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Shopping Around The World




WHAT?  A second post on the same day?  Yeah, I know……but once in a while we HAVE to do that right?   This time it’s because it’s Bacon and Fozziemum’s SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP day and we’re supposed to talk about and show a photo of another one of our “go to” meals with prices for at least FIVE of the ingredients to share!!

Mom is rather famous for whipping up a FAST dinner when she needs to.  Something that may even sound a bit weird/strange but which (according to her and Dad anyway) tastes yummy and fills the tummy.

Today’s contribution is something Mom calls “Hamburger Hashbrowns”……………….what the heck is that?  Well I’ll tell you!

First of all here’s the ingredients:

1.  Hamburger

SHOPPING180% lean ground beef $3.99 per pound

2.  Hash Brown Potatoes

SHOPAROUNDTHEWORLD1Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns $3.15

3.  Vidalia Onions (or ANY onion but we love vidalias!)

SHOPPING3Half cup chopped onion (or more if you love onions!)  a 5-lb. bag costs us $4.99

4.  Cheddar Cheese

SHOPAROUNDTHEWORLD2This is an optional item but my parents are cheese freaks so it’s ALWAYS in our food!

They like SHARP cheddar – they bought an 8 oz. block of CABOT Sharp Cheddar for $1.67

5.  Salt and pepper to taste


Brown burger in skillet – add onions to soften them………….remove from skillet and set aside while you prepare the bag of hash browns according to package directions (easy!)………..when hash browns are brown (haha), add the burger and onions back into the skillet and mix well………….then if you like cheese, you can mix some shredded cheese of your choice in until it’s all melty and gooey and yummy.

My Mom and Dad have this when Mom doesn’t feel like making a great bit meal………………….ALSO, this is extremely yummy if you have it for breakfast and you dump some beaten eggs into the whole mess while it’s cooking and let the egg cook in with the burger, etc…………then it’s what Mom and Dad call “Breakfast Hash” !!!!!


Hugs, Sammy the Shopper