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Moaning on Monday


UP AND AT ‘EM EVERYONE!  Monday has arrived again…..time to start another week. 

Yesterday was a really delicious day……it was cold and sunny and Mom and I spent a bit of time out on the front porch enjoying the sun.   Since I have a fur coat on, I was comfy but Mom sat there on the cold step in her parka, hat, gloves, and boots while I felt free as a bird in my fur coat! 

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

This is from early Fall when the mums were still blooming but you get the idea!

I did, however, witness a murder while we were out there. 

WHAT???????????????????????  DID SAMMY SAY MURDER??????????


Yep – that’s exactly what I said.   We have a LOT of hawks around here – gray hawks, red-tailed hawks, ALL kinds and sizes of hawks.  Remember we have a woods behind us and all around the neighborhood and a TON of birds including owls, hawks, turkey buzzards and tons of smaller birds too. 

So, there we are sitting on the steps and I hear a hawk – I know their sound !  Mom and I see a small hawk land on the lawn right by our driveway and then a lot of “squeaking” – like a vole, mole, or field mouse would make if it had just been grabbed……the hawk had his wings out and down on the ground sort of “trapping” his catch to keep it from getting away.  In about 15 seconds the squeaking stopped and the hawk flew up and away with his prize.   MURDER – right there in my front yard! 

Such is the way of mother nature…….and of course the hawk got a meal and maybe he shared it with his family too (although it looked pretty small to me whatever it was!). 

Never a dull moment around here……………….even on a MOANDAY!

Hope your day isn’t dull………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Pee Ess……..tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser and boy do I have a WHOPPER for you!!