Teaser Tell All

Hello Class!   Come In For The Tell All

So we all survived Teaser Tuesday and here we are for Tell All Wednesday.    I know you’re DYING to know the scoop on that amazing “place” we showed you yesterday but first, let’s talk about WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER!

This week there was only one who came in to comment in the first 60 seconds after the post went live and that was (drum roll please):

Miss Csilla (Kolytyi)

For Csilla, April 12, 2017

Concatulations Miss Csilla!     Now who was our fabulous friend who sent us the very amazing photos?    Let’s show you the photos AGAIN……….

The photos came to us from Miss Annie of Animal Couriers!     She has actually visited and STAYED at this awesome structure called The Balancing Barn, located in Suffolk, UK……………….and it’s available to rent should you find you like the idea of being in mid-air when you lay your weary head down at night after a long day of sightseeing the British countryside!!!     Here’s a link you can investigate!


Neato………………..and what a treat it must have been to stay in the place – it’s gorgeous on the inside – on the link above you will see some more photos.   You should take a peek!

Thank You Miss Annie!   This is for you:

For Annie Alexander of Animal Couriers for the Teaser of 4/11/17

Now, I’m sure some of you were hoping Suzie would come here and cheer for the winner and give a big old razz to the losers but guess what – she’s away at a cheerleading squad meeting and isn’t here today.   Cool?    But we DO have someone who said they would do a quick cheer………a round of applause for her please???



Uhhh…………………………..thanks…………………sort of……………………let’s hope Suzie’s back next week…………..although now we see where she got her CHEERING TALENT from!!

The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today on this UNIQUE Teaser, was none other than Da Phenny who is just back from a vacation in Paris with his Mom and Dad!     Phenny, this is for you!

There were several more of you who guessed correctly – that it was the BALANCING BARN…………and each of you get this:

And those of you who were NOT right………..well, first of all don’t feel bad because a lot of people came, looked at the photo and didn’t guess – you guessed (wrong) but you guessed!  This is your reward!

Next week who knows where we’ll be

or what the Teaser photo will show us…..

one thing I do know is

we will have FUN with it right Class?


Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!

Angel Prof Sammy!



Tuesday Teaser

WOO HOO!!!    It’s that time again…………….the time of the week you LOVE to HATE!   HAHAHA

Today’s photo is – at least I think it is – a CHALLENGE.   It’s a photo that was in my Grandad’s old photo album that he had in his footlocker that Mom now has.    She rummaged through and found this photo and thought it would make a great Teaser……………..so take a look – it’s an old black and white – and let me know WHERE do you think this photo was taken????


Whatcha think?   I’ll be waiting to see your guesses……………and for the very first comment on today’s blog, that person will win:


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of where the photo was taken you’ll get this:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t first, you get this:


And all of you who are fans of GREEN (or don’t have any idea WHERE the photo was taken or guess WRONG) you get this!


Everybody wins something right????  RIGHT!

Good luck peeps!

Sammy the Tease

Tuesday Teaser



Oh yeah……………………it’s definitely that time again!   Get settled in and be prepared to analyze a photo so you can let me know where you think the photo was snapped – OK?   OK!   You also should know that this is a GUEST TEASER submission.  I’ll let you know tomorrow who my GUEST was!    READY?   ALRIGHT!!!   On with the show!

Here’s your photo for this week.  Let me know in COMMENTS where this photo was snapped – what town/city/village……and what state or country – can’t just say “on a pier” – no fair!


If you’re the first person to guess CORRECTLY where the photo was taken, you will be my official “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” and will get this!



If you guess correctly  but aren’t FIRST, then you still get this fab award:


If you really are OUT OF IT, have no idea, guess and are wrong or are anything OTHER than correct, you still get something for your time and trouble!


So get those guesses coming in………….if we have your email Mom will probably write to tell you that you’re the FIRST………….and wouldn’t that just be swell?

Sending you GOOD LUCK!!!

Sammy the Tease


Tuesday Teaser



Alright!   It’s that time again folks……………..Mom and I dug around in the photo collection and came up with TWO photos – of the same spot in the same place but one has a slightly different angle AND maybe shows more detail.   This time it’s a PLACE and not a THING but we will have more “THING TEASERS” in the future – I promise!

