Some GREAT Kids Books!


Hi Everybody!   Today I’m letting my Mom have my blog………why?   Because she has a super good friend she’s known for years and years who happens to also be a writer of some truly fun and meaningful kids books and he’s just published two NEW ones so she wants to tell you all about them!

Mom?  It’s all yours!

This is my good friend, George:


Let me start out by saying that I’ve known the author of these books since the late 70s/early 80s when I had the pleasure of getting to know him and working with him at a small hospital where we both worked in Administration in Arlington, Virginia.   George H. Inman, Jr. was great at composing his correspondence but I didn’t know that he could ALSO craft a wonderful story until he wrote his first book, The Bumpy Pumpkin.   By that time he had gotten married to a wonderful girl, moved to Georgia and had begun raising his two adorable children.   His kids have been very helpful through the years being his “reviewers” and even helping to write the books with a kids’ perspective which is why they are all so very special.    I can highly recommend all of the books, and this link will take you to where you can see all four of them!   Just click HERE.

George’s books are easy to read, short stories for small children.   They are crafted with love too and you can tell that when you read the stories which have a strong Christian influence and carry a message which is easily understood by kids.   Here’s a very short description of each:


The Bumpy Pumpkin is all about how “special” it is being different and unique……..It’s a cute tale perfect for Halloween reading……why?  Might make you think twice about that slightly lop-sided pumpkin at the farm store when you’re picking out your Halloween pumpkin to carve!   The “not perfect” ones are more interesting and have more “personality” !


Every Kite Needs a String is a great story and coloring book.  It’s an allegory of a person’s coming to know Jesus…….sometimes you feel like you’re stuck in place – like a kite caught in a tree – but what you think is holding you back might not be that tail on the kite – it might be your lack of faith?


The Dutiful Donkey is a very sweet story  also an allegory of the Easter Story……..there was a donkey present in the manger but he may have played a much more important part than we think in that special moment in time.


Nine Naked Babies is nothing short of adorable!  Perfect little book for a young girl who loves her baby dolls and enjoys being a “little mother”…….it’s an activity and coloring book with bible verses and a lesson in learning to count all rolled into one.  Has adorable illustrations.

George’s kind soul and love of children along with his very strong faith shines on every page.   If you know a special child who might enjoy a short read full of meaning…….please consider getting one or all of George’s books.   They are VERY special – just as he and his family has been to me for many years.    HERE is George’s Facebook page if you’d like to leave him a message.

I highly recommend all of them…………yes I might be just a big prejudiced but on the other hand, these are all really CUTE books – honestly!   George’s book advertising is totally by word of mouth so he would be very grateful to Sammy’s loyal followers if they will pass on the link to his Amazon books on their own blogs or Facebook pages – the more the merrier.

Sammy will be back tomorrow – after all, it’s Bacon Saturday!    Thanks for listening to his Mom on this one though.

HUGS, Pam (and Sam)

Thanks for listening to my Mom!

Thanks for listening to my Mom!



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  1. What an uplift for the first bloggie mom and I have read this morning. I will get two probably, for me and my grandson. Since we are all the same in my family, we will ALL love them. xoxo


    • Oh I just BET you will love George’s books – they’re cute, and have a message kids will understand at the same time. A good combination!!!!! Happy shopping – George will appreciate that!

      Love, Sammy


    • Aren’t you sweet – I’m sure George would LOVE for your adorable nephew to enjoy one of his books. They are darling and the illustrations are so cute. HAPPY FRIDAY!

      Hugs, Sammy (and Mom of course!)


  2. I think the book of the kite could be the perfect gift for my daddy when he hangs on my leash, ready for lift off. I like the way your friend George brings important things to us…and to learn something from a book you like is the best thing anyway. Such lessons mostly stay forever and we always remember the way we learnt them …


    • Yes and in George’s case, he wrote all of these with his two kids so it’s like “from the kids’ point of view” too which makes them more fun. Two of them are coloring books too and lots of people are coloring these days! Your Dad is like a kitestring when you two are out for a cruise! HAHA

      Love, Sammy


  3. I will definitely get these soon for my niece’s baby. They all sound like wonderful stories. See you tomorrow for bacon day Sammy. XO


  4. what a great review and we have made note of the info on George. There are a few younger children mom still buys for so this will be handing info
    Hugs Madi your bff


    • They are CUTE books…………kids books are quite fun to write (I ought to know since I wrote two myself!)……….and George did an amazing job weaving bible verses into them.

      Hugs, Pam (with Sam)


  5. All thee books sound furabuluss Lady Pam! Fankss fur sharin Mistur George with us an his kewl books! mee has 2 children’s books here frum a fay-muss writer 😉 You!!! Thee bookss nevurr did make it to LadyMum’ss Grate neece an neffew so shee readss them to mee! Pawsum!
    ~~rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


  6. Thanks for the great book ideas – those sound like some super ones. Mom is always looking for some new good ones for the little bipeds.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


    • Thank you for sharing ladies……the books are a great introduction for little kids to bible stories and a Christian way of looking at the world around us. Very sweet! Appreciate you passing the info on if you feel like doing so!

      Hugs, Sammy

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    • Yes Flynn they are sweet little reads for little kids……….we have wonderful neighbor kiddos but they’re a bit too old for these! Anyone with grandkids or young children though would just LOVE them!

      Happy weekend!
      Love, Sammy


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