Sam’s Deck Observations

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

I know winter's coming when the umbrella gets taken down and put in the basement.....

Yesterday was “take the umbrella down” day.  It’s a definite sign that the weather has changed enough that Mom and Dad don’t spend evenings on the deck having dinner at the table, or coffee in the mornings!  Besides, we start getting a lot of windy days and nights in the fall – – – so the umbrella comes DOWN.  The other thing that happens is that Mom cuts back (or even throws away) all the flowers she plants in the boxes on the deck…..even our one tomato plant in the big pot goes!  The tomato gave us a LOT of tomatoes this year though – and it looked pretty tired and sad yesterday so Mom put it in the compost heap……back to nature……

Most people in our neighborhood have HUGE decks.  Mom and Dad had a small one built – just our size.  I like going out the kitchen door onto the deck sometimes instead of out the basement door – just like to change things up once in a while you know!  Keep everyone on their toes.  Anyway, yesterday after the umbrella came down, I was out on the deck just lying in the sun enjoying the day.  It was a bit chilly but still nice.  Besides, from up on the deck I have a better view of the woods out back and all the activity at our bird feeders by the woods.  We had a total of 11 squirrels running around the yard yesterday – digging holes for acorns…..Mom says she wonders if the fact we have so many more acorns coming down from the trees than usual means we’re going to have a BIG winter.  The squirrels seem to think so.  They’re packing it away like crazy! 

Mom says Mother Nature tells us a lot if we just listen……every year we’ve had bigger than usual acorns or larger sized acorns, we’ve had a lot of snow.  Hmm……I’m rethinking that sweater idea.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sammy, One Happy Deck Cat


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  1. Sammy, that’s a pretty picture of your deck! Mom says she wishes our deck was smaller: they’d probably use it more!
    And my mom bought pansies to plant in her flower boxes. Now she just has to find time to plant them. And then, time to water them if it doesn’t rain. Hmm…hope she still has time to play with me.
    Sounds like you’d better be picking out some sweaters!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Happy Tuesday….yes, our deck is pretty small but just right for ME. Maybe Mom will plant some pansies to take the place of all the other stuff she took OUT of them yesterday. I like pansies – the flowers look like little faces! I don’t think you EVER have to worry about your Mom taking time out from her busy day to play with you – you’re a priority around there (just like me here!!!!!).

      Love, Sam


    • Hi Miss Ann! Nice to see – er – I mean HEAR from you! We love our deck…..Since Mom and I are both writers (ha ha) we both get lots of inspiration from hanging out there in the nice weather. Won’t be long before “nice” weather turns into “brrrrrrrrrrr” weather though!

      Kitty Hugs


  2. Hi Sammy! I live in a condo so we don’t take down an umbrella but Mom said her pepper and tomato plants have seen better days too so winter is definitely coming!

    Did you know that Mom read that when squirrels hide nuts they forget where they put them? Maybe that is why they gather so many! MOL!

    Thanks so much for visiting us today to wish us a happy 2nd blog-o-versary, it really meant A LOT!!

    Have a great day and say hi to your Mom!


  3. It’s sad to that it was time to take down the umbrella, Sammy, but just think…that cool winter weather is perfect for snuggling with your Mommy! Something to look forward to in all seasons!!!


    • That’s right…’s just another sign that we’re moving through the seasons and there’s always NEXT year when the old umbrella will come back to the deck! Meanwhile I’ll just enjoy the sun wherever it may be found.



  4. Hi Sammy, you’re one sharp cat to know that old umbrella trick. And you’d better enjoy that deck as long as you can, because, as you well know, the cold is coming along with ice, sleet and snow. So laze around and whoop it up out there on the deck, sounds like a good deal to me.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry………I enjoyed my “umbrellaless” deck all afternoon………even fell asleep for a little bit until the barky beagles next door woke me up. LOL Lazy is my favorite adjective these days! 🙂

      Have a super day


    • Hmmmm……..Miss D………I’ll have to try that snow angel thing. I’ve seen the two little boys next door make those in their back yard………maybe if Mom helps me………however I’d DEFINITELY have to have a nice warm snowsuit if I had to lie down in the snow. Brrrrrr…….!



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