Quiet Sunday Thoughts From Sam

My Mom's Art Studio

Is that me on Mom's couch in her studio????

No, you’re not seeing things…..that cat pillow DOES look a lot like me.  Mom keeps this on top of the couch in her studio – just waiting for the day I hop up there and stand NEXT to it so she can take “our” picture.  Don’t hold your breath Mom….not gonna happen! 

On the wall are some of her paintings…..Mom likes to paint stuff like lighthouses, old houses, old cabins – but she doesn’t like to paint people OR cats!  Nope.  She says it’s hard for her to capture people in paintings (capture?? Like a cage or a trap?  Huh?).   She knows lots of really good artists though who paint people and animals.  I guess taking a picture is close enough to capturing for my Mom.  I think I can understand that.

Today is a funny old day.  Mom says it’s a day of remembering.  I’m only 11 and a half years old so I don’t have as much stuff to remember as Mom and Dad do.  Still, I can remember being in a little wire cage at the shelter and wondering why I was there.  I can remember two humans coming up and staring in at me while I played with my little plastic ball with a bell in it – and I remember the shelter lady taking me out of the cage and handing me to the two humans…..they oooohed and aaaaaaahed and hugged me and said I was adorable.  Then, they took me home with them and I’ve lived happily ever after. 

Remembering is a mixed blessing…..some sad things and some happy things all rolled into one.  Let’s all spend the day remembering.

Happy Hugs to all my friends!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. Hi, Sammy,
    I love your post today. Your Mom’s paintings are beautiful! My mom loves pictures of old houses, too. She says she’s amazed at anyone talented enough to draw or paint.
    You and I are lucky that those days of living in a metal cage are a thing of the past.
    Yes, it’s a day for remembering, Sammy…..


    • Hi Sundae…..yep – no more wire cages for us huh? We’re both lucky – we were in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. We both liked your Mom’s blog today – not just because we like lighthouses but the story was neat. Have a happy and snuggly day with your Mom – it seems like a nice way to spend a remembering sort of day.



  2. You are a prophetic and wise cat this morning, Sammy, especially when it comes to our memories. Aw, come on, jump up there and let mom take picture of you and the look-like-Sammy-stuffed-cat. That would make mom very happy.

    Today is a sad day for us humans, Sammy, but you don’t have to let it bother you. sometimes I wish I was a nice cat just like you are and not have these things to worry me.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry…..The more I observe humans the more I’m sure that I’d MUCH rather be a spoiled rotten kitty than a “people”……my problems are teeny compared to the stuff humans have to deal with. Just makes me realize how lucky I am ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over again!

      Kitty Hugs
      Sam (hi Zoe!!)


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