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Guy Time: Day Two


Happy Caturday!    Well, yesterday was alright but I did remind Dad SEVERAL TIMES that today is one of my favorite days and just because Mom wasn’t here I did NOT expect to give up that FAVORITE thing of mine!!

Oh boy!  Me swimming in a pool of bacon!

Oh boy! Me swimming in a pool of bacon!

He told me last night that he will be making bacon and eggs this morning.  Eggs?  Pffffft for me but bacon – well – a weekend without bacon is just no weekend PERIOD.

Speaking of bacon, I wanna show you something my Mom got for her birthday from her SUPER good friend Miss Michelle at MY THREE MOGGIES……and it was SPECIALLY MADE for my Mom by Mollie’s Mom in her wonderful online store HERE !!   You can order a plaque too and I’ve gotta tell you – Mom and I just LOVE this one (for obvious reasons!!):



Recognize the picture of me at the bottom? 


Anyway, bacon will soothe my nerves I’m quite sure and tomorrow Mom comes home so I guess this Guy Time thing is pretty swell after all.   Assuming he comes through with the bacon of course……otherwise I think you know I’ll be standing by the front door tomorrow waiting to catch Mom’s ear FIRST THING when she come through the door!!!

Sam Standing at Front Door

Mommy – Daddy forgot bacon!!! Whaaaaaa!





Guy Time: Day One


SHE’S GONE!!   Yep – in spite of my best “poor pitiful me” cry and look she took her overnight bag (well, two overnights but who’s counting except me?) and hopped in her car and off she went.  Sniff.  I tried – I really did – but she wouldn’t be swayed.  Even by this:

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Poor pitiful me….and I’m saying it with my eyes AND my voice!

So Dad and I are gonna make the best of it…….there will be lots of burping and watching of guy stuff on TV (like my Dad’s overly extensive collection of flying and train videos) and other manly stuff.  Yep – no girls though – I promised Mom there would be none of that.  We’re just gonna hang and have quality time together.

Playing on the stairs!

Playing on the stairs!

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Playing on the floor….

LUV football - Super bowl, regular season - doesn't matter to me!

Football !

I’ll also be pitiful enough that he takes me outside for a stroll several times over the days Mom’s gone – and when it comes to treats?  Well, I’ll make sure he knows I get LOTS of those from Mom and he’d better try to beat her at that…..(hee hee).

Sam On His Cookie Rug

I get my cookies on a floor mat by my Dad’s chair.

So I will be VERY busy while Mom’s gone and that will make the time just FLY…….right?  However, I will miss Mom’s lap and while I’m SURE my Dad would be thrilled if I popped up on his legs for a snooze while Mom’s gone, experience has shown me that it’s just NOT THE SAME………he’s wiggly and gets up every five minutes for something or another………nope – when it comes to laps, there’s NOTHING like a Mom!!

Happy Friday Everybody!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

My Caturday Plans


Hi Peeps!  Night before last we had some BAD storms through here and yesterday morning Dad was out in the yard and discovered we lost the tops of two BIG trees!  Snapped right over and are just suspended on other limbs up in the trees.  What a sad sight really – to see a HUGE 100 ft. tree with about a third of its’ trunk snapped almost off.  There’s another one in the front yard like that – one of our pretty orange maples.  One way to look at it is there will be fewer leaves to get off the ground with those big trunks gone – but the other way is to be sad beause the trees look so SAD with their branches off.

We’re actually going to have more rain tonight but hopefully not with the accompanying high winds.  You know I hate lightning, thunder and even heavy rain…………I head for the basement!

Early morning bird watching

Gee….I wish it would stop raining…..not as many birds to watch!

Mom and Dad are taking a mini-trip today – will be coming home tomorrow – so please forgive me if I don’t visit you until Sunday ok?  It’s not that I don’t love all of you – – – – I do! – – – – but I’m just not as good on the keyboard (in spite of the fact I have thumbs) as my Mom is.  She’s a mighty fine secretary….so when she gets back I’ll do some catching up with all of you.   I’m sure you know what I’ll be doing while they’re gone….

Sam Standing at Front Door

Mom and Dad – hurry home – I miss you!!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Guess I’ll just sleep here on Grandma’s chair all day since I have no nice, warm “Mommy lap” available! Sniff…..

Happy Caturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy  😀

Brave Little Me

Sam Standing at Front Door

I'll be right here when you get home Mom!

Bye Mom!  Daddy and I will behave ourselves – we promise – right Dad?  Dad?  Oh Dad?  Well, I’ll behave anyway!

Now, what should I do first now that Mom’s gone….let’s see…..I could go pull all the toilet paper from the rolls in all three bathrooms…..or I could go down to the basement and toss all the litter out of my box to give Dad something to do…..or maybe I could just go take a nap up in Mom’s studio where I can pretend she’s at the computer doing her thing.

It’s a rainy and windy day so I’m thinking Dad won’t be “up” for taking me outside, nor will I particularly be interested in getting soaked. 

Maybe I could contact Kozmo from CATFROMHELL and see if he and the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) need me to help out on the Mr. Chirpy caper?  Now that’s something that would surely keep me occupied the next few days…………….See?  I knew if I just stopped and thought about it I could come up with a plan.  Yippeee!