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Mellow Monster Day


What??? MELLOW Monster Day? What the heck is that anyway??!! I’m always complaining about Friday when the vacuum cleaner makes an appearance so why “mellow” ??? Well, because I’ve decided not to let that monster or anything get to me today. It’s Friday and the end of the week and I’m in a good mood so let the monster do its’ dastardly deed – I’ll just watch it calmly and wait for it to disappear into the closet again for another week. Period. No fuss – no muss! Part of my decision to become more ZEN……more RELAXED (although my Mom says with all the naps I take I couldn’t possibly be more relaxed!).

Mom did a new poster for me yesterday – just playing around with OTHER things on Pizap than the usual stuff. Whatcha think of THIS???? Rather spacey huh? Artsy? ZEN-ish???   I like all the twinkly stars and bluish/purplish colors…..


We don’t know if any of you have had a problem the last couple of days with WordPress (or Word-Depressed as Mom calls it sometimes) because we haven’t gotten email notifications when YOU post your new BLOGS!!  Nope – they’ve been letting us down.  WELL, yesterday afternoon Mom went online to check OUR email and there were a bazillion-quadrillion emails there including notices about your posts for the past three days!  I guess whatever was plugging up the hole in the mail chute at Word-Depressed got fixed!  Hopefully we’re all caught up now.  If you thought we’d fallen off the edge of the world, we hadn’t…….we just didn’t know you’d been posting a new blog!    I hope it stays fixed but you know, cyberspace is a weird place where ANYTHING can happen…….. 😀

Yesterday Mr. Mailman brought a package to our house and Mom and I were SO EXCITED because it came from Miss Stella and Mollie!  There’s always something fabulous in those packages and Mom had ordered some really cool stuff lately SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we ripped open the package and here’s what we found!


AREN’T THESE ADORABLE??????  You can stick these little creatures in your houseplant pots OR even outdoor window boxes – they are so adorable and

make me smile whenever I see them…….and I LOVE to smile!!  You will too – and everyone who sees them will want some too – you can order them from Mollie’s shop!



Hope you have a wonderful Friday – make it Zen-like…..quiet……reflective…..full of naps if possible…..

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