Bacon Club


It’s Saturday and as you all well know, Saturday means bacon in my house.   Bacon is a biggie…….and even though I only eat a little bit of it, I do make a BIG DEAL of it don’t I?   So, just to remind you that bacon is  important to me, I want to invite all of you who haven’t to join my Bacon Appreciation Club!


Why should we be closet bacon lovers?   Let’s  tell the world that we love the stuff – nothing to be afraid of – and you’ll feel so much better once you get it off your chest!

For those of you who want to admire the many faces of bacon (so to speak):

Now, that ought to keep you happy the whole day……………………..   especially if you  don’t get bacon on Saturday like I do – you can just return here and sniff……………………!   Now don’t forget to take your Bacon Appreciation Club badge before you go…………….proudly declare your BACONHOOD!

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Bacon FRIES! That one caught Mom’s attention. She eats all her bacon out of the house, so I am totally frozen out of that treat. Enjoy your breakfast, lucky-boy.

    Love and licks,


  2. Sammy, you didn’t include my very favorite: the pic of the kitty saying to his mom “you so beautiful, standing there, cooking that bacon”! Motor Mommy and I LOVE that one! Enjoy your bacon!
    Love, Sundae

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  3. Happy Bacon Day. Mom wants some of those bacon fries and she thinks baconnaise sounds good too. There is nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon cooking! Even if you are in a deep sleep one whiff of bacon brings you out of it immediately. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)


    • Bacon wakes everybody up you’re right. Mom remembers back in her WAY WAY younger years going camping and the smell first thing in the morning drifting in the tent when someone had started breakfast was BACON and it just plain smelled INCREDIBLE (still does!).

      Hugs, Sammy


  4. Happy Bacon Day Sammy!
    Now your 5th Blogoversary is coming up and mes would likes to dos a extra special picture of you! Let mes knows what yous would like (after all, it is YOUR blogoversary, yous should gets to choose).


    • Oh Nellie – that would be so extra super special that it makes me want to get leaky-eyed!! Honestly I kind of forgot my blogaversary is coming soon….but the bestest gift EVER would be a picture from you and your Mommy. I’d MUCH rather be surprised than choose something though….I’m awful at that…..How about a SURPRISE???

      Love you so much, Sammy


  5. I’ve done it Sammy! I think I’ve joined the Bacon Club, too!!! As you know, my peeps are veggies resultin’ in this bein’ a bacon-free zone BUT you know those new meds I’m taking? Turns out they’re of “porcine origin.” I think that means they’re made from bacon. MOUSES!



  6. Lily and Astrid have tasted teeny bits of bacon and Giulietta has the bacon pill paste on her pills, but we don’t get enough to know if it is good or not. If Mom ever lets us have anymore, we’ll be joining your bacon club, Sammy. Have a furtabulousa weekend. It’s so pretty outside. Please join us tomorrow for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  7. Sammy I am so late…it is mom’s fault. She got involved in a project w her bird feeders..all of a sudden it is nearly supper time and she and dad had BLT’s for lunching got none
    Madi your bffff


    • Poor Flynn! Well, I think if you moved in here you’d have plenty of bacon BUT you’d miss those beautiful fields you so love to roam, and catching mousies in the barn…..see? Sometimes there are other things WAY better than bacon!!

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. we love Mr. Thomas’s drawing of you!

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  8. Yippee iss bacon Katurday!!! Issn’t today pawsum Unccle Sammy?? The more mee getss to have bacon thee more mee LUVSS it!!!
    MMMM mmm good!!! 😉
    ***nose bumpss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


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