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Teaser Tell All


Welcome Back Students!


It is I – Professor Sam!

We had a heck of a Geography Class yesterday didn’t we?    A good photo that got all of you researching, and looking things up on Google, etc. and guess what – we actually DO have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week AND some others who are RIGHT GUESSERS!!!!   Shall we get down to it?   Alrighty then…………

First of all, here’s the photo you examined in class yesterday:


A mighty handsome building isn’t it?    A lot of you took a careful look at the way the building was structured, the building materials – the courtyard, etc. and made your guesses.    Some of you didn’t get beyond realizing that it had to be European…………and you were right!

This beautiful photo was sent in by my friend Kjelle Bus (Charlie Rascal) and his Mom several years ago…………….and in fact, while I didn’t use THIS shot on another Teaser, back in 2013 we did feature some of the OTHER shots she’d taken from her trip to (drumroll please……..) WARSAW, POLAND!     This is part of the Royal Palace in Warsaw.   A really beautiful structure as you can see…………and if you’d like to see other shots you can CLICK HERE.     Thank you Charlie – and while I know Charlie hasn’t blogged since March of this year, I’m hoping that he and his Mom will accept my thanks for the photo with my little “Guest Badge”………..

Thank you Kjelle Bus for the fabulous TEASER photo of 7/19/2016

Thank you Kjelle Bus for the fabulous TEASER photo of 7/19/2016

Now, WHO wins the fabulous FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge?   The one that nobody won last week????   Why it was my friend Miss Csilla (Kolytyi) who got it right on the money!  WOOT!   This is for you Miss Csilla:

TEASERBADGESUMMER16-2AND before we continue, I’ll also mention right here that SHE was one of THREE who were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser yesterday too so she also will get this badge as will my buddies EASY and OLIVER AND CALVIN!    It was a three way tie for FIRST COMMENTER with all of them commenting at 6:53AM yesterday!    Please – each of you take one:


Several other geography students ALSO guessed the Royal Palace in Warsaw……………….(BRAVO!)………….you all get this:


And, even though I know some of you would rather NOT have another GREENIE for your collection, those of you who didn’t guess right or didn’t know – at least you get my brand new GREENIE!



SO – there you have it – another successful Geography class………………who knows where we will travel next week????!!!!   It could be anywhere – – – so keep studying class – I’m proud of you!    Also, if you think you might have a “stumper” of a photo for us to use in class – just email it to me and my Mom at junekimm(at)AOL(dot)com!

Suzie and I will be here next week to welcome you back for another class………………….and another cheer from Suzie that will leave you all saying just as you did this week:



Hugs, Professor Sam (and SuzieQ)