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We’re HERE…..!


Well Good Morning World!

Yep – we kinda all knew that Mayan thing was a bunch of hoooo-haaaa right?  Here we are…..none the worse for wear. 

My friend Easy made my day anyway by sending me an award !

Aww...I'm not THAT big but I'll take the bling for sure!!

Aww…I’m not THAT big but I’ll take the bling for sure!!

How cool?  More bling!  Just in time for Christmas too.  This doesn’t seem to come with any rules and regulations for acceptance so I’m hereby ACCEPTING IT from you my friend with thanks and a big Sammy Ho Ho Hug……… Any of you who would like to have the award to add to your blog home page FEEL FREE to swipe help yourself to it with my wishes for a Merry Christmas!


Take the bling with my blessings!

Take the bling with my blessings!


I’ve still got my eye on the sky around here waiting for the weather forecasters’ promised “flurry” but so far I’ve only seen “furries” – MY OWN! 

Tee Hee.....

Tee Hee…..

Oh I wanted to remind everyone that there won’t be a Teaser on Tuesday…….we’ll resume the FOLLOWING Tuesday though.  I didn’t want to interrupt your Christmas Day fun and frolic with a Teaser so I’m giving you (and my Mom) a break – aren’t I a great guy?????  Adorable AND thoughtful too…..

Hope you’re having a very happy Caturday wherever you are……with or without snow!

Holiday Hugs, Sammy

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