Ready?  Here are your Teaser photos for today.  Remember that you can’t win by saying “Oregon” or “Holland” – in other words, the city or state or country isn’t enough to WIN – we want to know WHERE this photo was taken.  City/Town and State/Country.   OK?    Here you are!


Now, Mom and I did a little work on one of the photos to “blur” a few little things so hopefully there aren’t any TOTAL giveaways…………….but do your best, and make your guess in comments and maybe – just maybe – you’ll be my very FIRST “First Right Guesser” of 2015!

Here are the badges everybody will win (remember you get the BIG GREENIE if you are wrong or clueless so everyone gets something!):

Now step right up and GUESS………..I’m waiting!!!

Just hanging around waiting for you to guess!!!!

Just hanging around waiting for you to guess!!!!


Sammy the Teaser Guy

Teaser Tell-All

Howdy Everybody!  Happy Wednesday which – as you know – is Tell All Day around here……………….yesterday you spent trying to figure the photo out and today I’m here to tell you who was right, who was wrong AND who guessed it FIRST!

Here’s the photo one more time (I love this photo!!!):


This photo was taken on one of the few actual streets in Venice, Italy!   As you know, no cars allowed there but there are a few little streets – this is one of them.   The person who guessed it right FIRST has been ON THIS STREET before so recognized it.  WOW…….who was that you might ask?????   Why it was Leo of WALK TO RIO 2016 blog!!!   It’s true that someone else (Mollie to be exact!) guessed “Italy” first but she didn’t say the town – only the country – but a WHOLE LOT of you only guessed the country………I’ve decided from now on, those who guess just one part of the answer (only the country, or only the city) will get the “HONORABLE MENTION” badge…………………so, in accordance with that new policy, here are today’s awards!!

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER (Leo), gets this!


EVERYONE ELSE WHO GUESSED VENICE, ITALY (and there were more of you who did!!), gets this!






I’m starting to get some photos of those who want Jeeves to introduce you formally at my “do” on Saturday…………gosh everyone looks so incredibly different in tuxedos or gowns!  We’re all used to seeing each other NEKKID, and all dressed up – well – we sure do look different don’t we?   Remember, today is Wednesday so just today, tomorrow and until noon Friday to get your photos to me IF (and only IF) you want to have a “grand entrance”……….everyone else, you’re all invited even if you aren’t all dressed up – just come and celebrate with me OK??????   You can just walk right by Jeeves the butler and slide down the bannister if you want to!    Sundae – my girlcatfriend and date for the evening – and I will try to catch you at the bottom of the bannister (I said TRY).

I’ll see you all tomorrow………….meanwhile have a Springy day – we sure are enjoying some nice weather.  Spring has sprung (and hopefully is STAYING sprung).



TEASERGLOBE   Like the Teaser Globe I did with Tagxedo.com????

Fantastic Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!   We had such a wonderful day yesterday that even with some rain in our forecast for today, my good mood is holding true into this morning – yep – I’m a happy guy.  I got tons of sun time yesterday with my Mom and Dad on the front porch and even had a few munches of the green out in my front yard.   You know I love my greens almost as much as I love my BACON!

Speaking of bacon, I received an award from my Cousin Bacon (you know Bacon of course but did you know we’re Cousins?  Yep – we sure are!).   The award was a “combo” and I’ve received both of them before BUT not in combination and one of them has a different “look” so I’m pretending like it’s NEW!   Here’s what he nominated me for:

Dragons Loyalty Award (I have this award but it looks different!)

Dragons Loyalty Award (I have this award but it looks different!)

I have this one too.....but I'm glad someone thinks I'm LOVELY!

I have this one too…..but I’m glad someone thinks I’m LOVELY!

The rules say I have to give seven random facts about myself.  Well I can’t imagine that there’s ANYTHING about me that you don’t already know but here goes anyway!

