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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday!   We’ve made it to the week before Christmas and I’m sure everyone is really focusing now on the things they are thankful for………….I know we are.   If you are and want to share, why not join us in the Hop hosted by Brian?   Just click his badge above and join in.   Tell us your thankfuls.

I’m thankful that even though the presents keep arriving all wrapped up and ready to go under the Christmas tree, they AREN’T.   What?  Huh?   Yes that’s right, they aren’t going under the tree because Mom and Dad have decided that since I love being under there so much, they will put the presents out AWAY from the tree.   There are only TWO under it and they don’t interfere with me lying on the train track OR on the tree skirt.   I’ve got the whole cozy “under tree” campsite to myself!    Thankful I will be until the tree gets packed up again well after the holiday is over.    I’m also thankful for all the wonderful cards that are coming in – MOST OF THEM ARE FOR ME!   That’s because I’m a Cat Scout and we exchange cards for Christmas.    You know if you are a cat and want to have a whole lot of fun – join CAT SCOUTS because it’s GREAT.

I’m also very thankful that Angel Sammy’s email arrived on schedule and that I can share it with you as I do every week.   He always says that he hopes more people will write a poem and join in the fun but we ARE thankful that those of you who DO write one, continue with it.   You are (we think) enjoying it as much as we do.

Here it is!


Happy Almost Christmas Friends!

Gosh it won’t be long now until all of you will see what having been such good boys and girls this past year will bring you from Santa!    You have been good right?   I hope so – I have been but we don’t do anything BUT good things when we’re at the Bridge.    I keep my little brother Teddy on the GOOD path like a big brother would do too so I’m sure Santa Paws will be visiting him next week.

Meanwhile, it’s of course time for us to share some poetry.   Did you write one this week using the photo I gave you as inspiration?   We sure had a lot of comments about the photo and the little girl visiting Santa.   It even prompted my Mom to share the old photo of her meeting Santa for the first time.   I’m sure every child reacts differently but here are so many cute photos out there of visits with Santa.    Anyway, the photo was fun to do a poem about and we hope you will share yours with us either in comments or give us a link in comments to follow and read your poem OK?  OK!  


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    December 19, 2018

I’m still not so sure about a lot of things

Like what time is my nap and do angels have wings?

Like why do I have to have a bath and why can’t I walk?

Like when will I finally be able to talk?

Like why did Mom sit me here on the lap of this stranger?

Like can I trust this guy or am I in danger?

Like how can he have so much hair and I’m hairless?

Like was this a mistake or was Mom just being careless?

Then he opened his mouth and his words were so lyrical

I didn’t even mind that his tummy was so spherical!

“Hello little beauty, what can Santa bring you this year?”

I knew he’d not understand my baby talk but I whispered in his ear…..

“DaDaMaMaGaGaaaaaa” and he giggled out loud

He kissed the top of my head, his beard was soft as a cloud……

I might have been scared when I first saw this man

But if anyone can fix this world, I hope Santa can!


Tee Hee……that was a lot of fun to write and I hope you enjoyed it.   I also hope you wrote a poem for this darling photo too!!     You’ll have another chance to write a poem to share next Thursday too because I have a photo to show you NOW that will be your inspiration for next week.    Ready?

I bet we all have some fun with this one!     Meanwhile, speaking of fun, may I wish all of you my dear friends a most HAPPY and joyous holiday.   Fun of fun, but also full of thoughts of what Christmas is REALLY all about.   Don’t lose sight of it – when you do lose sight of the reason for the season, we truly all will be lost.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

All the Rainbow Angels join me in sending you hugs….and forever love……  

Angel Sammy


Gosh thanks Angel Sammy.    I wish you and I could spend this Christmas under the tree together……………………See all of you next week!!   Remember – write a poem – you’ll be glad you did!

Christmas hugs for everyone!    Teddy




Pre-Tease Monday



Hello Friends!!!!   The last Teaser before Christmas – yep – tomorrow will round out the pre-Christmas season with a GUEST TEASER so I hope you’ll be ready for it!    I think it’s a beautiful photo too so I hope you think it’s EASY and PRETTY all rolled into one!

I’m still working on brand new badges for 2016 so for the first Teaser of the new year, you’ll be able to rack up some NEW Teaser badges when you win something!   Cool huh?

