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Pre-Dawn Door Patrol

Sam Standing at Front Door

C'mon Mom....let's go "owwwwwwa" (out) !

I know this door might accidentally open and I might accidentally slip out – accidentally……on the other hand, it’s DARK outside and when it is (as it’s bound to be at 5AM) the only door I can go outside from, is in the basement.  Why?  Because that’s where my harness and leash are and for twelve years, that’s where we’ve gone OWWWWA from! 

Still, whenever Mom’s passing by the front door and I just happen to be looking out the side window, I can’t resist asking.  Once it’s light outside and Mom can SEE me and where I’m wandering, then we can go out this door because it leads to the porch – one of my favorite spots. 

Can’t blame me for trying though.  A couple of times through the years Mom has “trusted” me to stay by her side without my harness when it’s been dark outside – she had a flashlight at the time of course to keep an eye on me and I thought it would be fun to play “catch me if you can”…..Mom didn’t think it was as funny as I did.  She just worried that I’d run too far, too fast trying to get her to chase me for fun and maybe she was right.  SO, we don’t go out the door without the harness on if it’s dark.  PERIOD.

This morning we tried to do a harness walk out of the basement but a neighborhood cat was out there and once I saw it, I changed my mind about wanting to go out there!  I don’t do so well around other cats – especially when they’re “invading” my yard…..SO, I guess I’ll just wait for it to get light and I’m sure Mom will go out with me with OR without my harness on.  

After all, she’s just trying to protect me…….I just get impatient sometimes!!  Don’t we all?????????????????????

Happy Thursday