Guy Time: Day Two


Happy Caturday!    Well, yesterday was alright but I did remind Dad SEVERAL TIMES that today is one of my favorite days and just because Mom wasn’t here I did NOT expect to give up that FAVORITE thing of mine!!

Oh boy!  Me swimming in a pool of bacon!

Oh boy! Me swimming in a pool of bacon!

He told me last night that he will be making bacon and eggs this morning.  Eggs?  Pffffft for me but bacon – well – a weekend without bacon is just no weekend PERIOD.

Speaking of bacon, I wanna show you something my Mom got for her birthday from her SUPER good friend Miss Michelle at MY THREE MOGGIES……and it was SPECIALLY MADE for my Mom by Mollie’s Mom in her wonderful online store HERE !!   You can order a plaque too and I’ve gotta tell you – Mom and I just LOVE this one (for obvious reasons!!):



Recognize the picture of me at the bottom? 


Anyway, bacon will soothe my nerves I’m quite sure and tomorrow Mom comes home so I guess this Guy Time thing is pretty swell after all.   Assuming he comes through with the bacon of course……otherwise I think you know I’ll be standing by the front door tomorrow waiting to catch Mom’s ear FIRST THING when she come through the door!!!

Sam Standing at Front Door

Mommy – Daddy forgot bacon!!! Whaaaaaa!





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  1. Surely mum has left a giant note the size of Mount Rushmore about Bacon !! and loveeeee your mum special sign she got from Miss Michelle from Mollies mums shop 🙂 fantabulous and this will also help remind dad heheh have a great day Sammy hugs Fozziemum xx


    • HA! That’s about the size of it (the note and Rushmore). She taped it above the coffee machine since she knows Dad will see that for sure……and it worked cuz I got bacon both days! Don’t you love that bacon sign??? Mollie’s a great shop keeper!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. I’m sure Dad looks forward to Bacon Saturdays as much as you do, Sammy. So I’m sure he won’t forget. But you better help…you don’t want him to burn that bacon!!


  3. Super cute plaque Sammy! Glad things are going most excellent while your Mom is off and having a little vacation. And Sammy thank you so much for the Birthday wishes!! I loved your card.. 🙂 It was very spechul! I did not notice any spelling misteakes.. 😀 Your Mom will be home soon! Happy cat dance!


    • Hi Miss Pix! Mom and I are wading through the bazillion comments on my bloggy and just saw this – I’m glad you got my card (I had to trust that Mom would put it in HER envelope!!)…..and we hope you had a BLAST!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


    • Dad DID give me bacon both days Mom was gone but Mom talks baby talk to me when she gives me the bacon treat and Dad just tossed it on the floor. 😦 See what I mean? There’s no place like Mom. HAHAHA

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  4. Time really fly’s when you’re having bacon, isn’t that what they say? LOL, do you like to dive in head first or cannonball? Have fun with Daddy today. My kitty’s are entertaining their Daddy for a whole week, hehe. He’s in for a real treat. They Whaaaaa a lot all day because mommy has spoilt them. 😀


  5. Did ya get sum Bacon Sammy?? We iz bery concerned dat yer Popz might have furgotten…hwo cuud he wif dAT beeuteefull sign to bemind him, MOL 😉
    me meowwed wif Dad on da phone diz weekend butt he did not come to bizit….maybe befur da *snow fliez* (shudder)
    Lub Nylablue xo


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