A Friend I Never Met


Happy Sunday Cats, Dogs, Birds, Humans, etc. (you get the picture!)…….

Today I want to tell you about a friend that I never got to meet….how can I call him a friend you ask?  Well, from what I know about him, he would be a wonderful friend – he sure was to my Mom so that means he would have been to ME too!

His name was Eddy.  Eddy was my predecessor.  Here are a couple of pictures of him taken in my parents OLD backyard before they moved here.

Eddy was about eight years old when he came into my Mom’s life.  She and my Dad had seen Eddy “around” the neighborhood occasionally and he even would hop over the chain link fence in their backyard and visit my Mom when she was lying around the pool.  He wore a collar – a very worn brown leather one.  He was very friendly and looked quite well fed and happy.

In October 1992 my Mom’s Dad passed away from a number of health ailments.  The day after he died, my Mom was sitting on the front steps outside the house just thinking about her Dad when up walked Eddy.  He pressed his forehead on Mom’s leg….she of course gave him a pet – he looked into her eyes and meowed, then hopped up into her lap for the first time ever and purred loudly.  He maintained eye contact with her for what she said was an “astonishingly long time”…..When she made a move to go back into the house, Eddy followed close on her heels and moved right in!

That’s when he became part of her family but not before she had canvassed the neighbors and one little boy told her that the cat had been abandoned by a military family that had moved away from the neighborhood some months before.  He said the cat very friendly though and “made his way” by visiting kindly neighbors’ homes and was able to get handouts and hunt thereby surviving.   After learning that, Mom decided Eddy wanted HER house to be HIS.  She named him Eddy (nobody knew his name), kept his old collar but installed a bell on it, took him to the vet for a checkup and shots where she learned his approximate age and health status (good!) and he was instantly happy (so were she and Dad!). 

Mom often tells Eddy’s story to people – and she always says she thinks her Dad sent her Eddy that day to keep her from being sad.  Cats with their “nine lives” reminded my Mom that life goes on……..and that her Dad would ALWAYS be with her.  He knew of her love for cats and knew that she was happiest when she had a cat (at least one!) in her life so who’s to say he didn’t send Eddy?

Eddy lived with my parents in their NEW house here in Warrenton for three happy years before he died.  

When Mom wrote her first mystery novel in 2005 her main character had a cat who ruled the roost……his name was Eddy.   Did I mind? (by then I had been adopted by my parents and was 5 years old) – absolutely not.  Because Eddy was a friend that I never met.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. What a beautiful story, Sammy! I am sure Eddy was glad he picked your mom to live with…and that you and he would have been BFF! Have a great Sunday.
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! Hope Mr. Dan is doing great these days. Yes I am PAWSITIVE Eddy and I would have been best buds…..perhaps one day (a long time from now of course) we can be best buds over the Rainbow Bridge.

      Happy Sunday……….
      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  2. Aw, Sammy. This is such a sweet, sweet story. My mom has tears in her eyes. We kitties do seem to be there for our humans at “just the right time”, don’t we??
    I’m sure Eddy would have been a wonderful friend to you too!
    No sun from my window perch this morning.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….I’m glad you and your Mom enjoyed reading the story of Eddy. He was a special guy but then we’re ALL special in our own ways aren’t we?! I know your Motor Mom and Motor Dad think YOU’RE mighty special (and so do I…wink wink).

      Happy Sunday – no SUN here either!
      Love, Sammy


    • Hi Miss Ingrid! I’m glad you liked the story of Eddy. I wish I could have shared the house with him because I think I could have learned a lot of stuff about cattitude from him. A wise cat to be sure! Happy Sunday to you and the girls!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  3. Aww Sam very sweet. And yes, I am sure that Eddy was Heaven sent by your Mom’s Dad. Sam that is what I need to happen is for a kitty to find us that needs us, just like Eddy found your Mom. There are lots of kitties around us but they are all feral and very afraid but ya never know 🙂


    • You’re right….you never DO know….I was a feral baby at the shelter when Mom and Dad found me. I guess I’ve been a bit of a challenge because of my “feralness” (!) but they were ever so patient with me and my wild and nervous ways and JUST LOOK AT ME NOW! 😀 Anyway, I hope a kitty finds you too – they will be VERY lucky if they do! Wink Eddy would have been a great cat for me to have “learned” from I think.

      Happy Sunday!
      Hugs, Sammy


  4. Whenever a kitty goes over the Rainbow Bridge, getting another one will definitely heal a mom’s heart.
    happy Sunday hugs,


  5. Sammy what a beautiful story about Eddy. He looks like he was a handsome cat (just like YOU!)

    Was Eddy a Tabby? It is hard to tell in the photo. If he was a tabby Mom said he looked a lot like her Angel Bobo.

    I believe your Mom’s Dad DID send Eddy to her to watch over her and make her less sad. What a beautiful story.

    Love, Cody


    • Hi Cody! Yep – Eddy was a tabby cat with longish fur on his belly. If Mom’s Dad did in fact send Eddy to keep her company and make her less sad it sure did work!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  6. Do you know what? I think your mom’s dad sent Eddie to her that day, too. I really do!

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life


  7. Dear Sammy,
    What a beautiful love story! It makes my heat sing!
    Yous knows, me knows my hairy slobbery sister Bob was sent by my Mommy’s Mommy!
    Nellie Bellie


    • Hi Nellie….oh that’s so nice that your Mom’s Mom sent her Bob – I think humans know other humans get much happier when they have hairy slobbery dogs OR sleek, beautiful, fabulous (etc.) kitties in their lives!!

      Glad you liked Eddy’s story…….
      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  8. Eddie was undoubtedly one very special kitty… funny how so many of us choose the humans we live with for whatever reason. (Not true of me, though!)


    • You’re right Sparkle…you know I think that we’re all RIGHT where we’re supposed to be – by choice or even not by choice….. we can still change OUR worlds!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  9. Dear Sammy,
    Eddy would have been your best friend for sure as he like you loved your Mom very much…you would be brothers and friends both:) Eddy was so sweet…his markings look like Minnie’s:) I think every kitty angel that comes to live with us Mom’s is sent from above….and all us Mom’s love each and everyone of yous:) Have a beautiful Sunday….kitty hugs and rubs:)


    • I think you’re right! We know JUST WHEN to enter a human’s life to bring happiness and smiles – it works both ways though because we kitties are happiest when we’re taking care of our humans!

      Hugs, Sam


    • Hi Miss Melanie…I wish I could have had Eddy as a big brother growing up that’s for sure. He was a special guy – – – but Mom says I’m special too! 😀

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  10. Ah, I also had a friend/brother I never met. His name was Beemer, my Human has told me. Apparently he was an adventurer.

    I really wish we could have met. Sometimes I get lonely


    • Hi Jay….I sure know just how you feel. I’m sure Beemer and Eddy would have been able to “show us the ropes” when we came to live with our humans but we figured things out all on our own didn’t we?! Know what? I get lonely sometimes too since I’m an only cat but I’ve always been very shy anyway, and maybe being spoiled rotten because we’re the “onlys” in our family isn’t so bad after all!!

      Your Friend Sam


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