I want to share a couple of hilarious videos with you…………….yesterday we had a BIG event at Cat Scouts.  My “Sammy’s Travel Group” had its’ Second Annual Trip to the North Pole where we spent the day feeding reindeer, making toys, wrapping presents, etc. and during the day, my friend Raz from Friends Furever showed everyone a couple of videos of us having some fun.   One of them stars Raz’s sweet girlfriend Madi (who many of you know!!) and I think you’ll see why this was a BIG HIT at Scouts!   The other one is me and my friends having some fun making toys!





Now if those don’t make you giggle – NOTHING will!!!!!

So – it’s a date right?  I’ll see you tomorrow at a TOP SECRET TIME to guess the Tuesday Teaser?????

Hugs, Sammy

I've got a goodie in here for tomorrow!

I’ve got a goodie in here for tomorrow!

We’re HERE…..!


Well Good Morning World!

Yep – we kinda all knew that Mayan thing was a bunch of hoooo-haaaa right?  Here we are…..none the worse for wear. 

My friend Easy made my day anyway by sending me an award !

Aww...I'm not THAT big but I'll take the bling for sure!!

Aww…I’m not THAT big but I’ll take the bling for sure!!

How cool?  More bling!  Just in time for Christmas too.  This doesn’t seem to come with any rules and regulations for acceptance so I’m hereby ACCEPTING IT from you my friend with thanks and a big Sammy Ho Ho Hug……… Any of you who would like to have the award to add to your blog home page FEEL FREE to swipe help yourself to it with my wishes for a Merry Christmas!


Take the bling with my blessings!

Take the bling with my blessings!


I’ve still got my eye on the sky around here waiting for the weather forecasters’ promised “flurry” but so far I’ve only seen “furries” – MY OWN! 

Tee Hee.....

Tee Hee…..

Oh I wanted to remind everyone that there won’t be a Teaser on Tuesday…….we’ll resume the FOLLOWING Tuesday though.  I didn’t want to interrupt your Christmas Day fun and frolic with a Teaser so I’m giving you (and my Mom) a break – aren’t I a great guy?????  Adorable AND thoughtful too…..

Hope you’re having a very happy Caturday wherever you are……with or without snow!

Holiday Hugs, Sammy

Peeee Essss    Don’t forget to stop by Doggy’s Style to leave a “QUESTION FOR MISS STELLA” in the comments there – she’s up for answering ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING and if you ask a question you’re entered in a contest!  Cool huh??

More Loot Monday


Hi Friends!

Can you believe it?  I got my OTHER surprise package that I won delivered on a SUNDAY!  That’s right – if you think the mail carriers don’t earn their salary, think again…..they delivered a goodie box to me TODAY of all days.

This was because I won a drawing on CAT CHAT for their “Holiday Giveaway” and I was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!  This was a super package of fun from a way cool company called “Creme de la Cat” and boy what a bunch of great stuff.  Here I am checking it out:

Look at all this cool stuff!

Look at all this cool stuff!

Wow...a special card and EVERYTHING!

My favorite thing was the Cat Catcher Wand by Go-Cat.  It had this absolutely fabulous little mouse at the end and when Mom pulled the mouse across the carpet it would hop on the carpet pile!!!  How cool is that?  There also was a Curley Wand, a Tiger Tail, a Fluffy Crinkleball and a Squirrel toy. 

 So, I just want this to be a reminder to all of you kitties and dogs, pigs and guinea pigs, birds and every other manner of creature who is lucky enough to be in his or her FOREVER home this Christmas – IT PAYS TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thank you Cat Chat and Thank you Creme de la Cat.

Now you might remember me telling you that in my other giveaway surprise package from ASPCA there was a big jingle bell doggy collar?  Mom put it on our front door so when we open the door it goes jingle jangle?  Here’s a photo of the red collar – makes a nice addition to our door decoration don’t you think?

Who knew a red doggy dollar with bells could add so much to my door wreath????

Who knew a red doggy dollar with bells could add so much to my door wreath????

And last but by no means least………..we wanted to add our burning candle of love in honor of the families in Newtown, Connecticut who are dealing with so much loss.  All of us have aching hearts and will have for a long time……….. 

For heaven's newest angels and their families......

For heaven’s newest angels and their families……

Now, one last thing……remember tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and I’m working to find a goodie for you! 

Happy Monday!

Holiday Huggies and Smoochies, Sammy