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Sunday Slush


Morning All!

Sunday morning……newspaper tents with the comics, bacon and “whatever” for breakfast, and this morning the added treat of slip-sliding outside for poor Mom when she went down to get the Sunday newspaper at the bottom of the driveway! 

Ice-covered trees !

Ice-covered trees !

Yep – she almost fell on her big bum hind quarters on her way down there.  We had some moisture overnight which must have been sleet at some point and the whole mish-mash collected in some dips in the driveway.  Impossible to see those dips in the dark!  She just sort of slipped and caught herself fortunately – then on her way back UP the driveway she walked through the front yard instead of chancing it on the driveway.  Good for you Mom!

Once in, she got the bacon going………that always wakes my old Dad up since he generally sleeps in another hour (or more) after Mom gets up in the morning with yours truly.  BACON – BACON – BACON…….I had a little talk with her yesterday about that by the way.  We now have a deal that weekend breakfast menus will be featuring bacon vs. sausage.  Wasn’t that wonderful of her to go along with MY plan???

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

I can’t blame Dad for wanting a bit of a Sunday “lie-in” – who doesn’t ???

After breakfat while Mom showered and Dad shaved, I slept.  So what’s new about that?  A guy’s gotta properly digest his breakfast and what better way than SNORING – hey – I’m sure it burns up the calories (at least it certainly sounds like it should!!).

And more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

And more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

It’s going to be a gray day again……..but hopefully no more sleet or rain or snow……the weather guys covered all the options by mentioning ALL of those in today’s forecast.   CHEATERS!

Hugs and stuff from Sunday Sam, the Bacon Man! 😀 😀