Sam’s Vacation Snaps

Sam photoshopped visiting "friends" in India!

Me On Vacation Visiting Some Distant (very) Cousins!

Hey all…..thought I’d break open the old vacation album and share some of my favorite snaps with you!  This first one is a real doozy isn’t it?  Well, there I am in my Maharaja regalia with some of my cousins….Chester Cheetah, Louisa Lioness, Mack the Monkey and Elija the Elephant are buds of mine I met on my trek through the Indian desert a few years ago.  Pretty “dashing” huh?

Then a couple of summers back I visited Jolly Old England and got a chance to work a little part-time gig on the busy streets of London.  AND I got to wear a uniform too!

Sam in a London Bobby uniform (haha)

Yep - I look pretty smashing in my uniform huh?

Don’t I look swell in my Bobby uniform?  Sam the Bobby (or is that Bobby Sam?) – anyway, it was fun while it lasted. 

Last but not least, here’s a little recreational activity I tried a few summers ago.  It didn’t turn out too well – I ran into a flock of Canada Geese flying south and they didn’t like me violating their sir space!

Sammy's new hobby - hang gliding!


 Hang-gliding isn’t for sissies that’s for sure…….it was a lot quieter than I’m sure flying in my Dad’s plane would be, but I think I’d rather be in the plane than hanging in space.  Yep.  No doubt about it.

So, there you are……just a few snaps among friends.  Never a dull moment in the life of Sam the Adventurer (at least in my dreams anyway!!!).





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    • Hi Sundae……Mom and I had fun putting those photos together….:) I’m glad you thought I looked dashing…..I don’t think anyone’s ever called me that before!! Gosh………..thanks!

      Love, Sam


  1. Sammy, do look dashing….and I don’t blame you for wishing to be in the plane rather than hanging in space. I think you’re very brave.
    Hugs to the world adventurer.


    • Gee thanks Miss June! Yeah, hang-gliding might be a bit much – even for a wild man like me…..I think keeping my four feet on the ground is a much wiser thing for me to do. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my photos!



    • Hi Isobel….not familiar with that book but it looks quite cute. Thanks for the link…..looks like something that would be fun to add to my collection. Sam and I had fun playing around with the software my camera came with……..(obviously!!).

      Pam (and Sam)


        • Indeed – and I love every single one of them! Speaking of ginger and white cats – I love the newest das Boot photos…..Not Cat is so adorable and seems to be taking to marine life quite nicely! I bet you are enjoying your time with him on the water.



          • There’s a ginger and white feral at the marina too. I took some more pictures of him this time. Not Cat was a lot less restless than I had anticipated. I think all the sights and sounds were sufficient stimulus. Next time it might not be so easy!


          • Perhaps once Not Cat becomes more used to the boat (getting his “sea legs”!) he will settle in and use it as a getaway from the city as you do. At least I hope so. On the other hand, the more he feels comfortable the more he’s liable to want to explore OFF the boat. I so enjoy the photos of him exploring his surroundings – being on the water has to be quite an adventure for him.



  2. I love your vacation pics, Sammy! I think you should write a book called “My Vacation” and include those pictures. I think it would be a HUGE hit! Love from Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound)


    • Good luck with the discussion Cody. You might try some kind of subliminal thing – wait ’til she’s asleep then whisper “TAKE CODY ON A TRIP” over and over and over in her ear. Just a thought. GOOD LUCK!



    • Pedro my man, being a polydactyl really comes in handy hanging into that bar on the hang-glider that’s for sure. My thumbs may get me far in the world, but that cow-coat of yours (and your enormity of course) will certainly get you even further – – – toss in a Dinky Pony and hey – there’s just no stopping you buddy!

      Your Pal Sam


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