  1. I can run like the wind in my dreams (Mom says my paws really MOVE when I’m asleep and dreaming!) but these days I can’t really run anymore.  The best I can do is walk pretty darn fast – my arthritis has slowed me down a bit!
  2. My Dad is in charge of giving me treats – if he goes to bed at night and forgets to leave me a few to last me until morning (!) I put a special toy by his chair.  It’s a little red rubber ring and my Mom calls it “THE RING OF DOOM” because the only time I give it to Dad is when he’s forgotten to put treats by his chair for me!!
  3. I absolutely LOVE to be brushed.  Any time – anywhere.  It puts me right to sleep.
  4. I’m fierce when it comes to the barky beagles next door.  If they see me in my back yard they bark and whine and scream and I just give them “THE LOOK” and ignore them.  I think it drives them crazy!
  5. I like my Mom to carry me around and let me look out the windows in the house.  Being up higher instead of low to the ground I see stuff I wouldn’t normally see and I always purrrr real loud because it’s so cool!
  6. I don’t like to wear a collar BUT I let my Mom put my harness on me when she takes me outside in the dark (early mornings usually) for a bit of a walk.
  7. Other things (besides bacon) that I love are a tiny dab of butter once in a while, a cooked shrimp, and moths (yes moths!).

And I honestly think that MOST of my friends have these awards already but if ANY of you don’t – and would like to have them – please take them with my complete blessing!!!!   Just remember to confess seven things to us in your blog because we’re nosy and we love to hear stuff that may be blackmail-worthy in the future…………..hehhehhehheh……….

Have a pawsome Friday…………I’ll be thinking of you as I hide from the MONSTER – it’s cleaning day around here – AGAIN!

Oh what the heck....since Mom's cleaning I guess I'll do some cleaning too!!!

Oh what the heck….since Mom’s cleaning I guess I’ll do some cleaning too!!!

Hugs, Sammy

Teaser Tell All

My goodness but yesterday was exciting wasn’t it?   Well, it sure was for me because I spent a while trying to find out FOR SURE what gate that was in the photo…….!

But let me back up a bit………..Yesterday’s Teaser was a Guest Teaser that I’d received from my good friend Isobel who has TWO blogs……Isobel and Cat and the other Guided By Isobel.  One of the things Isobel does around her beautiful city of London is give guided tours.  ANYWAY, when Isobel sent the photo it was labeled “Greenwich, UK”……..fine……right?   Except that the location (unbeknownst to me) is a very large complex containing several buildings over a lot of property including the Old Naval College and the Maritime Museum.

Therein lies the rub…………..First of all here’s yesterday’s photo ONE MORE TIME:


The first guess I had this morning was from Annie of Animal Couriers – Annie used to live down the road from this complex and guessed “Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK” which was correct.   Then I got a guess from Easy of Easy’s Blog and he guessed “Old Naval College, Greenwich, UK”…..that’s when I started googling to try and find out what the deal was!    I sent Isobel an email but she didn’t respond by the time I got today’s blog written SO I emailed my friend Annie and she allowed as how it was more than likely one of the many gates leading to and around the Old Naval College.   WOO HOO Annie.  She sent me this google map HERE  to show me what the area looked like.    Thanks for that……she could have been FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but she thought instead of her, probably Easy was guessing the college.   Because Annie was helpful (and honest!) she’s getting a BRAND NEW “Honorable Mention” Award today and Easy gets the First Right Guesser!!!     This is the first time I’m using my BRAND NEW AWARDS too……….

First Right Guesser (Easy)


Honorable Mention (Animal Couriers)



There were a LOT of people who also guessed the Maritime Museum AND the Naval College  but weren’t FIRST at either (like you Mollie my dear!!!)……………and you all STILL get rewarded for guessing correctly with the NEW Sammy You Guessed It Right Award!!


Everyone else who guessed wrong (and we had some great guesses, like Buckingham Palace gates!!)…………gets this NEW little gem!


SO – quite a Teaser it turned out to be……………..I hope everyone is satisfied????   GOOD!!!

Happy Wednesday Peeps! 


Pee Ess…………because I know Mollie will be beside herself with grief over not being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, may I take this opportunity to give her fabulous shop on her blog a plug???  My Mom just ordered one of Mollie’s NEW felt catnip toys and I can hardly WAIT to get it….check them and all the other great stuff out…..you’re gonna love the new things in the store!!