time he learn the fine art of raising “SMELL” (tee hee) and we’ll begin with tomorrow I think. Teddy is READY.

      Love and super big hugs, Angel Sam


  10. Angel Scout Sammy, you have been the best of us! You made so many lives, feline and human even more speshul! You made me a better cat, and a pretty darn good Cat Scout, I think!! You will always be in our hearts! I’m doing those yucky meds and on the thyroid, I even like it! I won’t be at the bridge as soon as we feared! But it’s still so good to know you will be there when I arrive! You and Athena! Love you! Your good buddy, Hermes.


    • Dear Hermes my pal…….you are too kind – I’m just an ordinary ginger boy who had the very best 17 years EVER with some humans who gave me the wonderful life I had……I’m trying to pass on that “wonderfulness” to my little brother Teddy. You are a super Cat Scout Hermes and so is your little brother Chip. I’m so happy that you joined up and are in the same Patrol as I am! I couldn’t be happier that you are off the icky meds and only taking thyroid pills which you seem to LOVE (just the opposite of me!)……and as long as you take them and eat well, etc. you will be HERE and not on a cloud with ME………enjoy every minute of earth-time and when in the FUTURE your time does come, Athena and I will wait for you at the gate…….big hugs all around believe me too!

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sam


  11. Thanks for in lauding our Dr. Seuss pictures!! Chip is more excited than you can imagine! But not quite the same as his apres ski fit!!


    • Dr. Seuss day is always fun and we’ve had some WILD par-tays at Scouts before to celebrate – this year we thought “low-key” might be good – so many parties lately – we Scouts are a bunch of party animals! Make sure and visit Rumblers Den this morning for a “review” of all the stuff we have for tomorrow’s BIG EVENT!

      Love, Angel Sam


    • We had a great Seuss day……….and we also were happy to do an interview with Bacon!! Tomorrow we celebrate Teddy’s birthday…….my little brother will be one……three weeks in his forever home and already partying!

      Love, Angel Sam

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  12. Goodness! Teddy is a handsome mancat! Makes Mes wish mes was 18 years younger! Mes loves the poem and that yous is Things 1 & 2! Yous wills be purrfect with mes as The Cat!
    Oh what mayhem wes could wreck!
    Loves yous both! Now Mes must goes and create as a csrd!
    Your Nellie Bellie


    • Hi Dearest Nellie…..Teddy and I would like to surround you with ginger love and hugs but we are too far away……just pretend we’re there keeping you warm OK? We think about you all the time…..ALL THE TIME. Be well, be happy, be the Queen…..

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


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